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The Best Leave In Conditioner for Naturally Curly Hair

Updated on December 18, 2013

When I started on my journey to become natural with my hair, I needed to find products that would work for me, doesn't have harsh chemicals, and detangle my hair.

As my natural hair grew, it became very course and tangled very easily and I needed to find something that would prevent my hair from getting matted up. I use to lurk the natural hair forums and African American women would rave about Giovanni's Direct Leave-in Conditioner. When I had relaxed hair, I never put leave in conditioners in my hair because I thought using regular conditioners was just enough. Well I learned that with natural hair you must always use a moisturizing conditioner because our hair tends to be very dry and our curls become tangled.

I took a trip to my local Target to find the leave in in their natural beauty products section. I purchased it and immediately went home to start trying the leave- in out. The smell is light but to me it could be better, but it doesn't make me not want to use it.

On freshly washed and conditioned hair, I apply the leave- in throughout my hair. It left my hair with white coating which made me a bit worried. While my hair was still wet with the conditioner clearly still visible in my hair, I used my Denman brush to comb out my tangles. I was very impress how easy it was to comb out my hair and my curls were popping! Also my hair was shiny and soft.

Once my hair was dried after doing my normal twist out, my hair looked and felt amazing! I know it was because of using Giovanni!

But what I hate is that this leave-in is always sold out in stores. There has been times when I've used other conditioners and it doesn't compare to Giovanni's at all! So now I just buy the 3 pack on Amazon and it last me for months! I also use this leave-in on my daughter's hair as well.

Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles, 9-Row
Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles, 9-Row

This is by far my favorite, go to brush to gently comb out my tangles.


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Curls are looking great!My curls are soft and manageable!
Curls are looking great!
Curls are looking great!
My curls are soft and manageable!
My curls are soft and manageable!

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