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Tank Tops 2016

Updated on March 14, 2016

Tank Tops are a type of shirt manufactured without sleeves and are worn by men or women. They are often used in sports such as athletics, basketball and triathlon, or as a favorite T-shirt for warm weather and are often worn in hot climates because they provide good ventilation and wearing comfort. Most often this type of shirt is worn by men but increasingly also by women. You can also use Tank Tops under normal shirts and pullovers.

Soon the summer will come and warm weather again and that is the reason why a Tank Tops is a must have product! Amazon is now offering discounts up to 70%. So don't miss your chance and buy one now.

Types Of Tank Tops

There are many types of sleeveless shirts or tank tops for men and for women. Types also vary according to the use or the opportunity. Most commonly used Tank Top types are: A-shirt, Camisole, Halter top, Sleeveless T-shirt, Tube top, Sport & Fitness top

A-Shirt Tank Top For Men
A-Shirt Tank Top For Men | Source

A-Shirt Tank Top For Men

The A-Shirt term stands for athletic shirt because it's worn in sports, such as athletics, volleyball, basketball, etc. But now A-Shirts are most often used as underwear. That means they are used as undershirts under dress shirts and suits. Of course they can be worn without a dress shirt, especially in warm and humid days. They are also worn alone under very casual settings and can be perfect for some home work because they soak up the sweat especially when they are made from cotton.

An A-Shirt Tank Top is most often designed for a tight fit and made of ribbed cotton. Neck and armhole edges are reinforced to last longer. Neck and armholes are also a little bigger for bigger comfort. A-shirts are most often longer so you can easily stuck them in to pants or jeans and they are without buttons, pockets and collars.

Camisole Tank Top For Women
Camisole Tank Top For Women | Source

Camisole Tank Top For Women

Camisole Tank Top, also called cami is a sleeveless shirt for women. Most often Camisole is used as an undershirt like the A-shirt under a dress shirt and suit. But they have become increasingly used as outerwear in warm and humid days. Of course they can be worn at home or as a casual shirts when hanging out with friends and etc.

A Camisole Tank Top is usually made of nylon, satin or cotton. Mostly they have a spaghetti strap for more comfort and they normally extend to the waist. This type of tank tops is the most popular type among woman population.

Halter Tank Top  For Women
Halter Tank Top For Women | Source

Halter Tank Top For Women

A Halter Tank Top also referred as halter neck is a sleeveless shirt for women. Specificity of these shirt is the strap that goes around womens neck and holds up the clothing allowing your back to be open. Most often halter tank is used as outerwear for many occasions. Depending on the model, you can wear it for special occasions, for hanging out with boyfriend or friends, for home wear, etc.

Halter Tank Top is usually made out of nylon, satin or cotton. Mostly they have a spaghetti straps that go around your neck. This allows that your back is totally open. Normally halter tanks go to your waist but there are also some models that only cover your breast.

Sleeveless T-shirt Tank Top For Men
Sleeveless T-shirt Tank Top For Men | Source

Sleeveless T-shirt Tank Top For Men

A sleeveless T-shirt has a same design as a normal T-shirt but with no sleeves. They are most often used for athletic activities like basketball or athletics, but can be also used for casual wear during warm weather. Once they were just associated with surfers and bodybuilders but now where is hot whether, there is a sleeveless T-shirt.

An Sleeveless T-Shirt Tank Top is most often designed same as a normal T-shirt just without sleeves. Neck hole can be normal oval or v shaped and they are made out of cotton and other textiles.

Tube Tank Top For Women
Tube Tank Top For Women | Source

Tube Tank Top For Women

A Tube Tank Top, also called boob tube is a shoulderless and sleeveless shirt for women. It can be used as an undershirt or as outerwear depending on the situation.

A Tube Tank Top is usually made out of elastic tapes that hold this tank top on womens breast. There are two types of Tube Tank Tops. The first covers only the breast and the second goes from the breast to the waist. But both models don't have sleeves or shoulders and are made only for women.

Sport & Fitness Tank Top
Sport & Fitness Tank Top | Source

Sport & Fitness Tank Top

Sport & Fitness Tank Top is a sleeveless shirt used in fitness or different sports. Mostly it can be used as underwear but can also be worn as outerwear. There are also many types of sport tank tops. Some are made to support muscles in the upper body and some to heat your body and so increase your body performance.

Sport & Fitness Tank Tops are usually made out of an elastic material that fits to your body. Men and women models are made so that they compress your upper body.

How To Make A Tank Top Out Of A Normal T-Shirt

Tank Tops Are Great

My experience with tank tops is great. I have some A-Shirt tank tops for underwear use, some sleeveless T-shirts for casual use and of course some sports tank tops that I wear under my sports shirt. I am happy with all models especially in hot and humid weather, so I strongly recommend a tank top to all people. Don't wait and search for some cheap Tank Tops on

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