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Are you a Handbag Diva?

Updated on January 21, 2018
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REAL Fashionista doing it her own way! Ms. Monae enjoys sharing her styling tips and ideas. Looking, feeling, smelling like a million bucks.

The Handbag Diva's Quest for the Best Designer Handbags
The Handbag Diva's Quest for the Best Designer Handbags | Source

The Handbag Diva's Quest for the Best Designer Handbags

The Handbag Diva loves her designer handbags. We all know this lady. She may be a colleague from work, a family member, a friend or even oneself. The Handbag Diva is a lady, a classy lady. Sometimes a devious vixen and at other times a cheerful inspiration. Don't be confused because this lady will eat her young to get her hands on that new Louis Vuitton or Bottega Veneta.

She'll run through the streets of New York to get to the boutique before someone gets her bag. The bag she wants so bad that she couldn't even sleep last night. The Hermes Birkin bag that was on her mind all night. The style, the craftsmanship, the finest leather money can buy. She has only one thing on her mind and baby you can best believe it's not you! Nothing comes between a handbag diva and her designer handbags.

The Real Handbag Diva

Now don't get me wrong this is a fabulous lady. Her friends and family love her to death. They worship the ground she walks on. They enjoy every minute they spend with her. Maybe it's because the Handbag Diva is exquisite in her own right. She desires luxury and status. When she's thirsty she'll seek out an expensive handbag, a rare bottle of wine or maybe a fine automobile. The hunt itself is breathtaking. She takes pride in everything she does and everything she owns. She can put together a lavish dinner party in seconds and go to Paris for the weekend. She's the talk of the town, a dignitary, a role model for the young and old alike.

The Poser

Like anything else in life, there are posers. What is a Handbag Poser you say? This is that lady who owns the extravagant, expensive handbag but can't afford it. She's carrying it around and it's the most expensive thing she owns. She just doesn’t carry it, she showcases it. You notice the bag before you notice her. She's almost invisible. Like her counterpart, she's also adored by her friends and family. The difference is this lady can't afford a lavish dinner party. An outside barbecue will have to do. Social events are a requirement for the handbag lover. The more attention she draws the more chances to talk about her collection. Every event has meaning and comes with a badge of honor.

The Handbag Diva and The Poser

These two ladies share one common interest, their love for handbags. They absolutely fall in love with these expensive handbags. Owning designer handbags gives them a rush. Nothing will keep a Handbag Diva from adding to her collection. Don't be angry with the Handbag Diva. Don't be a hater. She demands respect. We all have our own passions although they may not be as expensive.

Two tell-tale signs to differentiate the real Handbag Diva from the Poser.

The real Handbag Diva.....

Gives her girlfriend an expensive bag just like hers for Christmas or her birthday without blinking an eye.

The Poser........

Will ask you to give her one for Christmas or her birthday.

The real Handbag Diva.....

Never talks about the price of her bag. That would be unladylike.

The Poser.......

The price of her bag is all she wants to talk about.

The Handbag Diva loves Louis Vuitton Handbags
The Handbag Diva loves Louis Vuitton Handbags | Source

How Do You Tell If a Designer Handbag is Authentic or Fake?

Smell the handbag! If you know what leather smells like, sniff and see if you smell real leather.

Check the Logo. Make sure the logo, hardware, and any usual markings look legit and are spelled correctly. Look for color flaws and unusual shapes and stitching. Odd things sometimes will jump out at you.

Is it priced too low? A designer handbag that is priced extremely low is a good indicator that it may be a fake. If the price is too good to be true then it's probably not. Know a good deal from a bad one.

Check the workmanship. Authentic designer handbags have quality workmanship. There should be practically no flaws. Seams were there shouldn't be any are big red flags. Check for uneven dimensions.

Do your homework! Does it come with an authenticity card? Should it have a serial number? Some do and some don't. Fake sellers can use these cards to make you believe the handbag is authentic. If you are a real Handbag Diva you know what handbags come with cards and extra accessories.

Check return options and repair procedures. You should always have the option to return or have repaired a truly authentic lifetime guaranteed designer handbag.

Gut Check! Last but not least is the gut check. If you are buying outside of the designer's store or retailer, ask yourself these questions. Do I feel comfortable with this seller? Do I trust this seller? Have I had a successful transaction with this seller before?

Always be on the lookout for fake designer handbag sellers and if you find one report them if at all possible. It's the duty of a Real Handbag Diva!

Are You a Handbag Diva?

Does my handbag even have a name? I am a little fond of Coach and Michael Kors, but the names or bags don't give me any frills or chills. If I see something I like, I get it. Really I just need something to carry my essentials around in. Who cares who made it. You can't fit a baby in my purse. It's not made of the finest leather either. When I'm walking down the street people don't stop and stare at my purse. I get stares because of my beautiful, glowing and friendly look. From time to time I do get compliments on my handbag selections. And I must say, it does feel good.

So to The Handbag Diva and Her Designer Handbags I say kudos to you. I do find your dedication and style very intriguing. Mission Accomplished!

Are you a Handbag Diva? Claim it.

What's the most you've ever spent on a handbag?

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