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Top 10 Hair Jewelry Secrets That Women Don't Know

Updated on August 12, 2013

What Big Secrets Revealed in the Fashion World?

Hair jewelry is not a big niche and hence you may not find big names in the business. Also, if you like to collect hair jewelry you can find quite a few rarities on websites like eBay. Whether you are looking for bridal designs or fancy costume accompaniments, small boutiques tucked in on streets or the web is the best place to shop for them.

Want to know the fashion secrets? Read on....


1. Crowns and Diadems

What different types of jewelry are available?

With the Halloween party not too far away, you can make sure to understand what would go well with your outfit. Want to act the royalty? Look for fancy looking crowns or diadems. If you have seen the latest Harry Potter movie, you can get a pretty looking diadem made for yourself or buy one.


2. Go Hippie!

Go for a sassy looking hippie headband!

Nicole Richie is very famous for her line of them at House of Harlow. You can find them in different styles - beaded, tasseled, string headpiece, lace spun with silver or gold thread and many more.

3. Expensive Crystals

Bombshell combs, Jeweled head bands, and Hair pins

If you are ready to spend a little fortune on the matter, strings of sparkly crystals are available with brands like Swarovski. Lot of celebrities are seen adorn the latter item on the red carpet or through a French braid to give it that expensive evening look or even as wedding hair jewelry.

4. Some Diamonds Never Hurt!

Add a special touch with barrettes and U-pins!

If crystals do not fit your budget, you can still do with diamonds or rhinestones. Most of the times, hair jewelry may only be worn on a particular occasion and hence, spending a fortune for the purpose seems impractical. Crystals may not be always expensive and hence, if you can get a good deal, use some them to sparkle your bridesmaid's look or a special date.

5. Simple Tiaras

Settle for a beautiful silver tiara!

The crowd is wonderful to look but impractical unless its Halloween likes we said before. The silver tiara might not be passed on from generations to generations but it can make a woman feel just like a princess.


6. Fancy Elastic Bands!

Why shouldn't we sassy up the elastic band?

A lot of online boutiques do fancy looking bands with rose buds, butterflies, and fantasy like items spun on them. These are usually adorned with rhinestones or diamantes. The idea of hair jewelry came from the Victoria era.


7. Consider Your Hair Color

Buy the color that compliments your hair!

Women with lighter hair may want to go for brighter colors and women with dark hair main want to use lighter color hair jewelry to go with their hair. Also, hair jewelry does not have to be always bought. Try making or creating your own look using hair jewelry. This Halloween you could be your own jeweled mermaid wearing pearls and trinkets in your hair. Simply buy inexpensive strings of pearls to go with you hair and roll on sections loosely. If this is not to your liking and you would like to play Marie Antoinette or another special lady from the Victorian era with a huge wig, buy a wig and set it with fascinators or a huge barrette. Pearls hold very well in a wig and with few pictures found online, you can take your inspiration places.

8. Respect Halloween

Hornets with gems for eyes and body?

For those who like to stick to the original theme of Halloween, buy hair jewelry that is as spiders and insects to wear but only those that sparkle. Well, it is eerie but glamorous.

9. Middle East Glamour

Want to play the princess from the Middle East?

Wear some hair jewelry which covers the crown to either look like Anaksunamun from the movie The Mummy or a Persian Goddess. Lots of Asian cultures wear knot sticks with tassels or gems attached to the outer end. Also, you have earrings with extended bridal hair jewelry to be attached to the bun or plait.

Try the Princess Leia look and add knot sticks to it with tassel to add your own spin to it. You may also achieve an anime look to some extent by doing so. Bezoek onze haar sieraden of oorbellen winkel


10. Accessorizing Men ?!!!

Hair accessories are not just for women.

Remember the Romans in Troy wearing hair clips or Julius Caesar in Gladiator wearing a circlet. For the men, who have not thought about who they want to play this Halloween, it is recommended you think about using hair jewelry as a part of your costume. Lastly, the thought of wearing horns and playing the devil is a little cliché but then wearing jeweled horns is something else altogether. Look through various online websites and boutiques to get exactly what you want and create your inspiration.

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      seomarketing30days 6 years ago

      hi five. Great tips for men too!

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      chiactiv 6 years ago

      great fashion tips