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Best Temporary Fake Tattoos for Kids: Pirates, Butterflies, Hello Kitty, and more

Updated on January 5, 2013

Fake tattoos make great party favors. Fun for kids and adults.

Temporary tattoos are great for kids parties. This is something I learned recently when my sister asked me to help her plan my young niece's birthday party a couple of months ago. She was turning 7 years old and a few dozen kids from her school were invited. I was in charge of the entertainment and I made it simple by buying dozens of Hello Kitty and pirate temporary tattoos for the kids. The inspiration for the idea was the county fair. Last time I went to a county fair, there were a lot of children getting their face painted. And since I didn't know any face painter and that my sister asked me to keep the cost down, I went with fake tattoos that kids could put on their face, hands, arms, and legs.

There were other activities, of course, such as pin the tail on the donkey and a piñata. But I'm particularly proud of the temporary tattoos because the kids had the most fun with it. As they played and ate, the kids were proudly displaying the tattoos. 'Twas a fantastic time.

Below are just a few of excellent temporary tattoo ideas for kids. I used two of them for my niece's party. And I'm sure that there are more to choose from.

Pirate Temporary Tattoos

Why are pirates an excellent fake tattoo idea? Simple, they've all seen Pirates of the Caribbean and love Jack Sparrow. They also like Captain Barbosa, Jack's nemesis and sometime-ally. But there are many other pirates that kids grew up watching or reading about, such as Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Flying Dutchman from SpongeBob Square Pants, and the Sea Captain from The Simpsons. All-in-all, pirates are cool and little boys and, to my surprise, little girls love them.

see Temporary Pirate Tattoos

Packs available in various pieces including 36, 72, and 144.

see Pirate of the Caribbean Temporary Tattoos

butterfly temporary tattoo
butterfly temporary tattoo

Butterfly Temporary Tattoos

Butterfly are cute. And my niece love them, at least pictures and drawings of them. So instead of buying enough for all the kids at the party, I bought a small pack just for her. She was the only one at the party who had a fake butterfly tattoo that she put on her cheeks. She was, after all, the birthday girl, so she felt special as the only one with butterflies.

see Temporary Butterfly Tattoos

fingerstache fake tattoo mustache
fingerstache fake tattoo mustache


Fingerstache tattoos are cool. No doubt about it. But they are specialized in a sense that they're not purely decorative. I didn't buy any fingerstache, but that doesn't mean that its novelty was lost on me. I just wanted to make things simple by buying a tattoo theme for boys and another for girls. I was simply unsure whether or not the kids would love them the way I'm hoping they would.

see Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos

hello kitty temporary tattoos
hello kitty temporary tattoos

Hello Kitty Temporary Tattoos

One thing I know about Hello Kitty is that girls and fully grown women love them. My girlfriend, who is in her mid-20s, has pillow cases and handbags of Hello Kitty. Not surprisingly, my niece has Hello Kitty clothes and backpack. Her mom, my sister who put in charge of the entertainment, has Hello Kitty stuff too. Hence, when I was shopping around for a tattoo theme for little girls attending the party, I chose Hello Kitty. I figured that I couldn't miss. And I was right with the exception of some girls picking pirates for their tattoo.

see Temporary Hello Kitty Tattoos

angry-birds-temporary -tattoos
angry-birds-temporary -tattoos

Angry Birds Temporary Tattoos

I suppose that if I would only pick one idea for fake tattoos, I'd get the Angry Bird temporary tattoos. They're cute enough for kids to appreciate. But I was simply not sure if all the kids would know and appreciate Angry Birds. Even if I didn't buy Angry Birds temporary tattoos for the party, they were on my short list.

see Temporary Angry Birds Tattoos

see SpongeBob SquarePants Temporary Tattoos

Patrick, Squidward, Captain Eugene, and of course,

SpongeBob and his other buddies.

see Disney Princess Temporary Tattoos

Assorted packs include the most loved Disney characters like

Snow White, Tinkerbell, Jasmine, Cinderella, and more.

see Toy Story Temporary Tattoos

Woody, Buzz, and the gang.

see Disney Cars Temporary Tattoos

see Harry Potter Temporary Tattoos

see Marvel's Avengers Temporary Tattoos

Superheroes galore

see Batman Temporary Tattoos

see Hannah Montana Temporary Tattoos

Are there anymore temporary tattoo theme and idea that I should think about next time?

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