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Hair Clay for Styling Short or Thin Hair

Updated on August 23, 2017

How to Style Short Hair With Hair Clay

How to Style Short Hair with Hair Clay
How to Style Short Hair with Hair Clay

A Small Amount of Hair Clay Can Create a Sleek Matte Natural Look

Hair Clay for Short Hair

Hair clay for short hair works well. I have had my mine cut short and it feels light and great. Actually I can't remember the last time when I had it shorter. I was too used to keeping it quite long and isn't it nice to make some changes in your life for the better? A little bit of styling clay helps me to look and feel greater! If you are looking for the best clay for short hairstyles, this page may help you find something to help you look even more refreshed and upbeat. I go for clay as it is fast and easy for styling. You will like it especially when you want to have a no-shine matt look. It varies from product to product of course but it usually gives a medium to strong hold that is lasting and still flexible and can be re-worked on if you want.

I like the drier texture more than what gel or mousse offers as I prefer a dryer look, so that it does not leave your style looking too shiny or sticky, or even greasy. It is more subtle that way but it is only what I think.

Whether you have 'messy' spiked crew-cut like, or carefully trimmed pixie hairstyle, you may find something just for you. It only takes you a minute to get it done! If you need a quick fix, or the right fragrance to start your day, have a look below.

Do you have any preference? Wet, matt, hard-hold, fruity, certified organic or just trendy? Included in the selection you will find products with 5-star reviews and at great prices, sulfate-free hemp with organics, vegan choices with certified organic plant ingredients and products are not tested on animals.

Don't miss out the useful videos on the latest hair style trends, celeb styles and hair styling tips below! I am sure you can use some tips. I think the pixie style is simply gorgeous and irresistible! Ready for a more upbeat and refreshing look? Enjoy!

Hair Grooming Clay for Short Hair Style and for Thin Hair to Give More Volume

No changes have been made to the image.
No changes have been made to the image. | Source

Hair Moulding Clay for Men and Women that Gives a Natural Looking Matt Finish for Thin Hair

Alterna Hemp Natural Strength Concrete 2 oz
Alterna Hemp Natural Strength Concrete 2 oz

This 5-star fine hair clay is my favorite. It gives extra hold flexible and matte-finish. If you have thin or thinning hair it works well for you too. This is also a hair clay for men or women with short hair. The styling is extremely good with the solid clay is amazingly flexible and will give you more volume. I like its organic hemp seed oil ingredient.

If your hair needs a lot of hold, this is the right choice for you. It works great for short hair. But it takes a bit more time to shampoo it out.

Enjoy the extra hold and the matte texture this clay provides. It also makes the hair soft and disentangles the hair. It doesn't look greasy and for my friends who have thin hair, it does a great job to add a lot of volume to their hair. Enjoy the natural matte look!


Smooth Polymer Hair Clay for Short Hair by Gatsby


Hair Clay Application: How To Quickly Style Your Hair When You Are In A Hurry

Hair Clay Application: The most popular short hairstyles in 2015? Perhaps it doesn't matter as you have found the right style for yourself? They are the Pixie Cut, yes, it is still trendy and I like it best still and the Bob. The Pixie Cut is super simple and easy and looks amazing. It suits you if you like to keep the sides and the back short but the hair on the crown longer. It is great with a little help of hair clay or gel. It is the best if you are super busy and super lazy. Besides gel or clay, you can also dress up the crown area with pins, clips and other accessories.

The Bob is also very easy to look after. It is cut straight across at the jawline and you decide on the length to suit the features of your face. It goes with or without bangs. To give thin hair more volume you can layer it. This style is feminine and suits better those with naturally straight hair.

For different hair textures and whether you are bold or more conservative, you will find what you need for that extra hold to keep the style in place.

Achieve Long Lasting Hold that Texturizes Your Hair - With Just Slight Shine

Easy Way to Style Short Hair

If you want long lasting hold for your bold style, I would recommend Alterna Hemp Modeling Clay, 2-Ounce Jar. Its nice fragrance gives a hint of pineapple. Ideal for short, very fine hair. It matters that it is sulfate-free, vegan and this line of products are not tested on animals.

I particularly like the citrus mint fragrance of American Crew Clay Pliable Molding Compound. This clay is great for thin or thinning hair and it gives long-lasting hold.

There are organic choices as well. For short curly hair to define layers and holding curls.

Sulfate Free and Vegan, Ideal for Short Hair Modeling Clay with Satin Finish

To Style, Just Tousle Your Hair with Your Fingertips with a Small Amount of Hair Clay

No changes have been made to the image.
No changes have been made to the image. | Source
Joico Ice Hair Erratic Molding Clay for Unisex, 3.4 Ounce
Joico Ice Hair Erratic Molding Clay for Unisex, 3.4 Ounce

It is a bit expensive but a little bit goes a long way so it is worth the extra money. Gives thin or fine hair texture and fullness and does not get sticky or greasy.


Hair Clay for Guys: American Crew Fibre Pack for a Matt Look

American Crew Fiber (Pack of 4) - 3oz each
American Crew Fiber (Pack of 4) - 3oz each

Hair Clay for Guys: This product gives thin or thinning hair volume and more texture. You will like the non-greasy matt-finish. It works great for short hair one to three inches in length. You can style your damp or dry hair and get a smooth after feel just like after applying a fine conditioner. This works as well as Alterna Hemp Natural but has a more mascular name.


How to Remove Styling Clay or Wax from Hair?

It's important to know how to get rid of hair clay before you style it on! Here are two easy ways:

1. Put on coconut oil and then loosen hair from the clay. Wash hair with shampoo.

2. Wet your hair and apply hair conditioner. Rinse off the conditioner. If your hair still feels sticky from the styling clay, you can re-apply hair conditioner and rinse once more. Rinsing with hair conditioner usually works better than shampoo.

2017 Short Hairstyle Ideas for You

When you are on the go, time and the right hair product are crucial.

Check out these short hairstyles for different face shapes and complexion. With a little bit of hair clay you can look more refreshed and upbeat in just a few minutes!

Check out these tips and tutorials. It takes only a little flair, effort and a bit of hair clay to look fabulous!

For me, short hairstyle is always in fashion!


I hope you have found the right hair clay you are looking for for an inspiring style!

Remember, when you apply hair clay, a small amount is enough. That is why a product will usually last for a long time.

With the change of season, get that new look that will make a difference! I will update this lens often and please bookmark it and come back to check another time. Enjoy the easy styling and matte look!


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