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The Clinique Skin Happiness Effect

Updated on June 22, 2014

Clinique Skin Happiness?

Most people know about Clinique's signature scent, Happy, but not about the Clinique happiness effect. The effect of how happy your skin can be after using a Clinique product. I was introduced to Clinique several years ago by a former friend who worked in sales for the company. She was always using me as her test subject for make-up techniques and taught me much of what I know regarding proper eyeshadow use.

The most important thing she taught me was taking proper care of my skin and to do it, I use the Clinique three-step skin care system. Before switching to the three-step, I was always using harsher products from my dermatologist which seemed to dry up my skin and ended up making my problems worse. All of Clinique's products were designed by dermatologist's whose very career is dedicated to skin problems like mine. The created products for different skin types unlike the one-size-all moisturizers I had been attempting to use as skin hydration before. They worked wonders on my skin and leave it feeling smooth and beautiful after using them

I want to spread the Clinique skin happiness effect and share my favorite products with all of you. I hope you can let your skin try out some Clinique happiness by picking a favorite of mine or two.The Clinique products are also great gifts to give any time of the year and yes, there are products solely devoted to men.

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Step 1: Cleanse

Clinique Facial Soap Mild with Dish, 5.2 Ounce
Clinique Facial Soap Mild with Dish, 5.2 Ounce

I use the mild for my skin type. This means its less specific but overall better for providing me with moisture. You do not have to get the bar but it lasts me for months and is a better monetary decision. I leave it next to the sink faucet perfectly within reach. After removing makeup, simply lather and apply to the face and rinse. The non-drying product leaves my skin fresh and comfortable.


The Moisture Surge Bringing Happiness to Skin Everywhere

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 1.7 oz
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 1.7 oz

This is one of my most favorite clinique products of all time. Whenever I use moisture surge, it's like a refreshing wave gentling falling on my skin. I instantly feel a difference from before. This product is especially great in winter as it gets very dry which tends to cause problems for my skin. You can also get it as a spray and keep it in a purse or at your desk for a relaxing moisture moment.


Foaming Cleanser

Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser 150ml/5oz
Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser 150ml/5oz

I use this cleanser before step 1 of the three step. A tiny bit foams enough to cleanse my face of the whole day's stress. My skin can relax and be happy. Give it a try!


Rewind Sun Damage and Wrinkles!

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & Uv Damage Corrector
Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & Uv Damage Corrector

At 23, I don' ( happily) have any wrinkles. I have gotten several bad sunburns over the years because I neglected the sunblock. To erase sny sigs of damage, I use this product. Most of all, I now apply spf sunblock so I don't have to worry about sun damage in the future!


Amazon Spotlight Personal Review

CLINIQUE by Clinique Skin Supplies For Men:Maximum Hydrator--/1.7OZ
CLINIQUE by Clinique Skin Supplies For Men:Maximum Hydrator--/1.7OZ

You may be wondering why a woman is recommending a man's lotion. Well, I have used it many times and find it a great moisture choice for both a men and woman. If you want to supplement your usual lotion or are not getting enough hydration considering switching to the men's ultra moisturizing option!


The Scent of Happiness - Clinique Happy

CLINIQUE Happy Eau de Parfum Spray, 1 Ounce
CLINIQUE Happy Eau de Parfum Spray, 1 Ounce

I have never been a big perfume person. Most I find overpowering to the point of giving me a migraine. The only perfume I have ever truly enjoyed has been Clinique Happy. I love the way the scent is simple and not overpowering.When I enter a room, I want the scent to compliment me and now cause people to be struck down by the wave of perfume. Recently, I have switched to the aromatic oil, Flower of the Sakkara (the aromatic oil is the base of the perfume sold in Japan) as my perfume but I still adore the scent of Clinique Happy.


Travel Skin Savvy - ...and Skin Happy!

If you check out my lenses, you will understand the need for travel-size options for my clinique products. I need to fit all my clothes, shoes, and leave room for souvenirs! I do not have the luxury of taking my regular-size bottles. Thankfully, Clinique is ready to help out with travel-size products which fit neatly in my bag and leave me with plenty of room for everything else I might want.

The Gift of Clinique

Clinique products are a great gift to give because they have so much to offer. Buying a gift set is like giving a person the chance to experience multiple Clinique products at the same time. There are so many options which come with everything a person needs. Lotion, eyeshadow, blush, mascara, lipstick, a surprise or two, and the beautiful gift bag.

The Clinique Question

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