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Tips For Long Natural Eyelashes

Updated on June 29, 2014

Curling Your Eyelashes

Without a doubt, every woman wants lashes that look fantastic and desirable. It gives us the self-confidence we like, and for this to happen, I always use items that can provide me with some help. I have found that one of the best items to satisfy this need is the use of an eyelash curler.

For starters, most of us are concerned about our appearance and often times, the focus is on the eyes and/or lashes. Due to the fact that the eyes are the first thing you'll usually notice on the face, we need to pay more attention to this. Beautiful eyes with dark, thick lashes can truly make a woman look more attractive and stunning.

Shimarz Eyelash Curlers

One of The Best!

The Shimarz eyelash curler is a professional, beautiful, easy to use, yet elegant hand held device that could help you instantly transform your look into something breathtaking. It has a round edged special curved frame for a very comfortable grip and hold for both your thumb and fingers.This eyelash curler is a high quality, easy to clean, very flexible, and most of all, it's eyelash friendly. Also, you could carry it wherever you go due to its compact size. It's very compatible not only with your hand, but in your make-up bag as well.

How to Protect Your Lashes

It doesn't matter if your eye is small or big, this eyelash curler is truly versatile that it works with various eye sizes. Apart from that, it has a smoother action compare to others. It wouldn't even pinch your lids nor pull your lashes. Similarly, your lashes wouldn't stick to it and you can even curl the lashes at the inside corner of your eye without worrying of poking your eyes.

Eyelash Curler Reviews

Other Benefits of Using This Eyelash Curler

The Original Shimarz eyelash curler would help you achieve the following:

Your eyes would look naturally more beautiful than ever.

Achieve salon quality eyelashes whenever you desire.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable curling.

No pinching of lids.

No pulling nor snagging of eyelashes.

Re-enforced, ergonomic, and beautiful sparkling pink frame design.

No built in/tight spring mechanism in its frame design.

There is no need for extra rubber silicone pads.

High quality.

Eyelash safe.


Eyelash Care Tips

You can care for your eyelashes by using rubbing a little bit of coconut oil on them. Use it every night before bed and rub it into your top and bottom lashes. Make sure you rinse them off in the morning when you get up. I also like to gently remove my mascara with a little bit of coconut oil and then I use a little extra after I wash my face.

Use care when rubbing your eyes and don't pull out your lashes when you do this. If you have to rub your eyes, I like to just gently rub them and then try not to do it again all day long.

Additional Tips for Eyelash Care

When using an eyelash curler, as much as possible, refrain from pulling on your lashes or pinching the skin on your lashes. It's suggested to invest in a quality curler, such as Shimarz eyelash curlers since this would eliminate any damage to lashes as you style them.

Likewise, try not to rub your eyes! If you're not aware, rubbing could pull and twist your lashes. This could lead to breakage at the roots, resulting to premature fallout. However, if your eyes become itchy, gently pat your lead with a clean finger to soothe that itchiness.

Last but not the least, if you're determined to create the look of lusciously long eyelashes and stunning eyes, don't forget to try Shimarz eyelash curlers. I personally use this curler and love it!

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    • harnek12 profile image


      4 years ago

      Great Lens!


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