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the power of sexy lingerie

Updated on September 21, 2013

When you wear sexy lingerie do you feel more confident and sexy?

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The power of sexy lingerie

Do you feel like you can run the world?

Do you feel confident?

Do you operate entering the room knowing you are going to close that deal?

Are you ready to run the board meeting?

Are you capable of running ten errands, picking up the kids, and putting dinner on the table?

The confidence to take over the world begins with your lingerie. The truth is when you put on that thong or bikini with a matching sexy lace bra you transform into someone else.

You are no longer plain Jane, you are now femme fatale. You are the sexy decoy capable of intriguing every man within 300 feet of you while carrying out your secret mission while posing as a working mother and/or business professional.

We are not talking about your mothers underwear here so you won't feel incredible dressed in missile shaping bras from jcpennys or sears. There is power in the sexy lace thong and bra set. You are no ordinary woman you are wonder woman behind that business suit and heels. *Beware, wearing a corset is for power moves and taking over the world.

The right set of sexy lingerie gives you confidence that no pair of grandma underwear can give. If you want to do something to boost your confidence put on that Victoria Secret set and go conquer the world!

Put on your lingerie, transform yourself, and become as alluring and seductive as Angelina Jolie while maintaining the sexually seductive presence of Pam Grier.

P.S. Don't forget your lipstick!

P.S. Your boyfriend/husband will love you for this celebration of sexy!


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