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Top 10 Rated Perfumes For Women By Men 2012-13

Updated on November 11, 2012

What Are The Top Rated Perfumes For Women Voted For By Men

As a women when you buy a perfume or fragrance, not only do you wan't to smell great you also want to smell as attractive as possible to men. Whether your a teenage girl who want to smell nice for a young man or a married women who wants to smell great for her husband then knowing the top 10 rated perfumes for women by men is a great list to refer to when buying your fragrance. Smelling nice is a major turn on for men so when the ladies get it right you have a good chance of attracting someone you really want.

This list of top 10 rated perfumes for women by men was a real survey that was conducted on All Women Stalk and has helped ladies pick bespoke perfumes to buy so that they can smell really good for their other half. If you have a interview coming up or want to really impress a man at a party or then read on. So before you buy your top rated fragrance check out the list below.

What Are The Top Rated Perfumes For Women By Men

Smell Great For Your Husband & Boyfriends

So what are the top rated perfumes for women by men? I have included the list below which shows you at a glance the best perfumes and fragrance for women. There is a detailed description below if you want to read and review the product before you buy. This selection will help you find the most appropriate perfume that you like while knowing that men have voted for it as the top 10 rated perfumes and fragrance for women in 2012 and possibly 2013.











Before you buy one of these perfumes check out the summary and product description so you can choose a perfume or fragrance that will smell really good on you.

1.0 Christina Aguilera By Night - Voted first Best Women's Perfume By Men

When men were asked to decide the top 10 rated perfume for women 70% of guys loved this perfume. It was the sexy smell of May blossom and hint of pineapple that made this really popular and got them in the mood for some romance. This is set to become a very classic fragrance, this scent is not too widespread yet and has a lot of exclusivity. If seven out of 10 men voted for this then this is something you should seriously consider if you want to buy a perfume to smell good for him.

2.0 Marc Jacobs Daisy - Voted Second Best Women's Perfume By Men

This scent has been around for a while now and is set to become a very popular perfume amongst women. It features vanilla and strawberries, the smell in not overbearing and instead has a delicate and light aroma. This is an absolute hit with the men so if you like your fragrance to be fruity then this is something that deserves a second look.

3.0 Chloe By Chloe - Voted Third Best Ladies Perfume By Men

It's not surprising this came third as it smells really as the top rated women's perfume by men because of its really bold smell that really captures the senses of the men. The bottle looks fantastic and would compliment any dressing table. This fragrance is definitely for the more dominant women who likes a strong smell and wants men who mean business. Definitely worthy for number 3 and well worth looking into for those high powered career girls who want to smell great.

4.0 DKNY BE Delicious Fresh Blossom - Voted in Fourth Best Girls Fragrance For Women By Men

Number 4 in the top 10 rated perfumes for women by men. This is a fragrance that oozes femininity and has an exciting mix of smells of the spring. Includes the sweet smell of apples mixed with summery flowers. This is a great scent for taking a stroll with your man on a cool summers day, the sweet smell was a real hit for men. This is definitely worth buying for summer if you like smelling of sweet gorgeous smells.

5.0 Donna Karen Cashmere Mist - Fifth Best Ladies Scent For Women Voted For By Men

This scent was voted in as number 5 in the top 10 ten rated perfumes for women by men. If you don't like overbearing smells and prefer a light and delicate aroma then this is definitely for you. This fragrance has a definite floral smell and reminds women of the great summery outdoor smells. This smell will get men's attention and you will really smell great in the process too.

8. Carolina Herrera Sexy 212 For Her - 8/10 Top Rated Perfume For Women By Men

I love this scent and like the light sharp aroma that gets people attention and attracts men. This fragrance is another that's set to become a classic and the design of the bottle looks elegant and expensive. If you like your upmarket men then this is something you should consider buying when you choose a fragrance to get his attention.

6. Giorgio Armani - Armani Code Pour Femme - Sixth Best Rated Perfume For Women By Men

This scent oozes honey and jasmine and shows a more sensual side of you, many man went very weak after smelling this so if you want control this is a great perfume to buy. The smell is light and airy and not too overbearing. Girls love this and men love this classic clean smell which shows your feminine side. Definitely a worthwhile contender and great choice.

7. Britney Spears Believe - Number 7 Best Rated Perfume For Women By Men

in at number 7 in the top rated perfumes for women by men was Britney Spears Believe. The scent had wonderful tones and smelled like you were in a very expensive florist. The aroma was very popular amongst the men and is something that will get their attention. If you like flowers then this is a good buy to hook in the lads.

FCUK HER - 9/10 Top Rated Scents For Women By Men

This offering from French Connection is a fantasic addition to your collection if you want to turn heads. The aroma of modern oriental smells and floral hints make this a perfume for the 21st century, although the name might be slghtly vulgar ot will show you are a 21st century empowered women. This is a great buy for a lady who wants to be in charge.

Calvin Klein IN2U For Her - 10/10 Top Rated Perfumes For women By Men

Last but not least is Calvin Klein IN2U for her. This perfume has a really fresh floral and oriental smell that drives men towards you. This is mostly used for casual daytime strolls with your other half. The fresh floral smell shows that you are very open and want to share a meaningful relationship. So if you wan't to attract Mr. Right this is definitely worth looking into.

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If the top 10 rated perfumes for women by men isn't something that really excites you then why not check what else is available.


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