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tips to get clear skin

Updated on June 28, 2012

getting clear skin

Getting clear and glowing skin is a dream of everyone specially women and teenagers.First impression is often the last impression and looks makes the first impression.You can not change the looks that God had gifted you but you can always enhance it by following proper beauty care routine.How to get clear skin and keep it like this always is the desire of everyone.Now acne and breakouts are not only confined to teenagers.people of all age groups are facing these problems.Every passing day, the number of people facing acne problems is increasing and more and more people are searching for ways for getting clear and glowing complexion.

Their are a lot of skin issues faced by a large number of people all over the world main problem being the acne.It is one of the major skin problem that people wants to get out of as this problems decreases their self confidence and people suffering from acne are shy to face the public.It makes them socially in compatible and people often feel depression because of skin problems.Now the main point is

How to get rid of skin problems and how to get clear skin

With the right knowledge and practice anyone can get clear and flawless complexion.Getting clear skin will not only enhance your looks but will also gives you self confidence and make you more confident in facing the public.There are many advantages of getting clear skin and its a dream of everyone to have a clear and glowing skin.Acne is a major hindrance in getting clear skin.As acne even after getting cured , leaves spots and marks which is a major reason for not having clear skin.A proper skin cleaning regimen is important for anyone who is serious about discovering how to get clear skin.There are simple things that one can do in order to get clear and glowing skin.these includes :

Eating healthy

Healthy eating plays an important role in getting rid of acne and getting a clear skin.What goes inside shows outside i.e what you will eat will be visible through your skin.If you are always munching on unhealthy foods , this will show in the form of acne, breakouts and unclear skin.A healthy diet not only helps in oil secretion but also helps in keeping your skin clear from inside.If your skin is prone to having acne stick to a healthy diet including green leafy vegetables and fruits.Stay away from all kind of junk and oily food.Fruits and vegetables have got plenty of nourishment inside them and therefore helps in removing radicals from your body.Cut down on salty foods.Rich foods rich in fiber and diet containing enough vitamins, minerals and proteins.if you are not getting enough vitamins from your diet, try taking a multivitamin.

Drinking a lot of water

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water in a day is very important in order to fight the skin impurities and get clear glowing skin.drinking water will remove away impurities from inside and gives your skin a healthy and clear look.This is the most important way of getting clear skin fast.Enough water will help to keep the skin clear, remove all the excessive oils from the skin.Water removes all the toxins from inside your system which are the main reasons of acne and hence giving you a clear skin free from any flaws.

Regular exercise

Exercise plays a key role in giving you clear skin.Exercising makes you sweat and results in opening the skin pores and eradicating the particular skin tone.Regular exercise is one of the key to healthy skin.cardio workouts get your blood flowing and helps you in achieving clear skin.Exercise is also said to reduce the stress level and stress is one of the main reason for having acne and not having clear and healthy skin.By increasing blood flow , exercise helps in the nourishment of skin cells.Blood carries oxygen throughout the body including skin cells.

Sleep well to get glowing skin

Plenty of skin is very important if you want to have clear and glowing skin.lack of sleep can make your skin dehydrated ,dull and wrinkled.lack of stress is often associated with stress which can lead to sleep is not just old wives tale,it allows the skin to restore its natural balance.those with poor sleeping habits may face problems related to skin sensitivity and irritation because of the decrease in the skin’s ability to protect itself from chemicals and pollutants found in the environment.we may never realize it but our body gets a lot accomplished while we are sleeping.there is a lot of repair that the body needs and it accomplish this when you are sleeping.if you get less time to sleep your body will gets less time to repair and hence leads to skin problems.

homemade scrubs to get glowing skin

Plenty of homemade scrubs ingredients are available in your kitchen which you can use to get a glowing and clear complexion.scrubbing once in a week is important to open clogged pores.Scrubbing gently will remove dead and dull skin cells leaving behind soft don`t need to buy scrubs from your local stores, Infact ,you can make your own scrub at home by combining different ingredients from the kitchen.Homemade scrubs are more trustworthy and give good results.


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    • Elyse Haldeman profile image

      Elyse Haldeman 5 years ago

      These are great tips. Another one I discovered is consuming daikon radish. I got great results this way, although it takes some effort, and isn't the most pleasant vegetable to eat. (I found the easiest way is to boil the daikon and quickly drink the water it's been boiling in, tastes nasty, but has an astringent quality that cleared my skin.)