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the History of the World Beauty Occult

Updated on August 13, 2015

Gender Standards: Cosmetics applies to both sexes!

In Britain, the average women spends 140,000 euros on vanity. The figure seems unreal, but when you truly think about, suddenly a realization occurs.If we gave away that much money to charity the world would be a better place. Instead the world is a "prettier' place. What society thinks is beautiful is a certain face with a certain figure. What i think is beautiful is no starvation, no endangered species, no war. Across the times, true beauty is endangered. Humans have replaced it with the need to be attractive.

More and more money is spent on cosmetics from both sexes.It's not just women either, a research study surveyed 110 men between the age of 18 and 25 on whether they use cosmetics, a whopping 89.1% admitted to usage.This is just in the United Kingdom, other countries like South Africa and Brazil spend money on male cosmetics and female cosmetics alike. The whole species is evolving to a more physical-beauty obsessed civilization.

Cosmetic History

Ancient Egypt:

Red ochre was ground and applied to lips and cheeks with an oil brush.Henna was used to dye the fingernails, like an ancient nail polish. Black kohl was applied to the eyes with a small stick(eyeliner *cough, cough*).The lips were lined and eyebrows painted black.Most Egyptians applied their own makeup, if they were not wealthy. The rich could afford professional cosmeticians.

Egyptians believed that makeup had magical and healing powers. Somehow that belief got lost in time.

Ancient Greece:

Women wore their hair long with fashionable locks, it was believed to advertise marital status. Cosmetics were used very lightly, natural looking beauty was important.Women applied makeup with image of Aphrodite in mind. Olive oil and Honey were extensively used to protect and moisturize skin. Ground charcoal and olive oil were used to create eye-shadow and powdered iron oxide was used for blush.

Ancient Rome:

Roman women had a variety of cosmetics compared to the other ancient empires. Including nail polish, hair dyes, and foundation creams.More makeup equaled higher status for Roman women while Men's status reflected in their fashion. Roman foundation was white and poisonous (lead paste), though highly preferred.

Ancient Beauty Centers

Ancient Rome:
Rome, Italy

get directions

Ancient Egypt:
Nile, Egypt

get directions

Ancient Greece:
Athens, Greece

get directions


Were the Egyptians on to something?

Do you believe in the power of makeup?

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Modern: American Cosmetic Surgery Demographics

In 2014, 15.6 million cosmetic surgeries were done in the USA alone. Cosmetic were also done on 224,000 teenagers, on kids aged 13-19. Caucasians took up 10.8 million of the surgeries completed, that shows a lot about their "superiority" over other ethnic groups, if white people are so superior then why are they the ones changing their body.

If one country can preform over 10 million cosmetic surgeries, imagine how many surgeries are done globally. America may not even be the top country for cosmetic surgery yet its still so prevalent.

Humans are so obsessed with physical beauty that there changing their own body. The body made from thousands of genes to make you special, and you went and changed the outside. Its time that the species realizes how much beauty is a cost to the rest of us, the living organisms around us, and our enviroment.

Modern: Beautiful?

Do you think you are beautiful?

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Embracing the Beauty of Heritage

This applies to men and women in a sense, ancestral societies should influence modern beliefs and traditions. Therefore, what your ancestors thought to be beautiful should be taken in account if you are going to change for society. Different cultures embrace different forms and aspects of beauty in modern times, ancestral cultures should be treated as no less.

If, like me, you choose to embrace beauty as natural and chosen by the individual, ancestral beauty still matters.About half the world has mixed racial backgrounds, this in mind ancestral cosmetic and modern cosmetics would be combined ( No wonder some people wear so much makeup). That is how it should be at least according to extremists. People try so hard to be beautiful in one sense, why not be beautiful to all dead or alive.

© 2015 YaniCarter


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