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Titanium Dive Watch Buyer's Guide

Updated on July 10, 2011

Looking For A Titanium Dive Watch

Owning a titanium dive watch is a scuba diver's dream. There are many reasons that make it very desirable to own one.

Titanium weighs half less than that of steel and is much tougher and much more durable. Also titanium is a water corrosion metal that is resilient in sea water environments so what else would you want on your wrist while scuba diving but a titanium dive watch. Besides having a dive watch that is non-magnetic, feels comfortable and looks great, they also do not easily show scratches or dents.

The manufacturing of titanium dive watches is regulated by the divers’ watches international with the standard being ISO 6425. This means the ISO 6425 titanium dive watch is designed to withstand diving in waters at depths of at least 100 meters and possess a system to control the time. A titanium dive watch and all diving watches are tested in water just under 125% of the rated water pressure, so a 200 meter rating would actually be tested in 250 meters of water. There are also other tests done including resistance to salty water.

Best Features To Look For On A Titanium Dive Watch

There are features that you may want to consider or insist on for that titanium dive watch that you are considering.

  • The titanium watch must have a bezel which is the circle piece that spins around and makes a clicking noise as it moves. This feature on your titanium dive watch will time your dive.
  • Even more importantly and obvious is that your dive watch should be water resistant and good for a depth deeper than you dive.
  • Most scuba divers prefer the backlight feature on their titanium dive watch because it is easier to read in low light and low visibility conditions.
  • If the face of your dive watch is made of glass it will be more likely to scratch so a better choice would be that of a mineral crystal face.

Best Brand Names

There are many different manufacturers that may offer everything you’re looking for in a titanium dive watch. Of course the bottom line is how much are you willing to spend?

The titanium dive watch I first thought of, before doing any research on those products would be Scubapro because I used that quality scuba gear when I used to scuba dive. I also thought of Navy Seals that plays a great part in providing freedom to our country and Rolex which is a name that speaks for itself and you just know has to have a great titanium dive watch.

You may have a quality watch but it just may be time to upgrade it with a titanium watch that looks great and will be fantastic for your dive trips. If that is the case then you may want to see what each manufacturer offers regarding features for their watches. Some of the well known watch companies are Bulova, Timex, Seiko, Citizen or any of the others mentioned above.

Buy A Titanium Dive Watch On Ebay

You may also want to consider getting a new or used titanium dive watch on Ebay where it is very possible to get a quality product at a great price. Take a look on the right where I have shown a few of the dive watches that are currently for sale on Ebay. The current price is also listed which is often reflective of the final asking price.

Shopping on Ebay is easy and secure. You simply pick out the item you want and bid on it. You can also choose the buy it now offer if it is available. Once you make a secure payment the item will be shipped right to you. If you have never shopped on Ebay before it is really easy.

Titanium Dive Watch
Titanium Dive Watch


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