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Crazy Colognes that Smell Like Coffee, Cereal and Chocolate

Updated on March 1, 2012

Coffee, cereal and chocolate? What else will Thierry Mugler put in colognes? The series of Thierry Mugler Angel Men colognes are perfect gourmands. A gourmand perfume, as you may already know, is a fragrance that smells like something you might find on your breakfast or dinner table. If made carefully by fragrance connoisseurs, these gourmands, though smelling like something edible, are effortlessly wearable and attractive. But just how far can you go with gourmand scents?

Jo Malone gourmand cologne made of ginger and spice
Jo Malone gourmand cologne made of ginger and spice
Thierry Mugler Angel Men
Thierry Mugler Angel Men | Source

Thierry Mugler Angel For Men, or more affectionately known among the perfume community as A*Men, is as shocking as the original Thierry Mugler Angel for women. Angel Men, just like the original Angel perfume, incorporates a delicious foody scent and something a little off-kilter. Thierry Mugler fragrances were some of the first to incorporate synthetic edgy notes: Thierry Mugler Angel has a tinny metallic note; Thierry Mugler A*Men, tar; A*Men Pure Coffee, an effusive burning accord; and A*Men Pure Malt, the alcoholic burn of fine malt liquour.

Following in the popularized foot-steps of Thierry Mugler, more and more perfumes today are incorporating these edgy synthetic notes. Yves Saint Laurent's newest perfume Parisienne, which will be launched this fall, includes a "vinyl accord"--something that evokes luxurious fashion materials like patent leather and nail lacquer.

So what is the overall effect of mixing gourmand and synthetic notes?

Coffee, Chocolate and Tar?

For most, A*Men is a very wearable perfume despite the mix of gourmand and synthetic notes. While the sound of the notes might seem shocking, the fragrant results are quite comforting and smooth. A*Men opens with a cologne classic--the brisk spray of sweet bergamot orange. Slowly the scent unfurls into chocolate, caramel and patchouli. Reading this last sentence, you may have felt a fragrant deja vu. If you did, then you're probably thinking of Thierry Mugler Angel. A*Men takes the chocolate-caramel-patchouli foundation of Angel and adds a manly kick or two. The added oomph comes from a mixture of burnt sugar, dark bitter chocolate, coffee and tobacco. The effect is sweet, earthy, and slightly bitter. Though those notes may sound alarming to cologne newbies, the effect is definitely more wearalble than it sounds.

Chocolate notes are increasingly popular in perfumes and colognes today.
Chocolate notes are increasingly popular in perfumes and colognes today.

Espresso Strength Coffee?

Have you ever walked into a quality cafe--the kind that serves deep espressos and delicious lattes around the clock--and immediately taken a second or two to simply enjoy the smell? If you find comfort in coffee scents, the Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Coffee could smell like a symphony to you. The dark bitter caffeine kick in the original A*Men was not enough for Thierry Mugler so he created A*Men Pure Coffee, which essentially is a pure coffee scent. New York Times perfume critic Chandler Burr waxes on about the delights of A*Men Pure Coffee. Typically critical of all perfumes, Chandler Burr calls this cologne "critic proof." He says it boasts the true essence of a dark shot of espresso. A*Men Pure Coffee incorporates everything from the toasting (or we might even go as far to say burning) of the coffee beans to brewing of the acrid grinds. It's a true sensory experience if anything.

The coffee accord is incorporated in many modern colognes, but it is saturated in A*Men Pure Coffee.
The coffee accord is incorporated in many modern colognes, but it is saturated in A*Men Pure Coffee.

Malted Barley?

The latest shocking gourmand from Thierry Mugler is A*Men Pure Malt. If the chemical effusion of tar was too vague to detect in A*Men, you surely can't miss it in A*Men Pure Malt. Pure Malt's concept focuses on the creation of a fine malt whiskey. Cereal barley notes are mixed with the familiar warming trio of chocolate, coffee and patchouli. Hovering above it all is the burn of a peaty scotch single malt. Reviewers say that despite the shocking sound, the effect, again, is quite smooth and comforting. The cereal and liquour notes mix evenly with the chocolate, caramel, patchouli and coffee notes.

Barley, a fresh new note, is featured in A*Men Pure Malt.
Barley, a fresh new note, is featured in A*Men Pure Malt.

What Next?

Like most women, I find the effect of A*Men on men simply delicious. Pure Coffee is a very striking, undeniably coffee scent, while Pure Malt is a softer, more comforting version of A*Men. I'm personally intrigued to find out what foody scent Thierry Mugler will want to explore next in his line of fragrances?

What has been your experience with gourmand colognes and synthetic notes? Which foody scent that has yet to be explored do you want to see in the next Thierry Mugler cologne? A barbeque scent of hickory wood chips and caramelized sugar, anyone? A licorice mix of anise, fennel and tarragon? Share with me your gourmand cologne thoughts!

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    • profile image

      Zaiya 3 years ago

      I'm imspersed. You've really raised the bar with that.

    • profile image

      TJ 5 years ago

      Pure malt has less tar note than the original... I have no idea what they are talking about.

    • Aldo Villalta profile image

      Aldo Villalta 6 years ago from San Francisco, California

      here's one to try .....

      Black Coffee Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia for women and men

    • profile image

      tHeMarriedGuy 6 years ago

      My wife loves the smell of coffee and has actually suggested she'd love it if I found a coffee-scented cologne.

    • profile image

      Single Serve Coffee Makers 8 years ago

      Wearing one would make one a mobile coffee joint and would not like to visit the coffee joint. Trying it would be real fun.

    • perfumelover profile image

      perfumelover 8 years ago

      :D BodyandSoul, it is crazy! If you get hungry just from hearing about these gourmands, I wonder how hungry you would get wearing one. ;)

    • BODYandSOUL profile image

      BODYandSOUL 8 years ago

      Haha I would definitely want to try it just for fun. Now I'm getting hungry..woah we're talking about perfume and I'm beginning to crave for chocolates. LOL!

    • perfumelover profile image

      perfumelover 8 years ago

      Hi there, Christine. I know what you mean! :D Wearing gourmands always gets me hungry. The leather accord is another one of those refreshingly luxe masculine notes--one that I'm really fond of. But of course, smell is such a personal thing. What pleases one person, might not necessarily interest another.:)

    • christine almaraz profile image

      christine almaraz 8 years ago from colorado springs

      I don't get it. Who wants to go around smelling like coffee and chocolate? That wouldn't attract me to a guy. I remember seeing a commercial for a cologne that smells like leather. Weird huh?