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Star Sign And Zodiac Jewellery For Women

Updated on December 14, 2015

Is There Any Truth In Star Signs?

The short answer is that it really cannot be proven either way, and each individual has to make up their own mind. However, for me personally, my traits and personality are exactly (almost to the letter) that of a Leo, which is my star sign. I can only speak for myself, of course, and all I can say for definite is that more often than not, the descriptions of people I know, and also myself, are remarkably accurate! That said, there are a lot of scams around and there is never any reason to pay your hard-earned money to read something that a 'psychic' has written about you, your love life or your life as an individual in general, when that person has never even met you.

See if your star sign traits match up and ring true and vote in the polls as feedback!


Aries (The Ram)

March 21st to April 19th

Traits of individuals born under this sign often include courageousness and a thirst for adventure - meaning many Aries will be known as 'adrenaline junkies' who enjoy feeling a rush. They are extremely energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about most things, and strive to learn new, interesting and unusual skills.

Aries' passion can make them impulsive, and this is a strength more often than it is a weakness, though it can also mean they are confrontational, and will never shy away from telling another person exactly how they feel or what they think.

Because of their lust for excitement and new things to learn and try, Aries have a tendency to start multiple projects, and rarely finish them, due to their easily-distracted, curious nature.

Aries can be arrogant and stubborn, but will light up the room if they are given the opportunity with their attractive personalities and interesting conversation.

Aries do very well with Leo's and Sagittarius, as fire signs do best together. If an Aries learns to harness their energy and manages to discipline themselves, they do brilliantly in relationships and business.

Aries Poll

Does this sound like you?

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Taurus (The Bull)

April 20th to May 20th

Taurians have much in common with bulls, and so the fact they are depicted as such is the ideal portrayal of their personalities. Whilst bulls are strong and powerful, they also are docile and sweet-natured generally. Those born under the sign of Taurus are often drawn to people who are physically or otherwise limited, and will often assume the role of protector for elderly or sick people.

These individuals very much enjoy their creature comforts; they know what they like and although they are adventurous to a point, they will never take unnecessary risks which could cost them. Taurians are intelligent and patient, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They don't often throw their weight around, however they will display their displeasure when they need to.

These bulls are loyal, sophisticated and determined to succeed in all that they do. They make excellent companions for Virgo's, Capricorns and Cancers, but often clash with Leos and Aquarians.

Taurus Poll

Is this anything like you?

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Gemini (The Twin)

May 21st to June 20th

Gemini are known as 'the twin' for a good reason - many Gemini seem to have two personalities, with characteristics that often conflict with one another.

Gemini are naturally charming, very intelligent and witty with an excellent sense of humour and broad knowledge of many different topics, which prevents them becoming fixed in a routine, as they like to try their hand at a range of different skills and hobbies. Gemini are often able to seamlessly adapt to new environments and new people, getting along with most individuals due to their eloquent communicative skills, a trait that means they are very quick to learn foreign languages, which they will excel in.

Their intellect, wit and usually easy-going approach to life means that they enjoy being outdoors, and will often enjoy pottering about in the garden. Their sharp minds constantly desire projects and new, exciting challenges (whatever those challenges may be), but this also holds Gemini back as it can make them indecisive, inconsistent and will often result in the individual having a lack of focus - just never mistake their sometimes bumbling character for a less intelligent person. Underneath that bumbly, harmless exterior is a razor sharp mind and a person who can very often be quick to anger.

Gemini are most compatible with Libra and Aquarius, and are least compatible with Pisces.

Gemini Poll

Does this sound like your personality?

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Cancer (The Crab)

June 21st to July 22nd

If you are a Cancer, you are generally a sensitive and emotional individual, but you don't often show it with your hard exterior 'shell', which you use as a barrier against people who could potentially harm you when you are vulnerable. You may find it very hard to let bygones be bygones, and if someone says something hurtful to you, often you will take it to heart and feel deeply affected by it.

Cancers are very family oriented, and have an excellent sense of humour - which their friends and family know and love. They make wonderful parents as they have a lot to give, and often their main goal is to settle down and have their own family. They are very responsive to the needs of others, empathetic, devoted to their families and are excellent at nurturing.

Scorpio and Pisces are the perfect partners for those born under the sign of Cancer, though a relationship with someone born under the sign of Aries is often just too much hard work! Taurus and Virgo are also goo matches, and can bring out the best in you!

Cancer Poll

Is your personality that of a Cancer?

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Leo (The Lion)

July 23rd to August 22nd

Leos are renowned for their love of the limelight and are often seen centre of the stage. Their symbol is fire, which is a perfect reflection of their powerful, passionate and strong personalities. Leos may be portrayed as lions, but they are also social butterflies, who have the ability to cheer up others in need, are always ready to forgive and cannot hold grudges against others.

They have strong leadership skills, but will also encourage others, and are very romantic individuals, though they need to feel loved, admired and appreciated and are at their best when they have an audience.

Leos despise routine, and dull day-to-day tasks, and will often create their own drama or excitement if they have to carry out menial tasks, as they are vibrant people with a real zest for life, and it is this enthusiasm that draws other people to them so quickly. Like the king of the jungle, Leos are very proud and demand respect and adoration from those around them. They are also very sensitive, but hide this well.

Leos are very skilled when it comes to all things creative - art, music and drama are all strong points of theirs, and they also do very well in the workplace, providing they are in control, as taking orders from others is often not received well. If a Leo is not in a position of superiority, they can often end up arguing and resenting their colleagues, because of their dominance issues. Equally, Leos can work very well in a group - better, in fact, than when they have to work alone.

In love, as mentioned before, Leo's are extremely passionate individuals with much love to give, but they also demand plenty of adoration in return. Being second best is never an option, and jealousy is often an issue for these lions. A Leo-Leo match can be unmatchable in it's heat, but dominance, jealousy and selfishness can pose problems. Leo's do very well with Sagittarius and Aries, but generally don't work well with Scorpio or Taurus.

Leo Poll

Do these traits describe your personality?

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Virgo (The Virgin)

23rd August to 22nd September

The main depiction of Virgos is the virgin, which obviously symbolises purity. Virgo's can at times be prudish, but this varies greatly depending on the subject. They also love things to appear neat and tidy, and may feel stressed and irritable when this is not so.

Virgo's are very emotional and sensitive, but never wear their hearts on their sleeves, they love to be loved and are loyal to their friends, families and relationships, though one of their key weaknesses is being overly critical of themselves and others, which can result in arguments with people they have formed close relationships with.

The strong sense of right and wrong, good and bad can mean that a Virgo is judgemental and can even discriminate against others they believe to possess 'unworthy' traits. They are very good at sussing out others, especially those who are trying to be deceitful. Virgo's have a logical, pragmatic approach in life, though they can sometimes become lost and confused about their purpose if they lose their sense of purpose.

Virgo's love all things beautiful and are attracted to all the beauty of the world, and whilst Virgo's have a wonderfully practical mind, they can also be nosey and suspicious of others. Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio are all perfect partners for this sign, and will almost always result in a happy, mutually loving and respectful relationship. However, Virgo's should avoid Sagittarius' - they will just not understand one another, resulting in hurt, upset and arguments.

Virgo Poll

Does this describe your personality?

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Libra (The Scales)

23rd September to 22nd October

Libra's are rightly depicted as scales, as they strive to be fair, equal and try to restore or maintain a balance be it in the workplace, friendships, with their family or otherwise. They are prone to feeling stressed out when things are not fair, and are not typically described as 'easy going' in life, though they also know how to have fun.

They are regularly sought after for their ability to mediate between opposing parties, and find a suitable answer to the issue to settle, defuse and calm the situation. Libra's are the best when it comes to problem-solving - coming up with great plans for those at war to restore the peace, and thus the balance.

Libra's are fantastic hosts and are charming, fun individuals, however, they can also be fairly unreliable due to changing their minds frequently and they are also prone to being moody. When a Libra is in a bad mood you really know about it and it is probably best to avoid any inflammatory conversation!

Individuals born under the sign of Gemini are the perfect love match, as they are able to meet the majority of a Libra's fairly specific demands, wants and needs. Aquarians are also very good as partners for this sign, however, Capricorns and those of the star sign Cancer would make for a complicated and unhappy relationship nine times out of ten, as they don't understand the things that matter to Libra's - most specifically the urge to create balance, and these signs can become frustrated with each other's completely different approaches to life.

Libra Poll

Are there many similarities in you and your star sign traits?

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Scorpio (The Scorpion)

23rd October to 21st November

Scorpions are divided into three sub-types by many astrologers, because Scorpios can be so different from one to the next. These three types are; the poisonous, the noble and the chameleons. The poisonous ones are considered 'dangerous' to be around, as they possess a mighty temper, and can also be deceitful, the noble ones are kind, generous and have a wonderfully free-spirit and the chameleons change and adapt their personalities constantly, making it very difficult to be close to him/her, though he/she has many friend groups.

Scorpios are strong, and unafraid to confront a problem head-on. That said, if a Scorpio is crossed, betrayed or hurt badly by someone, they will often wait until the right moment to strike back, rather than tackling the situation in a heated way there and then. They always have lots of friends and their company is enjoyed by others immensely as Scorpios do have a great sense of fun (providing you are friends, or that they like you).

Negative traits of the Scorpio can include being manipulative, obsessive, jealous and unpredictable, though they are also passionate, intelligent, generous, helpful and loyal when it comes to their close and intimate relationships.

Scorpios are best suited to Cancer and Pisces, who they are able to connect with on a deeply personal level, but they should avoid Leo's and Aquarius signs, who will undoubtedly bring out the worst of their characteristics.

Scorpio Poll

Is this like you?

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Sagittarius (The Archer)

November 22nd to December 21st

Sagittarius are fun-loving, free-spirited people who love adventure, and nearly always have a project on the go. You know when you are in the presence of a Sagittarius as their strength, intellectual conversation and sense of humour always shine through. They are confident - sometimes too much so - and will rarely admit their mistakes for they are also stubborn.

Don't let their strength and confidence fool you though, Sagittarius are deeply sensitive individuals and their pride can often mean that their egos are easily damaged, and a wounded Sagittarius will nearly always lash out to amend their pride being threatened, and their sharp wit can often make them very good at comebacks and snappy, sharp remarks, which means if you cross a Sagittarius, chances are you will have to nurse a bee sting of an unintentionally hurtful remark.

Sagittarius love passion, and usually enjoy energetic activities such as dancing to let their raw energy and enthusiasm flow. They are generally excellent hosts, and will work a room with their intellectual conversation and wonderful personalities, however they can also be fairly tactless with their brutal honesty - the Sagittarius is no people pleaser!

Sagittarius' are most compatible with Aries and Leo, but will struggle to make a relationship work with a Virgo, as the two are very different, and while opposites attract, these two signs may bring out the worst in each other.

Sagittarius Poll

Was this accurate for you?

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December 22nd to January 19th

Capricorns aim high and achieve! They set themselves goals and work tirelessly to achieve them. Due to a Capricorn's hard-working and extremely ambitious nature, she/he is prone to becoming a workaholic and because of their desire to succeed, Capricorn's can, at times, be ruthless and appear unemotional and selfish when they have set their eyes on a prize and are working towards a goal. Capricorn's never give up on their ambitions, and thoroughly enjoy the respect that others give them in society - be it friend groups, a relationship or the workplace, because usually they will have worked their socks off to get where they are.

Selfishness and insensitivity to others are the key weaknesses of Capricorns, though they are also loyal to their loved ones, down to earth, pragmatic, confident and reliable. Because of these strengths and weaknesses, their best match in love are individuals born under the Taurus or Virgo sign, though Scorpios and Pisces are also good for Capricorns, as they can often help to develop a little more understanding of people's emotions, and the need to be sensitive. People born under the signs of Libra and Aries are the least likely to get along with Capricorns.

Capricorn Poll

Did this sound like you?

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Aquarius (The Water Bearer)

20th January to 18th February

Aquarius is the sign of inventors, and as such are renowned for being intellectual and thoughtful, however their intellect means that they often will not stay in love with a job for very long, and will often change workplace or even work sector entirely - sometimes going back to college to learn a new trade altogether. This is not to be mistaken for indecisiveness - in fact, it is quite the opposite. Aquarius' love to learn new things and their inquisitive nature makes this happen.

The analytical and ever logical approach that Aquarians apply to all areas of their life can make relationships quite difficult, though an Aquarius will never be short of friends, and often these friendships can lead to, or be mistaken for, romance. People love the strength and practical-mindedness of Aquarians, though they can also be aloof, impersonal in relationships and are known fir over-thinking situations, thus making them more complex than they need to be.

In love, Gemini and Libra are the two best and most compatible signs, with Scorpio and Taurus being the least favourable. Aquarians are incredibly loyal once they have found love, but it can take them time to learn how to be more mindful of their partners needs. However, Aquarians are friendly and inventive and you will never be bored with one, as he/she will consistently be developing new interests and seeking new knowledge.

Aquarius Poll

Are you similar to the traits of your star sign?

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Pisces (The Fish)

19th February to 20th March

Pisces are usually fairly calm and tranquil, with a friendly, submissive surface, but have the inner potential to be fiercely strong and independent if necessary.

Pisces have some of the strongest imaginations going - which make them wonderful poets, creative writers and play-writes, however, this strength is also a weakness as they can often live too much in their own world, meaning they are less grounded and it can impact their work dramatically. They are the biggest dreamers of the Zodiac, but do not underestimate their ability to empathise and connect with others, regardless of how much they are in their own world. Pisces have big hearts and will always reach out to those in need -even if they don't know that person!

Due to their sweet nature and docile temperament, Pisces hate confrontation - and will avoid it as much as possible wherever possible, which can make them vulnerable, but they are also compassionate, sincere and tolerant.

In love, Pisces are very dedicated, as they are in friendships, they are best suited to the personality traits of either Cancer or Scorpio, but should avoid relationships with Gemini. Taurus and Capricorn's are also very good matches, as these steady, sure-footed Earth symbols help to balance Pisces, and help keep their feet on the ground, without trying to change them.

Pisces Poll

Are there many similarities between you and your star sign traits?

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What's your view on star signs?

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    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 

      4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      I am a true Piscean, with a lot of mystery about me, happiest in the surroundings of nature. Now, who would have thought?(grin) You did very well with this piece.

    • takkhisa profile image


      4 years ago

      What a great hub I just read! It is full of useful info. I could read others hand palm, so I am a huge fan of palmistry than astrology. Thanks for sharing this, Anna. :)


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