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5 Common Misconception of Fashion Photography

Updated on May 2, 2014
No, fashion photography does not work in the way of how you assume.
No, fashion photography does not work in the way of how you assume. | Source

We can always glance at pictures of glamorous models in fashion magazines, spot a television advertisement, or looking at billboard with beautiful models wearing the latest fashions. You might assume that the demand of a fashion photographer is high when you see such fashion pictures everywhere.

Fashion photographers have to shoot pictures by using different kind of cameras to highlight and present the garments in a creative, eye-catching, and outstanding way that reflects the designer's style and manufacturer's needs. In fact, there are many misunderstanding in fashion photography. In this hub, I will provide few common misconceptions in fashion photography.

Today many people are into photography. People can get cameras and related equipment easily. With the accessibility of apparatus such as general tutorials on the web, some people unfortunately do not have enough experience in professional photo taking. This results to the shortage of expertise and credibility.

This issue can be seen clearly in fashion photography. Although individuals can have different perceptions of the art or beauty, there is one condition in fashion photography which is always true: it is a sub-type of photography that aims to provide stylish, glamorous, beautiful pictures. Also, fashion photography has a standard which it composes of models to advertise the merchandise, such as shirts, shoes, dresses, and so on. However, there are many misconceptions of the fashion photography.

Fashion photography works in the way that you need to take anything.
Fashion photography works in the way that you need to take anything. | Source

Common Misconceptions in Fashion Photography

(1) One of the common misconceptions of fashion photography is that it mainly concerns the models and also the body form. This perhaps is the majority often referred it as glamour photography. In fact, fashion photography and glamour photography are quite similar, but they have completely different focuses and goals.

(2) Fashion photography has opened its doors to many different kind of artists who would like to venture into the sector and to collaborate with businesses that need or look for their experiences. I cannot disagree that it has been one of the most effective ways in which to advertise clothing lines yet has not failed. However, we should not only get to understand this concepts and background behind this kind of photography. Instead, we should gain expertise and apply the knowledge if we really want to understand and experience fashion photography. It takes a long time for getting the creativity, skill, and professionalism by both understanding and practicing in fashion photography.

(3 Another misconceptions about fashion photography is that the photographers in this field spend most of their time on shooting pictures of beautiful models wearing the latest fashions. While some photographers may luckily get such assignments, most fashion photographers spend their time preparing for shoots, creating the finished product after shoots. Also, they spend lots of time on looking for other jobs.

Photography needs to capture every moment in wedding, including this.
Photography needs to capture every moment in wedding, including this. | Source

Difference between Fashion Photography and Wedding Photography

(4) Although fashion photography has masses to supply, especially in Hong Kong. Most fashion photographers Hong Kong do not only focus on fashion photography, they will also have expertise in wedding photography. It is because these two kind of photography are to focus on beauty.

However, it does not work in that way often. As one of the top fashion photographer Hong Kong, Angel Andreu believes that fashion photographers do not always have to be expertise in wedding photography. He did only once wedding photography and he immediately noticed that it is not the subject that he would like to focus on. The major difference between fashion and wedding photography is that fashion photography focuses on objects, whereas wedding photography is to focus on the people and the event. In other words, wedding photography can be seen as photography for events. And, these two type of photography are totally different and require different experiences and expertise.

Misconceptions on Salaries

(5) On the other hand, majority has the idea that the salaries of working in fashion photography is high. However, it is not the case all the time, at least in the perspective from Hong Kong fashion photographer. Angel claims that to gain experience and contacts in the fashion field, beginning fashion photographers may be forced to work for little or no pay and earn virtually nothing for their efforts. With experiences and a strong reputation in the field, the top fashion photographers can have $100,000 a year or more. To have that amount of salary, it takes a very long time.

Last words

In conclusion of this hub, there are many misconceptions of fashion photography. In order to be a good fashion photographer, you need to train your eye to picture the image, and it takes a long time to gain experience and a strong reputation in the industry. When you have all these skills, then you need to market yourself and stand out in the industry. Although it can be very difficult, you can end up with positive outcome and result because of your hard work.

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