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The Skinny Girl's Diary

Updated on April 20, 2015

This is in no way intended to offend or disrespect anybody. This is simply me jotting down my own personal thoughts as though I am talking to myself, like a diary.

Never add sugar or salt to anything. If it's natural food, it already has enough sugar and salt. The good kind. If it's artificial food, you shouldn't be eating it anyway; so you really shouldn't be adding more badness to it.

Drink coffee for the bodily benefits, not for the tasty beverage. In other words, do not add a mountain of sugar and a bunch of creamer. The caffeine helps to regulate your digestive system and speeds up your metabolism. Morning coffee = morning poop = leave the house feeling skinny!

Never ever eat in food courts. Not only is the food incredibly greasy and fattening, but you have to walk about smelling like greasy fried food all day and let's just face it, you don't see skinny girls stuffing their faces in a food court. That doesn't just apply to food courts. Really anywhere you go is no good. Foods that are frozen, deep fried, and cooked for convenience have literally no nutritional value. Even if a restaurant has a healthier option, consider whether spending that much money is worth it in the long run.

Never judge others based on their appearance. If you see a woman who is heavy, skinny, pretty, ugly, whatever...keep it to yourself if your thoughts are negative. Nobody likes a person who passes judgment on others. You could be the most beautiful and perfect person alive but judging somebody else's appearance negatively will make you the ugliest person. We're all beautiful. Find a reason to compliment somebody not a reason to hurt them. For every bad thought you have about a person's appearance, you gain a pound.

Do weigh yourself all the time. Keep a scale by your bathroom time. Use it. As you watch your weight throughout the day pass from 164.8 to 164.2, you will learn the times of day when you are full, bloated etc. You can learn to consider those the times you are susceptible to gaining weight. You will also be more motivated to work extra hard at burning calories during the lower scale reading times so that the weight continues to drop.

Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions. Chocolate understands. and it makes you fat. Let's face it, nobody wants to go out in search of that supposed magical chocolate that is good for you for some reason. If you do eat that kind of chocolate, freaking awesome! You probably already have a kick ass healthy lifestyle!

Let's talk about sugary beverages. You are drinking yourself fat. Have you ever read the labels of your favorite drinks that you consume every day? One tall can of citrus energy tea that costs 99 cents carries a whopping 75 grams of sugar. That's twice the amount of what any person should consume regularly, ever. These drinks are the worst thing you could possibly do to yourself. They make you bloated, they give you acne, their expensive and addicting, and all that sugar not only makes you fat but it destroys your teeth. Find one good sugar free drink that you can consume guilt free. Do not try to justify an ingredient you find that it is bad. If it is bad, it is bad. Leave it alone.


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