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The Right Guys Hairstyles for Fat Faces

Updated on May 10, 2013

Overweight men often face the dilemma of choosing the best hairstyle for a fat face. Most men tend to gain more fat on their face when they gain weight. This often rounds out the cheekbones and the jawline. Jawls become more prominent and the roundness of the face becomes a little visible. However, it is quite easy to choose a complimentary hairstyle, since there are numerous hairstyles that work best for men with round or fat faces.

Volume & Long Hair on Top

Keeping the hair long and upright on the top of the head helps create the illusion of a longer face. You can do this by allowing the hair to grow on to two inches and using styling gel to keep the hair on top, textured and upright. Most stylists rough up the hair on top to create varying heights to avoid giving a taller variation of a crew cut, which is not often flattering for most men. Textures add height while giving the face a softer look. Another variation would be to comb the hair back and keeping that style in place using styling gel. Combing the hair back but not fully flat back on the scalp also adds a bit of height while still giving a natural look. Keep the sides short to remove any volume on the sides, which can often round out the face and accentuate the curve. Spikes or faux hawks are interesting variations. They add height to the hair and elongate the face without being too drab and boring. However, this style may only work for younger men.

Andy Serkis hair with full of curls on top.
Andy Serkis hair with full of curls on top.
Noah Munck fohawk hair.
Noah Munck fohawk hair.

Side-swept Bangs

These will work if you have straight hair. Side-swept bangs are great for creating angles around the face to create the illusion of length. It is important to make sure that the bangs start from the halfway down the cheeks. Cutting too short or too low may accentuate full cheeks which should be avoided by cutting the hair at the right length.

Chow Yun Fat hairstyle.
Chow Yun Fat hairstyle.

Parted at the Middle

For some reason, hair that is parted at the middle can be attractive on round, fat faces too. They can work with this by keeping the hair short above the ears. To remove volume, the hair should be tapered as it goes down towards to the ears. Other guys want to sport the middle parting with a shaggy do or long style, which could fall down past the jawline. This may be a little harder to pull off, and only works best in guys with round faces but still have well defined cheekbones and jawlines.

Christian Bale long hair.
Christian Bale long hair.


A goatee is the perfect complement to spiked hair. A goatee or a beard can be used to cover up a round jaw or round cheeks, and the line of the goatee can help accentuate the jawline. Beards should not be too full, however. A beard that is too fluffy or full may round out the face some more.

John Goodman with cool facial hair.
John Goodman with cool facial hair.

Round faces can still look flattering with the right style and length, so men who are on the heavy side should choose their hairstyles with care.


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