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Don't Buy The Famous Tilley Hat Until You Have Read This

Updated on August 3, 2012

The Famous Tilley Hat

Do you have a hat that offers you great protection from the weather be it rain or shine? Do you have a hat that has a lifetime guarantee and is insured against loss? If you do then you are the lucky owner of a Famous Tilley Hat. If not then you need to read this lens to find out more about this remarkable hat.

The Tilley and its Creator

About 20 years ago, Alex Tilley, a keen sailor, had lovingly restored a 30 foot long sailboat. Alex Tilley dedicated time and care to ensure his boat was the best she could be. Once completed, Alex Tilley needed a good hat for sailing that matched the quality of his boat. After sometime he couldn't find one that had the qualities that fulfilled his needs for a sailing hat and so decided to make one himself.

Following discussions and advice from a milliner, sailmaker and hat maker, he finally obtained the hat that he wanted.

Alex Tilley was to discover that he had an outstanding hat and that there was a potential market for his product. In January, 1984, he set up a small mail-order company called Alex Tilley and Family's Nautical Gear. It then became Tilley Endurables, Inc. and it hasn't looked back since.

In time, the Tiley hat was not only for sailors, but now loved and respected by people who enjoy the outdoor life!

Why is the Tilley Hat So Good?

Qualities of a Tilley Hat

Tilley Hats are acknowledged as the best-made and most practical hats of their type in the world.

The are many qualities which make the Tilley Hat so special.

They provide maximum sun protection - rated at UPF 50+.

They have the ability to float - a foam liner in the crown adds buoyancy.

They have a Tie-on - tuckaway wind cords keep the Hat on.

They can repel rain - the brim channels water away.

They won't shrink - machine or hand washable.

HYDROFIL® Anti-Sweat band - picks up sweat from your forehead and wicks it away.

They have a secret pocket for stowing cash or keys.

They are available in 13 sizes - there's no one they can't fit.

Come complete with a 4 page owners manual.

Each hat is insured against loss or grievous damage.

Each hat is guaranteed for life! - free Tilley hat replacement if it wears out.

Bargain Tilley Hats at Amazon - For more great hats at great prices click on the image below.

tilley hat
tilley hat

Excellent Protection From the Elements.

A Hat For all Seasons!

One of the wonderful aspects of the Tilley Hat has to be its amazing sun protection.

The AMC American Cancer Research Center has tested all Tilley cotton duck Hats and certified that they block 98% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation, and provide the highest certification rating of Ultraviolet Protection Rating (UPF) 50 . This is the maximum rating given.

When worn in hot weather the Tilley has a HYDROFIL® Anti-Sweat band -this picks up sweat from your forehead and wicks it away, leaving you cool and comfortable.

The hats offer protection in the rain as well. One would imagine that the brims would get floppier when wet, but actually they get stiffer and channel the rain away from your face and neck.

Even the wind has a job to challenge the Tilley Hat thanks to the tuckaway, adjustable, fore 'n' aft Wind Cord. When it's calm, the Wind Cord stays hidden in the crown. When there's a breeze, place the part with the sliding knots behind your head. When it's windy or you're sailing, use the chin part too.

Seeing is Believing! - Watch this video for a Tilley Hat Experience

One of the Best Selling Tilley on the Market

Probably the most popular Tilley Hat, the T3 was made originally as a sailing hat. Designed with a medium-sized brim, you can snap it up Aussie style, or leave it unsnapped for full protection from the elements. Colors are Solid Khaki and Natural with green under brim (dark underbrims help to reduce reflection while on water, snow and sand).

Tilley Hat at Ebay - Don't let a good deal pass you by!

Tilley hat
Tilley hat

Caring For Your Tilley Hat


Care for your Tilley Hat is very simple. It is best to wash it frequently therwise non-removable sweat stains will mar it and possibly rot it. You can either machine or hand-wash the hat in cool water. Please do not use bleach as it remains inside the Hat, slowly rotting it. Also, do not use detergents that contain whiteners(bleach). Whilst damp, smooth and reshape the Hat by hand and set it out to air dry.

There is no fear of your Tiley Hat shrinking as it has already been preshrunk whilst being made!

Guarantee and Insurance

You Can't Get Better Than That


Tilleys are replaced free if they ever wear out, shrink or fall apart. They're so carefully handcrafted by Tilley Endurables in Canada, and made of such strong materials, that many outlive their owners.


Tilley Endurables understand the anguish of losing this reliable companion, or of having your dog terminally gnaw it. Should that happen, they will replace your late, lamented Tilley at half the catalogue price.

Unbleached Tilley Hats will be replaced free if they ever wear out, mildew, or shrink.


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    • profile image

      RRassendyll 7 months ago

      The best Tolley hat was made for the Canadian Armed Forces in natural & in UN blue. It had a simpler shape in the crown and an even brim all around. I wear mine constantly, have for decades.

    • Di Allen profile image

      Di Allen 21 months ago

      My pic here shows a once-favourite outdoor hat. Great shape and bought one for son, however this was 2011 and the brims went ragged, with reinforcing poking through..he paid for return post of new one but that was expensive. Is fhe T3 duck model now improved? Mine was lost,outside of the 2 yrs required.

    • paddywac profile image

      paddywac 5 years ago

      Thank you, that was close! I will stay with my Toques!

    • vc hadagreatday profile image

      vc hadagreatday 5 years ago

      I love my Tilley hat... Airflo (khaki)... I use it to play outside all of the time... soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, hiking - in the sun or rain, it's my favorite. You're not kidding about the need to rinse out some of the sweat!!! It seems to stain easily - oh well... buy one for play and one for the rest of the day :)