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The Shoe Diva: Her Search for the Best Designer Shoes

Updated on August 28, 2017
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REAL Fashionista doing it her own way! Ms. Monae enjoys sharing her styling tips and ideas. Looking, feeling, smelling like a million bucks.

The Shoe Diva a.k.a Shoe Connoisseur

Her passion for shoes runs deep. It's not a love affair, it's a true love. This lady knows absolutely everything there is to know about shoes.The Shoe Diva and her designer shoes is what's happening. She's hip to all the latest colors, styles and brands. You can describe a shoe to her and she can tell you who makes it, where you can get it and what you need to wear with it. Flats, boots, pumps, wedges oh my- she knows them all and owns them all. Her shoes have straps, pointed toes, zippers, fur, leather, tassels and jewels. The Shoe Diva has a shoe to fit every occasion and a backup just in case.

The Shoe Diva
The Shoe Diva | Source

I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.

— Oprah Winfrey

The Shoe Diva - Her Search for the Best Designer Shoes

To the average person a shoe is just a need to have something comfortable on their feet. Some of you even feel that you are stylish and that you know the latest trends. However to a Shoe Diva the average person knows nothing about shoes. Craftsmanship and versatility and so many other factors have to be considered when buying shoes. She's always willing to offer her opinion when she see's you struggling to pick out a pair. And if the color or style isn't for you, she'll let you know with a smile.

The Shoe Diva - Her Search for the Best Designer Shoes.

Now don't confuse her kindness for weakness. The Shoe Diva will run you over if you get in her way. She wants what she wants and she'll get it. No holds barred when it comes to getting her shoes. So don't put yourself in this predicament because she'll leave with the shoe every time. Buying shoes is not just a need for her it's a way of life. Each pair is selected because of a feeling it gave her at first glance. Some may even call it, love at first sight. The Shoe Diva has even been known to showcase her new finds on facebook and twitter. She takes pride in her designer shoes. Her shoes make her feel beautiful, sexy and confident and puts a strut in her walk.

Sassy and Classy Designer Boots

The Shoe Diva - Her Search for the Best Designer Shoes
The Shoe Diva - Her Search for the Best Designer Shoes | Source

How to tell if you are a Real Shoe Diva?

  • Would you rather go shoe shopping than have dinner with your mom?
  • Do you have shoe dreams?
  • Do you consider a shoe to be a piece of art?
  • Do people say,”Girl now you know you have too many shoes” when they look in your closet?
  • Do you have shoes in more than one closet?
  • When you see a pair you want and they don't have your size, do you get physical ill?
  • Do yo secretly laugh at other peoples shoe choices?
  • Do you know who Giuseppe Zanotti is?

If you answered yes to at least 5 of these questions, you are a real Shoe Diva, Congratulations!

The Shoe Diva and her designer shoes make the world go round. Go ahead on with your shoe loving self. Do your thing, strut your stuff. Take pride in your marvelous collection and merit. You've earned the recognition. Shoes make the world a better place. Aren't you glad to be a part of it?

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

— Marilyn Monroe
Pajar All-Weather Boots
Pajar All-Weather Boots | Source

The Boot

Who doesn't love a cute boot! When you you see a lady in a pair of kick-butt boots that you've never seen before, you can best believe she's a Shoe Diva. They are so fabulous you can't help but to stare. A Shoe Diva's designer boots stand out. You won't find them wearing a pair of plain, boring boots. These babies speak for themselves and show some major attitude. A real Shoe Diva's secret weapon.

The Classic Pump

The classic pump is a staple for any Shoe Diva. It is that go to pair of shoes that works with anything. You can rock them with dresses, pants, jeans and even swimsuits. The pump always flatters and demands attention. You have to have a red pair and a black pair to be a true Shoe Diva. Of course there are many colors to choose from. Pick colors that match your style and personality for maximum effect.

The Shoe Diva - Her Search for the Best Designer Shoes


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