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The Benefits of FitFlop Sandals, Shoes and Boots

Updated on May 21, 2012

Get a Workout While You Walk

FitFlop has been specifically designed by Marica Kilgore, a lady who knows only too well just what the average woman needs and doesn't have time for. Leading a hectic lifestyle herself, she recognised that many women just didn't have enough time to tone up and exercise, which is why she tailored the idea for FitFlop shoes. Kilgore has always maintained the same philosophy throughout her business life, that if she wouldn't buy it herself, she doesn't want to sell it.

The Benefits of FitFlop
The Benefits of FitFlop

The Benefits of FitFlop Shoes, Sandals & Boots

Recognising that many women who lead hectic lifestyles simply do not have enough time to tone up, Marcia Kilgore developed the FitFlop footwear range, which has now also been extended to a mens selection. The footwear is specifically designed to help tighten and tone leg muscles whilst walking, as proven by research conducted by London South Bank University's (LSBU) Centre for Human Performance. Their studies investigated which muscles were targeted and just how effective the FitFlop footwear was, to which they found:

Increased activity in the bottom and leg muscles, by up to 30%, which reduces the ache felt in knees and hips too.

They increase shock absorption from the normal shoe by up to 22%.

Help realign ground force reaction closer to your joints.

Reduce the pressure felt within the foot.

With such exceptional properties, wearers of the FitFlop sandal range have reported that the pain felt within conditions such as heel spurs, degenerative disc diseases, sciatica, restless leg syndrome, plantar fasciitis, chronic back pain and osteoarthritis.

Microwobbleboard - The Technology


The innovative technology that is used within the FitFlop range is the Microwobbleboard, which was engineered by Darren James and Dr David Cook of LSBU in 2006 before being placed under numerous tests by Salford University.

The Microwobbleboard technology has been developed to increase the overall time that muscles are used during every step of walking, thus increasing toning and tightening. They do so using the following features:

Mid Density Toe Cap - this helps to maintain the variation, pace and speed at which you walk.

Low Density Midsection - this part of the FitFlop creates an instability which causes the muscles to be activated by up to 16% more.

High Density Heel Section - this part reduces the jarring on all of the joints as it absorbs up 22% more shocks.

The true indication of just how exceptional the FitFlop range of footwear is is indicated in not only its popularity over the last few years (since 2007 a staggering 6 million pairs of FitFlop's have been sold). This has thus given them recognition from places like whose introductory article on FitFlop became the most read story of July 2007. Furthermore, the brand has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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