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Celebrate The Tattooed You

Updated on April 12, 2015

Life's too short!

Obviously if you have tattoos, you have been through the "I don't care what people think" kind of stage, and that's good! However, over time, the looks become more obvious, the doubtful questions are constant...all the negativity surrounding the tattoo industry will start to grate on some of you a bit. I know it did that to me for a while...

I have been getting tattooed since I was 19, I am now 24 and I have 10 tattoos so far and there's no stopping me now! My first 2 or 3 tattoos were fine, I had no concerns or worries over how people saw me or what they thought. Why would they? My tattoos were tasteful and nothing that people would complain about. As I started to get more, and more on the same kind of area, I was starting to look tattooed, and that's where the stares and the comments and the questions started to creep in.

In my heart I knew that these tattoos were for me, about my life and not for anyone else, but I will admit, there were times I looked at myself and thought "gosh I am starting to look like a sticker book...i'm going to struggle to gain employment in future if I keep going, this doesn't look professional..." But you know what? Having tattoos isn't unprofessional, it's unprofessional of the employers to judge a persons skills/knowledge or personality based on what's on their skin!

So, if you ever have these thoughts...get rid of them! Remember why you got your tattoos in the first place, remember how you feel about your tattoos. Don't be concerned about anyone else's thoughts or feelings regarding your tattoos, because at the end of the day they are on your body.

Don't let your life slip through your hands as quick as the sand does...

Tattoos then and now.

I think the main reason tattoos are still regarded as unacceptable is because a lot of people are still stuck in past with their thinking. Years ago, people that got tattoos were of a certain "type", a bad type. People that were either of a criminal nature, or rebels. Especially when it comes to women, absolutely no respectful or classy woman would go and get a tattoo back then.

Not now...and this is what people have to realise. People from all walks of earth can and do get tattoos now, from young teenagers, to successful business women, to middle age mums, even to the elderly trying to capture some of their youth!

Tattoos are not a sign of a rebel anymore, tattoos are an art form, tattoos can be therapy, tattoos can be celebratory. You don't have to be a troubled teen or gangster to get a tattoo anymore.

Wherever you are in the world or whatever city is going to decide how tattoos are viewed. I have lived in Scotland and New Zealand, and I can safely say that NZ is a lot more accepting of tattoos than where I lived in Scotland. Yes there were a lot of people with tattoos in Scotland but not as much as NZ. Personally I think the reason NZ is more accepting is because of the Maori culture. Maori culture is big on traditional tattoos even on the face and since NZ is on shakey ground (excuse the pun) with the Maori race, if people started being discriminatory towards something that is a big part of their culture...there would be an uproar.


Meaningful tattoos?

A lot of thought goes into getting a tattoo, or at least there should be. There are two types of people in the tattoo world. People that get tattoos because they mean something to them, or simple because they are aesthetically pleasing, or maybe there's a third type that get them for both those reasons (like me!).

So should a tattoo have a meaning? Simple answer, yes. Why? Because there is a reason for everything, even if it is very insignificant. If you get a tattoo of a clock face with a specific time on it of when your child was born...that's a meaning, a pretty deep meaning. If you get a tattoo of a pizza slice because you looove pizza...that's also a meaning, a very small meaning but it still has a meaning to you.

Everyone has a reason for getting a tattoo and whatever that reason is, it's enough. After all, it must have a meaning for you to spend a silly amount of money on it right?

I have a few tattoos on my body that don't have a deep meaning, they're on me because I like how they look and what they are/signify in real life.

My point is, just because the meaning you have may not seem important to someone else, doesn't mean it isn't important to you. So go ahead and get that tattoo that "doesn't have a meaning"!

Are your tattoos meaningful?

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"Aren't you worried how you will look when you're older?!"

Oh yes, every tattooed person on the planet has been asked this annoying question! I'm betting almost everyone has said the same thing when replying. My reply is and always will be that I simply will not care how I look when i'm older. I will be much more concerned about my health and how much longer I have to live than worry about artwork on my skin that reminds me of my younger happier days.

Like I said in the above segments, even the elderly are getting tattoos nowadays. So are they worried about how they look? No. On another note, half of my generation now are getting tattoos, so when we are all older, we will all look the same. It won't be a case of I have tattoos and i'll be singled out for being the weird wrinkly one!

In all honesty, elderly people with tattoos still rock as much as they did when they were young!


Tattoos maybe to stay away from.

There are a few types of tattoos that a lot of people have gotten years ago and they look at them now and wonder where their head was at that time. If you want to try steer away from as much hate with your tattoos then these are certainly ones to avoid!

Trend Tattoos;

"Trend" tattoos are tattoos that were once upon a time fashionable, for a while, and years later they are an embarrassment. Such tattoos would be barbed wire around the arm, dolphins circling your belly button or tribal tramp stamps and the like. This is where I go back to my segment on meaningful tattoos. When people got these trend tattoos it was because they saw someone with it and got it inked, not because they initially liked it.

Boyfriends/Girlfriends names;

I say boyfriends and girlfriends because usually (not always), these partners aren't in your life forever. If you feel very strongly about this person then by all means go for it but if you're a superstitious person like me then you'll think it's a jinx on the relationship!

Music band names;

This one is a bit of a hit and miss. Generally, the bands and music we liked years ago back in the day, we wouldn't today and would sometimes be embarrassed to even admit we used to groove to! If you want to get the name of a band because you feel it got you through some hard times, why don't you get some lyrics tattooed instead? The sentiment would still be the same even without the cheesiness of the name!

There are more examples of this, these are just a select few. Like I have said a lot in this page, at the end of the day this is your body, your life and your decision, if you love a tattoo that much and have given it some decent thought then go for it. I'm just giving some personal advise on what I have witnessed in the tattoo industry of the years.


To sum up!

So, with everything I have said in this page, my point i'm trying to get across is that tattoos are for everyone these days and even though in some parts of the world they aren't totally socially acceptable yet, it is getting there.

Tattoos can mean whatever you want them to so don't be afraid of what other peoples opinions are of them. If you feel comfortable wearing your tattoos, then forget about everyone else!

Be happy, be individual, be inked :)

© 2015 Stacey

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