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Tinkerbell Jewelry for All Ages

Updated on April 4, 2013

If she loves the sass of the famed Pixie, then there is definitely a Tinkerbell trinket for her!

I really enjoy Disney characters, and I remember seeing Peter Pan as a child, shown at an old Vegas theater that has had its share of troubles in modern times. The nostalgia of Tink is there for many of those who grew up with classic Disney characters as their best buds. I had a few of the old read and play 45s, and I loved the time to turn the page...Tinkerbell rang and it was time to turn. We are so fast-paced today that we don't always take time to relish the moment, watch the credits or revel in the sentiment of a movie or story before we are on to the next big thing. The enchantment of Neverland, though, is as much wrapped up in Tink's sass as it is in Peter's bravery!

Whether you need something for a tween or teen, or whether you secretly love all things Tink, you can track down some really beautiful designs while exploring the options listed here. Of course, many will lead you down a trail of fun exploration as there are truly so many fun and interesting pieces created to reflect many beloved Disney characters. From charms to rings to pendants, you can have a lot of fun just browsing.

You'll find great trinkets and Tinkerbell jewelry, and the ring displayed right here really captured my attention. I have a sister-in-law who loves all things Tink, and this would be just great for her! Come along with me as we explore some more great choices.

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"Embrace The Magic" Tinker Bell Ring

Best Age for Nice Pieces

If you are like me, you may have a box of childhood treasures tucked away. Some pieces are in great shape while others are in shabby condition. The investment you make in a piece for a youngster should be made with a realization that childhood may not consider the cost of a piece as much as the fun of its theme. My necklaces served as hopscotch markers on many occasions. Designate special places and times for using more costly Tink items.

Start a Fun Childhood Tradition

If you love to collect, then use a Disney or Fairy theme to start a fun tradition with your daughter, finding unique figurines, necklaces and other items representing that character or theme. Use these items in bedroom decor, but invest in some charming quality pieces that will go with her into adulthood as fond memories of good times.

Necklaces: Beautiful Jewelry Options Featuring Tink

There are so many variations on the concept of Tinkerbell in necklace form. I've featured a couple that just really stand out and speak to me. However, you will find differing price ranges and materials, whether you are looking for pretty enamel pendants or elaborate gold and silver designs. Check out some of the latest listings.

The charm of charms...

The charms of today are different and more versatile. I love the comeback that the medium is making, and I'm contemplating these for my own daughters as a result. Characters are fun, and modern designs are extremely flexible in use, lending to changes of mind as children have the freedom to rearrange at will.

Disney Themed Pixie Bracelets

Charm bracelets are fun to create from scratch, but this elegant option is really pretty, already completed and ready for gift-giving needs. You'll find the various colors to perfectly accent the theme of Tinkerbell, making this fun for spring occasions like Easter or Mother's Day.

"Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust" Tinker Bell Charm Bracelet by The Bradford Exchange
"Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust" Tinker Bell Charm Bracelet by The Bradford Exchange

If you love a little more decorum, or if you are looking for a fairy themed bracelet for a daughter, then you can't go wrong with a "Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust" charm bracelet. You can definitely find a variety of bracelets in the theme, but this is one of the most lovely.


Fairy Charms for Her Bracelet

If you don't need to go all out to find a full bracelet or expensive ring or necklace, then you may truly appreciate the huge selection of Tinkerbell, pixie and fairy charms. You can use spacer beads in complementing colors to add to the effect of a self-made charm bracelet as well.

The charm bracelet has truly made a comeback, and modern designs make it easy to rearrange a bracelet as often as you want. The bead concept works for kids and for adults. The bead styles are crafted by a variety of designers and in many different materials, making many affordable choices available. These pieces work as gifts, stocking stuffers and party favors. Excellent for adding to a party theme or a child's favorite character in collectible and wearable memorabilia.

Charm It Designs are fantastic for little girls who need to be able to rearrange their bracelets as they obtain more additions. Check out some options here, and explore additional choices as you view these listings.

Charm It Heart with TinkerbellCHECK PRICE

Tink Charm for a BraceletCHECK PRICE

Bracelet and Charm SetCHECK PRICE

More Princess OptionsCHECK PRICE

Fun Character Watch Choices for Tink Fans

I have a sister-in-law who loves the little pixie of Peter Pan fame. Of course, I think many of the designs are perfect for my daughters, though none of them are devotees. The fiery nature of the character mirrors a couple of my daughters' personalities perfectly, and I have one who has that same kick that is displayed in the Disney movie!

Little ones learning to tell time may love the concept of a fairy watch for practice. It's easier to stay motivated when you have a timepiece that captures your attention, and a Tink version is great for a little fan of the character. Use clever questions like, What time does Tink have? You can be creative in developing time-telling activities with a child, and a character watch will attract her attention more frequently because of the appeal. You can explore the design here, of course, for an older child or for an adult. You will also find that as you explore this option, many related current choices are displayed as well, making it really easy to track down something perfectly suited to your needs.

Disney Women's TK2020 Tinkerbell Silver Sunray Dial Two-Tone Bracelet Watch
Disney Women's TK2020 Tinkerbell Silver Sunray Dial Two-Tone Bracelet Watch

There are plenty of Tinkerbell watches around, too, and it's important to find one consistent with the needs of your gift recipient. This is a nice choice for a birthday gift, Easter basket filler or stocking stuffer. It's appropriate for tweens, teens and adults, not too pricey but cute and sassy.


Disney Character Jewelry Auctions

Find the latest items on the auction block, a fun way to find affordability and unique options. This is the perfect way to track down older Tink jewelry that may no longer be produced. It's also a fun way to find affordable pricing on cute pieces. The little pixie has been around in Disney form for so long, that the possibilities for older pieces to be captivating and unique will provide you with many enjoyable hours in searching and finding fun additions to your own collection or to that of someone special.

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