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7 Natural Toothpastes without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) for Kids and Adults

Updated on April 5, 2013

SLS Free Toothpaste List

Many people experience problems when using cosmetics containing SLS. Shampoos and Toothpastes without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can be a solution.

Because studies showing the dangers of SLS are still fairly recent, SLS free toothpaste isn't everywhere yet. It can be hard to find and get. If you find it, that particular brand might not be to your preference or the price can be too high.

Here is a short list with some of the best toothpastes without SLS and with different pro's and cons. Different people need different formulas. There are toothpastes with and without fluoride and organic whiteners to special formulas for Kids.

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2 Pack of Tom's: Toothpastes without SLS

Tom's has been around in Maine since the 1970s. This is their extremely popular peppermint flavored, SLS free, fluoride toothpaste. It tastes great and makes your teeth feel clean.

If you regularly experience discomfort because of canker sores you will want to try out this Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free toothpaste. For many people it makes a world of difference.

Note that it is not going to be foaming like your regular toothpaste would. SLS is a foaming agent and when it's taken out, toothpaste doesn't foam.

Kids Sls Toothpaste Free

Kiss my face has been developed for Kids between 3 and 8. There are no parabens, artificial colors or flavors in here. The Berry flavor is something that gets most kids excited about brushing their teeth, which is a nice relief in my household.

Note that it doesn't foam because there is no SLS in here but it's supposed to be that way. SLS is a foaming agent. It still works very well though in your mind, effectiveness of toothpaste might be connected to some good foaming. Just like with shampoo. Guess what makes shampoo foam? At least you don't put shampoo in your mouth.

Kiss my face is both fluoride and SLS free and might be worth a try if you want to protect your kids from these chemicals.

Whitening Toothpaste without SLS

This is a four pack of Burts Bees Natural Toothpaste. It's fluoride free and delicious minty fresh tasting. Clinically proven to improve oral health in an tural and effective manner. Whitens teeth, reduces plaque and freshens breath.

Most likely you will see noticeable difference in the color of your teeth within two weeks. The Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free toothpaste has calcium in it and phosphor to promote strong healthy teeth. There are no articial coloring chemicals, artificial flavors or chemical preservatives added. Cranberry extract has been added to fight plaque and recent studies show that they are real effective.

Enamel Saver: Corn and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Toothpaste

Squigle toothpaste gives you a shot at ending painful canker sores, chapped lips and even perioral dermatitis. These can all be caused by SLS and other chemicals like cocamidopropyl betaine, pyrophospathes and bleach.

With Squigle you fight bad breath, gum disease, plaque and cavities. Squigle is a kid friendly toothpaste with peppermint flavor, fluoride and the natural Xylithol. Squigle helps with dry mouth and whitens your teeth but without bleach.

Squigle is even corn free, for people who are loooking for a corn free toothpaste.

Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Products

When you are plagued by sensitive teeth you might want to try this SLS free formula by Sensodyne. If you can get used to the taste which is distinctly different from "regular" toothpaste you have an excellent SLS free product here.

I tried this toothpaste first at my girlfriend at the time house and it was very weird tasting (kinda bitter in comparison). It is also a little thicker then normal toothpaste. However it cleaned my teeth very well and the fresh feeling was quite long lasting. Which is nice.

Personally I don't have sensitive teeth so can't really comment on how well it works in that department but many people (including my ex-girlfriend) swear by this stuff. If you suffer from sensitive teeth this is worth a try.

Earthpaste: Natural Toothpaste Free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Earthpaste lives up to it's name and packaging. At first you have to get used to the orange/brown pack but after a while I got hooked. It doesn't look like the fresh sterile branded toothpaste but that's a good thing. It's something entirely different.

Earthpaste has no chemicals or unnatural additives. This toothpaste is actually safe to swallow, which made me wonder why I was using toothpaste that wasn't. The hydrated Redmond clay, xylitol, essential oils and real salt will leave you with an incredible fresh and natural feeling mouth.

If you've only ever used regular toothpastes I would recommend starting with a toothpaste that is closer to that. So you can slowly get used to a natural product free of SLS or actually you can just dive right in. Just give this a try. Most likely you are never going back.

4 Pack Jason Powersmile

The one downside to this toothpaste without SLS and the reason I've put it relatively low, is the pricetag. It's pretty steep for a toothpaste, even though this is a 4 pack.

Jason powersmile uses 3 natural whiteners without any chemicals. Perilla Seed Extract has been added to block acid from sugars and food that cause tartar on your teeth. This toothpaste is entirely free of Fluoride, Sodium Laurly Sulfate, Saccharin, Preservatives and it hasn't been tested on animals.

Like other SLS free toothpastes for people who are plagued by canker sores this can work wonders.


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    • profile image


      2 months ago

      Should be “lives up to its name,” not “it’s name.”

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      UltraDEX have an awesome range of SLS free oral care products. I have been using the products for nearly 5 months now and I have to say my teeth seem so much stronger, whiter and less sensitive. The added bonus is that UltraDEX is SLS free!

    • gosupress profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Amsterdam

      Maybe they do in some of the products they carry, but the toothpastes shown here specifically say SLS free right on the package. You can clearly see it when you look at the pictures of the packages.

    • profile image


      3 years ago


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