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The Best Heated Jackets Are Electric Jackets

Updated on May 6, 2014

Stay Warm With Electric Clothes

The days of standing outside in the cold freezing half to death are over thanks to heated jackets (which are actually electric jackets). With the push of a button, you can stay warm in your heated jacket. for up to 6 hours.

Your friends and coworkers are definitely going to be jealous when they see you staying snug in your electric jacket.

My husband works road construction, so he freezes his butt off every winter. But last winter I got him the coat you see on the left and I swear, it was the first time he came home and didn't complain all night about how cold he was. We ended up getting an extra battery because he likes it on medium and at the temp, the battery only lasts 4 hours. So 2 batteries gets him almost through a full days work.

image from Amazon (available below)

Best Selling Heated Jacket

Get Milwaukee's M12 electric heated jacket in the most popular camouflage around. This coat is made to keep you warm while hunting. The fabric is special blended to reduces noises (so you won't startle the wildlife) and there's even a special tag patch on the back just for your hunting license.

Includes battery, battery controller, 30 minute battery charger and coat.

Top Rated Heated Jacket

Includes the coat, one M12 Red Lithium battery,

a 30 minute charger and the jacket's battery controller.

Choose between 3 heat settings for up to 6 hours of heat.

Simple push button controller.

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket

Low Price: Under $220

Bid on Heated Jackets - Stay Warm With Electric Clothes

Ebay offers a large variety of heated jackets

Watch how Heated Jackets work

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    • CrossCreations profile image

      Carolan Ross 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Clever idea! I'd love to own one of these electric heated jackets.