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4 Tips To Get Healthier Looking Skin

Updated on November 29, 2015

Healthier Looking Skin From the Inside Out

Growing up, I spent my time hanging out in a salon in Encinitas, Ca. It was the one my mom owned, which meant that I was most likely the only three-year-old getting facials on the regular. Throughout my pre-teen years, however (when I decidedly turned a blind eye to my mom’s professional advice), I went my own route. From over-tweezing my eyebrows until they were practically nonexistent, to picking at any blemish that appeared on my skin, I was a right rebellious brat, who wanted nothing more than to take my acne into my own hands. While my eyebrows have since grown back in (and then some) and I’m lucky enough to have survived the worst of my acne bearing days, I still only in recent years have taken my mom’s advice to heart. So that you don’t have to wait until you’re past your prime like myself, here are some tips for getting and maintaining healthy skin.

Do You Wash Your Face Every Night Before Bed?

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We’ve all seen the commercials and heard how much water we should be consuming a day. Eight glasses, or 64 ounces, while quite a bit, is actually the minimum amount you should be consuming on a daily basis. With roughly 60% of our bodies being made up of water, it is essential to not only our life, but our health as well. For clearer skin and a healthier you, consider upping your water intake to half your body weight for the maximum effect. Likewise, no matter how much you might try to convince yourself otherwise, diet soda, iced tea, and coffee are not mutually exclusive with water. Rather, all three act as diuretics, seeping water out of your organs and pores, dehydrating your system. This means that for each cup of coffee or venti iced tea you drink from Starbucks, you’ll need to drink extra ounces of water to counter the effects of dehydration.

Three Ways To Drink More Water

Having trouble getting your targeted daily intake in? Try these three tricks for getting more water into your system.

  1. Flavor It: Many people don’t like the taste of water and find it bland. While I’ve never been one to think that water had a flavor per say, I have always found it refreshing. If you do find it bland and struggle to get back the recommended amount, then consider flavoring it with natural fruits and vegetables. Make a large pitcher and fill it with mint, cucumber, berries or whatever fruit you desire to give it a slight kick.
  2. Go Big: Personally, I’ve always found that the larger the bottle of water I start with in the day, the more likely I am to finish it by the time I go to bed. Start with a ½ gallon of water, filling it up once you’re done or even start off with a gallon. Consider marking it with the hours you're awake to remind you to drink water throughout the day. Chances are that with a large jug of water sitting beside you all day, you’ll be much more inclined to drink it.
  3. Force of Habit: Make water a part of your habit. Drink a large glass anytime you are about to eat something. Start your day by drinking a glass before you even take a shower, and end your night by having one thirty minutes before you go to bed. The more of a habit it becomes, the more likely you are to drink it often.

Nightly Routine

Here was where I really sent my mom into a tizzy. In high school, with your stress levels high, your energy levels low, and your hormone levels raging it’s important to practice a healthy nightly routine for your skin. This begins by not leaving makeup to sit on your face overnight. Most facial makeups are loaded with chemicals that can clog your pores and leave you with a mess in the morning.

A Thorough Nighttime Cleaning

  • Face Wash: Use an effective face wash to cleanse your skin of any lingering foundation, moisturizers, and powders. This will leave your skin able to breathe while you sleep. Find one that works for your skin type. For those of you with acne, something with a hint of salicylic acid or willow bark can help gently medicate your complexion. Those with sensitive skin should use something that rinses easily, such as a foam cleanser, while those fighting off tough cystic acne and deep pores should find something meant to reach down into your clogged skin, breaking up any loose debris.
  • Toner: Use a toner. This is one step that I actually never missed in high school because I loved the way it felt. After you’ve thoroughly cleared your skin of any lasting makeup from the day, your pores will be enlarged and open, ready to take in more dirt and sweat during the night. Invest in a toner that will help seal your pores, closing them up so that they don’t get clogged while you sleep.
  • Moisturizer: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The whole point of this is to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, which won’t happen if you forget to use a moisturizer after cleansing and toning your skin, which can effectively zap it of all surface moisture. Find a moisturizer that is made for the nighttime and lays on top, providing a soft blanket of moisture for your thirsty skin. You may need to play around with a few different moisturizers before you find one that makes your skin glow rather than break out.

Don't Forget Your Eyes

A common misstep when washing your face, you should always be sure to remove any lingering mascara. Have you ever heard of eyelash mites? No? Well then you’re in for a treat. Demodex folliculorum are tiny mites, so small that they’re pretty much invisible to the naked eye. These mites feed on the oils secreted by our skin and sloughed off into our eyelashes if not washed properly. Though most of us have these mites and aren’t even aware, an infestation can lead to infection of the lid or actual eye. Many times mascara is the hardest thing to remove, mostly because good mascara is designed to stay put for hours at a time. Be sure to use an eye makeup remover that is sensitive on your eyes, but strong enough to keep these little pests at bay.

Eating Habits

In case you didn’t clue in when I mentioned how much water you should be drinking per day, healthier skin starts from the inside. It doesn’t matter how great the skin care products you use are (though that certainly helps) if you don’t work on your glow from the inside out.

  • Berries: Black, Rasp, Blue, no matter the color, they’re all filled with important vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C in particular is important to healthy skin. It’s known to boost collagen levels and repair damaged skin cells, making it an excellent option for your healthy skin diet.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are packed with antioxidant beta-carotene, which leads to the development of vitamin A. This helps with premature aging and skin damage, leading to healthier looking skin.
  • Walnuts: Loaded with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts are great for collagen production in your skin. Add walnuts to your diet in salads or yogurt and watch your skin shine.

Healthy skin is about more than washing your skin every night and using the right cleansers, makeup remover, and moisturizers. It’s about taking care of your skin from top to bottom, from the inside and out. What are your tips for healthier looking skin? What brands do you find work better than others? What all natural ingredients get your skin looking vibrant?


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    • Kelsey Farrell profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelsey Elise Farrell 

      3 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Sasha, water more than anything is best thing for not only your skin, but your life in general. Thanks for reading!

    • profile image

      Sasha G. 

      3 years ago

      Never knew water and food played such a big role for the skin! Very interesting article. Thanks for the awesome tips! :)


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