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Jennifer Aniston - The Rachel Cut

Updated on August 17, 2013

Emmy award-winning actress Jennifer Aniston influences fashion and beauty trends and People magazine has included her on its list of "Most Beautiful People in the World " four times : 1999, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Aniston popularized a hairstyle known as "The Rachel" named for her character on the hit television series Friends .

Born in California of Greek ancestry, Aniston spent a year in Greece as a child and then grew up in a New York City and New Jersey. After graduating from New York's High school for the Performing Arts in New York City, she worked as a waitress and appeared in some off-Broadway productions.

Jennifer then moved to California to expand her acting career. She appeared in the television series Molloy (1990) and won small parts in other television show, as well as in a 1990 film. The Leprechaun.

Jennifer breakthrough came in 1994 with the role of Rachel Green in a new television series called Friends. The show was a hit and trendsetter. Her former light brown hair became more blond, with golden highlights.

During the second season of Friends, Jennifer had her shoulder-length locks cut into a distinctive layered "shag" style that framed her face. Los Angeles hair stylist Chris McMillan created the "Rachel cut" for Jennifer Aniston.

Throughout America hairstylists were deluged with requests for the "Rachel Look" It was the most popular hairstyle to sweep the United States since Farrah Fawcett's feathered look in the late 1970s. Stylists noted that the style allowed for some length and fullness at the crown. but also framed the face in a flattering way.

In 1997 Aniston appeared in ads for L'Oreal shampoo. Since the mid-1990s she has starred in major motion pictures including Rock Star in 2001. Office Space (1999), Picture Perfect (1997), The Good Girl (2002), Bruce Almighty (2003) and Along Came Polly (2004).

In 2002, she won an Emmy award for her performance as Rachel on Friends, she has also won Golden Globe for that role (2003) and two people's Choice awards as a Favourite Female Television Performer (2001-2002)

Jennifer Aniston who remained on "Friends" for all of its ten seasons, continued to change her hairstyle. She grew her hair longer, sometimes wearing it all one length or with bangs. Versions of the original straight and angled "Rachel Cut" are still popular with many women.

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