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Small Rose Tattoos

Updated on August 6, 2015

The rose in the the form of a tattoo is one of the most traditional tattoos among flower tattoos. You will even see men with rose tattoos, sometimes with "Mom" tattooed through the rose or underneath. For the most part though, roses among other flowers are mainly desired by women. There is such a wide variety of rose designs and ideas that you can do with a rose tattoo.

Some people like a very striking presence with their rose tattoo, while other people prefer a small rose tattoo. A neat idea to add to a rose tattoo would be the tornsbeing in 3D. Three dimensional tattoos are all the rave now, even a rose tattoo in 3D would look great. There is a huge variety of colors and how you want the rose petals to appear open, closed, partially opened.

Tribal Rose Tattoo

Pretty Rose Tattoo

Unique Rose Tattoo

Gothic Rose Tattoo

Nice Rose Tattoo

Different Rose Tattoo


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