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Threads of Peru Ebay Store

Updated on April 8, 2011

The Threads of Peru Ebay Store

Threads of Peru is a non-profit NGO that connects indigenous Andean weavers of Peru with an online market; contributing to the survival of this art form and to the health and well-being of the people who sustain it.

We're using Ebay, one of the top eCommerce sites in the world to connect you with the weavers and provide the best service possible.

We sell products that are made with 100% alpaca and 100% wool. Most of our products are 100% organic and are coloured using natural dyes from Peru. Everything is handmade and hand-dyed. We follow fair trade principals at all times.

Made in Peru. Totally by Hand.

Everything is 100% handmade in the remote mountains of Peru. The fibers are shorn (from the animals they raise themselves), spun (by hand using a 'puska' or drop spindle), and then woven by hand using the ancient back-strap loom.

All of the colours in our products have been made using 100% natural dyes. The wool is hand-dyed by the weaver, using insects, plants, and minerals of the region.

We have very high-quality products that are handmade by indigenous Quechua weavers of Peru. Our products are not mechanically perfect and thus has subtle imperfections of colour and weave due to their handmade quality.

Our products feature superb iconography specific to the mountain communities in the Sacred Valley region of Peru. Each community will weave distinct icons as a way to differentiate themselves.

Visit the Threads of Peru Ebay Store today!

Alpaca Scarves

100% handmade in Peru

Our most popular item! Our alpaca scarves are handmade using 100% organic alpaca.

The weavers of these beautiful pieces get the alpaca fleece from their own animals. Most often, alpaca fiber is not dyed. Alpaca fiber occurs naturally in 22 colours, making the alpaca the most colour diverse fiber-producing animal on earth. As a result, most of our alpaca scarves come in neutral earthy colours.

Alpaca fiber is stronger and warmer than sheep's wool, and is second only to mohair in strength. It equals or surpasses typical thermic characteristics of cashmere and mohair. Alpaca fiber is naturally hypoallergenic and less irritating to the skin than sheep's wool. Alpaca is an oilier fibre and woven alpaca is water resistant and highly breathable. It is washable, shrinks very little, and as it is free of lanolin, it tends to resist dust. Alpaca fiber is also nonflammable.

Table Runners and Wall Hangings

Hand-woven and naturally dyed

A table runner or "pasadizo", is a large rectangle that is woven and then used as a table decorative or furniture covering, or wall-hanging. The pasadizo is often finished with decorative edging, or fringe. As with scarfs, the pasadizo is an item which has great popularity in today's market, and provides a wide variety of color and pattern decor for your home or office.

Depending on the degree of intricate pattern, It can take up to 3 months or more for a weaver to finish a pasadizo.

Woven Wool Belt (or chumpi)

Hand-woven, naturally dyed

In traditional Quechua culture, the belt or "chumpi" is an ancient item dating back to pre Incan times. It is still used by both men and women in indigenous communities. The belt for a man's pants is still used today as a means of supporting the lower back while carrying heavy weight. The women use a chumpi for fastening their skirts and for tying bundles and swaddling their babies.

Our belts can vary greatly in width, length, fastening, and finish, so pay careful attention to individual product listings to find the right belt/chumpi for you.

Bags and Purses (or chuspa)

Hand-woven, naturally dyed

Threads of Peru sells bags, shoulder bags, and purses in a variety of styles and sizes.

Traditionally in Quechua culture, the bag or "chuspa" is a small, to medium sized carry bag which has been part of the Andean culture for thousands of years. The indigenous people still use them to carry coca leaves, money, and personal belongings.

Cushion Covers, Pillow Cases

Hand-woven, naturally dyed

These gorgeous pieces are coloured using plant dyes which are specific to the region, and feature traditional Quechua / Andean iconography. Cushions like these will add culture and character to any room! They have a backing and close with a zipper.


Hand-woven, naturally dyed

Such beautiful placemat sets! We sell these in a variety of styles and colours. All are hand-woven and dyed with plant dyes from the Andean region. The feature iconography that is specific to the Sacred Valley region.

Threads of Peru Spinning Workshop


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