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The Perfect Scent

Updated on August 1, 2016

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Perfume

Perfumes are considered a necessity nowadays since it helps enhance beauty and it surely adds to one’s self-confidence. It can’t be denied that a person who emits an attractive scent is perceived to be cleaner and more professional. Aside from that, a person’s scent also describes his personality and his taste, which is why choosing the right one is crucial.

Choosing the best perfume that will suit you will take time since you can’t simply choose one just because of the brand or just because it’s quite popular. Choosing the right perfume takes time because a lot of things have to be considered. For one, the user’s personality is considered. Preference, taste, and usage are also taken into account.

The best perfumes for women and men are basically sold everywhere. Rest assured that whatever your preference is, it is being sold in the market. That is not your problem — your problem is not how to find the best perfume for you but the right perfume. To be able to find one that suits you, you have to be aware of the basic things to consider.

First, always remember that the fragrances sold in the market are made from different levels of concentration. There are basically four levels of concentration.

Colognes have the lowest concentration level. They are usually composed of 2 to 5 percent essential oils. Colognes are usually found in almost all retail stores and are considerably cheaper than those with higher concentration levels. Since colognes only have a small percentage of essential oil in it, the fragrance may last for only about 2 to 3 hours.

An eau de toilette lasts longer than a cologne since it usually contains around 5 to 10 percent of essential oils. It can last up to 6 hours when properly applied.

An eau de parfum has the second highest level of essential oil concentration. It contains around 10 to 15 percent of essential oils, which makes it a lot stronger than the rest. It is a bolder option and is quite pricey. It is considered a more subtle type of perfume. The fragrance lasts up to 10 hours.

Perfume or parfum is considered the one with the highest concentration level considering that it contains around 15 to 40 percent of essential oils. Since the concentration level is very high, perfumes are considered to be the priciest and rarest fragrances. Luxury fragrance shops and some retail shops sell perfumes. It also has very powerful scent that can last for more than 24 hours.

You also have to learn about the basic fragrance families. Though there are a lot of different varieties of fragrances offered in the market, fragrances actually fall into only a few families. The most famous ones are:


Floral scents give off a feminine, refreshing, airy and clean feeling. This family would include jasmine, rose, citrus, and many more. Floral scents exude a summery and relaxed feel.

Fresh and Zesty

Fresh and zesty scents are considered more scent-friendly and are most often recommended for the adventurous ones, such as people who love to stay outdoors and be under the sun. These scents include green notes that give off a fruity and fresh feeling. It reminds one of the smell of spring, of freshly cut grass, of light citruses. It is recommended for people who are sporty and more adventurous since the fresh scent will balance the smell of perspiration.

Woodsy and Musky

Woodsy and musky scents are usually preferred by men because they offer an air of mystery which is ideal for people who want to create a great impression. These have a more intense, deep, and lingering scent that is quite ideal for evening dinners and dates. This scent has aromatic moss and wood notes that give the impression of masculinity and mystery.

Oriental and Spicy

Oriental fragrances include cloves, pink pepper, cinnamon, orchid, and vanilla scents. It is full of rich, bold, and exotic notes which are best for men and women who are seeking something new. The scent stands out and lingers for hours and definitely exudes elegance. It has a warm, charming, and sensual feel that best fit those with a unique personality.

As mentioned above, choosing the right perfume takes time. Most fragrance shops provide trial or tester bottles you can use. It is recommended to try only two perfumes at a time. Spay the perfume on your inner wrist and let it sit for at least 8 hours. Fragrances usually have different effects on people since everyone has a unique skin chemistry, so you have to let the perfume settle on your skin before deciding which fragrance to use.

Fragrances are made up of three notes. The base note adds depth to the scent and is released after around 30 minutes upon application. The heart note is basically the main body or bouquet and the top note is the first one you smell first upon application. Basically, the fragrance may have a different smell from the time you apply it to the time it settles and this is why you have to let it settle first before you decide whether it suits you or not.

Know where to spritz. Choosing the right perfume is one thing and choosing where to apply it is another. The smell evaporates quickly so you have to know the right places you can apply it to keep the scent longer. It is best to spray on the hair because it's oiliness, it can keep the scent longer than when applied to the skin. You can also apply it on your inner wrist, behind the ear, behind the knee, and at the center of your neck. Avoid spraying on your clothes since some fragrances leave stains.

Lastly, do not overdo it. Always remember to spray in moderation while taking into consideration the concentration level of your perfume. You get used to your own scent so avoid spraying every time you think the smell disappeared — or other people around you may get annoyed by such an overwhelming, overpowering scent.


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