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Talking Watches Blind Folks Will Appreciate

Updated on October 24, 2013

Braille Watches For Visually Impaired

The blind and visually impaired now have many choices for keeping track of time. Braille watches and talking watches are two of the most popular wristwatches blind people use. Both allow the user to tell the time without having to ask someone else.

For at-home options, there's a big selection of talking clocks blind folks recommend. Not surprisingly, the most highly recommended are the ones that have an hourly time announcement and the ones with the least frills.

Braille Watch For Visually Impaired

Seiko Men's S23159 Braille Strap Watch

Price: Under $140

Besides being gorgeous in it's simplicity, this watch is also extremely accurate and built to last (in true Seiko tradition). Open the Hardlex crystal case to feel the raised braille markings watch hands.

I feel I have to offer a word of warning. This watch is described as being water resistant to 99 feet, but it's not. It needs to be removed for any type of water activity. Also, try to be careful when opening and shutting the glass case. With care, this watch could last for years!

Seiko Women's SWL001 Braille Black Leather Strap Watch

Price: Under $150

This watch has been called the perfect braille watch. It's small enough that it doesn't look different than other watches, but it's big enough to allow you easy access to feel the dots inside. It's simple enough for every day use, yet dressy enough for a night out. Inside the glass, the raised dots are easy to feel and the watch hands are easy to tell apart (making this a great beginners watch). Although this watch is advertised as being water resistant, it's not. It needs to be taken off during any water activities (shower, swimming, doing dishes, etc).

Wenger TerraGraph Braille Watch

Price: Under $270

If you're looking for a top quality braille watch that is always accurate and will stand the test of time, tada! You found it! This watch is built for durability. The glass case is made of clear mineral crystals and easily opens with the push of a button. The braille markings are both colored and raised. The watch hands are reinforced so as to withstand being poked and prodded all the time. And did I mention the Swiss quartz movement? That pretty much guarantees it will always be accurate.

Mens Chrome Quartz Pocket Braille Watch

Mens Gold Quartz Pocket Braille Watch

Ladies' Chrome Braille Watch with expansion band

Ladies Gold Braille and Talking Watch

Ladies Chrome Quartz Braille Watch

Talking Watches Visually Impaired Folks Can Use

Atomic Talking Watch

Price: Under $40

For a hassle free talking watch, you won't find better than this, Although it's a little plain looking, it offers every convenience. It sets itself to atomic time, so you never have to worry about it being wrong. It features a male voice that will clearly tell you the time and date with the push of a button.

Avalon EZC Unisex Voice Series Low Vision Talking Watch

Price: Under $45

I guess this would be a more feminine version of the previous watch. This one doesn't set itself but the clear feminine voice belonging to this watch will audibly guide you through the process of setting the time and alarms. Push a button to hear the time, date and year. There's also an hourly chime and 3 alarm sounds to choose from.

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch

Price: Under $50

This is another can-it-get-any-easier-watches. It sets itself and even adjust itself for daylight savings time. Pushing a button will let you hear the time, date, day of week, and alarm status spoken in a male voice. It comes with printed instructions, but you can also request an audio cassette tape of the instructions.

Talking Clocks Blind Folks Will Love

Curve Talking Clock

Price: Under $20

This talking clock features a large green button that states the time when pressed. But you don't have to rely on the button because this clock also has hourly time announcements. It's very user friendly, speaking the time as you set it. Runs off 2 AA batteries so you can take it anywhere.

Reizen 3 in 1 Talking Super Cube Clock for the Visually Impaired

Price: Under $25

Pushing the 2 buttons on the top will let you hear the time and date in a male voice. The rest of the buttons are on the bottom so there's less chance that they'll be accidentally pressed. Lets you choose between 12 and 24 hour format and you can also choose whether to hear the hourly time announcement. There's also a nifty audible countdown timer.

Talking Cube Clock

Price: Under $50

This clock is designed to make accidental button pushing impossible. The only visible button is the large one on top which gives you the time (in a british accent!!!). To get to the other buttons, you have to open the back cover. You can choose to hear hourly time announcements and whether you want 12 or 24 hour format. You can also choose between 5 different alarm sounds.

Braille Watch & Talking Watch Videos

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