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Top 10 Fashion Trends Teen Girls 2015

Updated on March 12, 2015

Top 10 Fashion Trends Teen Girls

You'll find the latest and greatest fashion for teen girls here, that is trendy for this winter!

Some of the top 10 this winter include, certain hats and shoes, and colors such as orangy red, soft yellow, olive green and more.

You'll learn what trending for teen girls this fall winter, and you'll find great options here, if you choose to purchase items for this age group.

They want to stand out and make a statement so hopefully they will not be disappointed with the choices on this page.

Quite frequently girls of this age group will also want to be seen with top brands such as Roxy, Levi and Miss Sixty.

Image is from, and item is sold here .

Hats Are Trendy this Winter (for teens and adults)

  1. Fur hats.
  2. Cowboy hats.
  3. Top hats.
  4. Fedora hats.
  5. Cloche hats.
  6. Gaucho hats.

Vintage Large Flower Wool Cloche Bucket Hat - Various Color - top 10 fashion trends teen girls

A Cloche hat is a fitted, bell-shaped hat for women. It was especially popular during the 1920s, but was first made in 1908. Cloche in French means "bell." These hats were originally made of felt, but were later made of straw and other materials.

These hats are very trendy right now among teenage girls, and just looking at the hat featured here, will tell you why. They are stylish, yet adorable! Any teenage girl will be proud to step out wearing one of these fabulous cloche hats!

Other popular hats this fall/winter include fur, cowboy, fedora, top and gaucho.

Trendy Fall/Winter Colors

  • Bright Colors
  • Browns/leathery browns
  • Orangy Reds
  • Soft Yellows
  • Light Blues
  • Navy Blues
  • Olive Greens
  • Purples

Soft Yellow Trench Coat - top fashion trends for teen girls

Soft yellow is one of the fashionable fall/winter colors for teen girls this year! Fashion trends are steering away from the sporty yellows, and going with a soft, banana yellow color.

This banana yellow trench coat is a perfect accessory for those cold fall and winter evenings. You're going to be in style and fabulous when you wear one of these beautiful trench coats.

Other popular colors for teen girls this fall/winter are listed above!

4 Must-Have Shoes for Fall/Winter.

  • All-star Converse shoes.
  • Boots.
  • Oxford shoes.
  • Grunge shoes.

Shoe Trends for Teen Girls

There are a certain range of shoes/boots a teen girl needs to have in her wardrobe and these include but are not limited to those shown below.

The will like to pair leggings with a long tank top or dress

Leggings are an excellent buy for a teen girl and can be worn all year long.

You can choose a plain pair of leggings and match it with a striped or patterned top or you can choose a patterned pair of leggings and wear those with a plain top.

Leggings are great because they make you look slim, a must for any teenage girl especially when she is trying to catch the eye of certain guy.

They also look great with converse sneakers, pumps or knee high boots.

To Summarize...the top 10 fashion trends for teen girls are... - Fall/Winter

  1. Hats
  2. 4 must-have shoes
  3. Maxi/Midi/Mini skirts & dresses
  4. Light & Navy Blues
  5. Olive Greens
  6. Leathery Browns
  7. Soft Yellows
  8. Purples
  9. Orangy Reds
  10. Bright Colors

Do you like these fashion trends for teen girls

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    • profile image

      LadyDuck 4 years ago

      Very nice bright color.

    • oomiloo-clothing profile image

      oomiloo-clothing 5 years ago

      Yes this one of the awesome lens I came across, nice lens pic for teen girls.....

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      I especially like that bright colors are in! My high schooler had several friends over this weekend - almost all of them had bright colored jeans on.