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Top 5 Wedding Dress Designers

Updated on October 11, 2014

Best Wedding Gown Designers

This list is created for you, Bride of the year, looking for a special designer gown. Here you will find my selection of the top 5 wedding dress designers featuring gowns available in the United States.

From classic to contemporary collections showcasing both a couture and a more affordable look, this list will help you understand a little more about the background of each designer and the personality of their work.

In my opinion a the perfect wedding dress is a gown that truly makes you feel like a princess and most importantly the gown that brings to life your best features. Make sure to pick and choose a dress that makes you feel special, comfortable and most importantly a dress that will transcend time. Wedding pictures are eternal!

In this picture I feature a picture of myself on my special day. Hope you guys enjoy the dress and designer I picked! I truly felt like I was the center of world...

In progress: last updated 04/21/13

5. Vera Wang

Vera Wang web site screen shot
Vera Wang web site screen shot

Since 1990 Vera Wang has been one of the leading wedding gown designers in the industry. From couture gowns created for Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton, Chloe Kardashian and many other celebrity names to simple and inexpensive versions created for the main consumer, Vera Wang will simply produce something beautiful for every women.

With stores located all over the world and a special and affordable line, called White by Vera Wang, you can simply find a Vera Wang gown that not only looks stunning but also within your budget.

In this picture we feature a screenshot of the Vera Wang Official site

Monique Lhuillier
Monique Lhuillier

04 - Monique Lhuillier

Known for her sutler, understated, but at the same time luxurious bridal gown, Monique Lhuillier is one of the most prominent designers in this decade. She started her career in 1996 after designing her own weeding dress and since then she has captured the eyes and dressed many celebrities around the world. With gowns ranging from $3.000 to $30.000 you can be sure that you can find a wedding gown that fits within your budget and although her main showroom is located in Beverly Hills, CA; you can always find her great selection of her gowns at Saks and at Neiman Marcus stores.


03. Lazaro Perez

Lazaro Perez is one of the most prominent wedding gown designers of our time. With dresses that are opulent and luxurious, Lazaro is known for a high level of detail that goes into each single gown, such impeccable hand beading and exquisite embroidery. His gowns range from $3.800 to $8.000. Finding his dresses is not that easy for anyone living outside the USA, but for USA costumers you can use the store locator on the Jim Couture web site to find a store near you.

02. Marchesa


Dramatic and whimsical the Marchesa wedding gown are know to complement every woman's silhouette. Her gowns are all about draping and quality fabrics and many celebrities have chosen Marchesa to design their weeding and red carpet gowns. he brand created in 2004 with the partnership of two young designers is known for being fresh, contemporary and glamorous. With a price point above most weeding gown designers, Marquesa is exclusively designing for the elite bride that can afford dresses in between the ranges of $5.000 to $25.000 and can only be found in high end department stores such as Sak's Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus in the US and Harold's in London

01. Oscar de La Renta

Oscar de La Renta Bridal
Oscar de La Renta Bridal

Known as a fashion legend Oscar de La Renta has been creating evening gowns for the most important women in the World and since 2006 he has created his luxurious Bridal collection. Given his wisdom and exquisite reputation in the fashion industry, Oscar the La Rental only works with the finest materials and creates a full range of dresses that will appeal to each single lady in the world. From romantic to glamorous and from simple to very ornate you can find his dress from as low as $3.000 to as high as $29.000

Who is your favorite wedding gown designer?

Who is your favorite wedding gown designer?

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