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The Best Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

Updated on October 12, 2014

Polo Shirts by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts are some of the most popular and fashionable out there on the market. This pages brings you the very best and most affordable Polo Shirts by Ralph Lauren.

I've ALWAYS been a strong admirer of the polo shirts that Ralph Lauren recreates. When I visited USA in 2009 and bought my first one, I realised that that was it, I must get more!! I LOVE them!

Since then, I've been buying Ralph Lauren polo shirts in numbers!!

As I'm enjoying using Squidoo and writing about a variety of my favourite subjects, I thought what better than the best polo shirts on the market!!

Check out the page below and interact with the many features of my page! I would love to see your thoughts on the topic!!

Photo courtesy of foeock

The Most Popular Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

In my experience of those that wear Ralph Lauren Polos always seem to opt for the standard black polo with small Ralph logo.

Funnily enough, I actually own one of these myself and I love it!

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Red
Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Red

Ralph Lauren Polos

Photo courtesy of LeeStewie

Here I am... rocking one of my favourite Ralph Lauren Polo shirts outside Space nightclub in Ibiza!

Although red isn't my favourite colour, I do really like this Polo!

Anyway... enjoy the best of the Ralph Lauren Polos out there!

Which Is The Best Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt?

It's time for you to help me decide the ultimate Ralph Lauren question.... which is your favourite Polo Shirt?!

Use the voting button below to vote for your favourites!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt range - do you think they're as cool as I do? Have your vote and let's all see!!

What do you think of Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts?

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History of Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

Perhaps it's my age, but Ralph Lauren only really seemed to be a brand I'd buy when I hit my 20's (2006 ish). However, I often see people much younger wearing the stylish Ralph Lauren logo on their clothing. So did I miss out on a trend or has Ralph Lauren just become a more mainstream brand over the last couple of years?

Here's my take on it.

The recent increase of Ralph Lauren's reach

Reuters highlighted in 2012 that the Ralph Lauren stock took a huge rise. I don't think that's a coincidence. The way I see it, Ralph Lauren has always been regarded as a luxurious brand. The first time I can recall hearing about the company was in that Rachel worked their in FRIENDS - and by how the show portrayed the brand, was way too rich for me.

When I first started purchasing Ralph Lauren merchandise, I have to admit, it was only due to having visited an outlet in New England, USA - and managed to pick up some amazing quality products for very little. This got me hooked, and since then I've religiously bought a lot of Ralph Lauren clothes.

With the Internet now having become a preferred shopping boutique for most customers out there, it's no wonder that the global reach of Ralph Lauren has helped boost sales. As far as I'm aware, aside from some John Lewis stores in the UK (and the exception of some unique stores in the big cities) there was never anywhere to buy Ralph Lauren gear from. The internet has definitely helped the reach of new/existing customers pick up the latest ranges without having to travel outside of their homes. I personally think this has been the biggest drive behind people's increasing purchasing of Ralph Lauren - all due to accessibility.

Beware of the fakes

However, there is a flip side. WIth the ease of selling on the internet has opened up a market for selling 'fake' Ralph Lauren clothes. Now, for the fashion conscious without a big budget, these popup sites become a great opportunity for people to dress in the trendy Ralph clothes. It is worth noting though that these fakes are often extremely poor in quality, which is a total contradiction of all of the genuine Ralph Lauren items I've ever purchased.

To Summarise

So to summarise, the Internet has definitely played it's role on helping Ralph Lauren's brand appeal expand to the mere mortals (i.e. non millionaires) but with such popularity highlights a number of opportunities for fakes. My advice? Buy sensible, the genuine Ralph Lauren clothing is worth the extra money. Trust me.

Ralph Lauren opens biggest European Store - YouTube Video for Ralph Lauren Polos

Check out this really cool video of the opening of Ralph Lauren's store in St Germain, Paris. This was the largest shop in Europe at the time of opening in 2010! WOW - I've had dreams about visiting a shop as cool as that!

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo Shirt

They're becoming all the rage of late, the big pony is slowly taking over the smaller pony that was present in all of the earlier Polo Ralph Lauren merchandise! Here's a really stylish one that I like!

Ralph Lauren Shirt

As you can see, I really do enjoy wearing Ralph Lauren clothes - polo shirts or shirts, I always feel that bit smarter/trendier in doing so
As you can see, I really do enjoy wearing Ralph Lauren clothes - polo shirts or shirts, I always feel that bit smarter/trendier in doing so

Ralph Lauren Outlets

Everyone loves a bargain. And I'm no different! In fact, if someone called me a 'Bargain Hunter', I wouldn't argue the case. As mentioned earlier, I bought my first Ralph Lauren item from an outlet in New England, USA. Since then, I've also found a couple of outlet's in the UK which cater to this craving, offering me reasonably priced high quality Ralph Lauren items at a price I can afford.

In fact, my favourite is the outlet in York. It's funny, with the number of fakes out there on the web, you can actually go to these outlet stores and pick up the same items for less than the fakes (and be assured of their quality!) Most of my purchases are through this method, however I do succumb to the occasional great deal online (however, don't tell Martin Lewis this!)

Interestingly, you'll actually find that some of these outlets even have sales, special promotions and even printable online vouchers to allow you up to 20% off the already heavily discounted ranges! Wow. In some ways, it makes you think, why would you even buy Ralph Lauren clothes from anywhere else!?

The only problem I've found with shopping in these outlets is the fact that they're so popular/busy! Especially at a weekend! I've even been at the York store when people have had to queue outside and have a 'one in, one out' kind of policy! It's crazy! And then of course once you're in, it's a bit of a free for all - with clothes flying everywhere!!!

Therefore, my advice would be, pick a suitably quiet time to visit and you'll get a stress-free shopping experience where you can leisurely browse your favourite Ralph Lauren items at affordable prices.

The Best Ralph Lauren Fashionable Items on Amazon - Check out the most affordable Ralph Lauren Merchandise!

What are your views on the Polos from Ralph Lauren? Do you enjoy them as much as I do?

Let me know your comments using the form below! Looking forward to hearing your opinions :)

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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      You have good taste in men's wear.

    • profile image

      Bed-Bug-Bites 5 years ago

      They have huge collection and having almost every color.