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Top 10 Weird Celebrity Wedding Gowns

Updated on August 7, 2014

Celebrities are not always able to avoid wedding dress disasters

We expect celebrities to be able to afford stylists and other helpers to make their weddings look picture-perfect. However, when you see the top 10 weirdest celebrity dresses below -- the feeling of horror will take your breath away.

1. Mama June's bridal gown eyesore

In case you did not see it when it aired, Mama June, the mother of reality television star Honey Boo Boo, was decked out in a wedding dress that represented a hunting lifestyle. Alternating hunter's orange cloth with camouflage, this multi-tiered dress was styled for a princess.

2. Emma Thompson's 1980's wedding dress horror

In the 80's, many celebrities thought it was fun to break with tradition and try out new fashion. Regardless of this noble spirit, actress Emma Thompson took this idea in a disastrous direction. Sporting what looks like a hand woven, over-pixelated swatch of floral wallpaper, all you can do after viewing this dress is shake your head in pity.

3. Tina Turner's black and green wedding dress nightmare

Looking like she was about to perform as a villain on a Broadway musical, news of Tina Turner's recent marriage was dwarfed by her questionable fashion choices. The gown she wore at her wedding was poofy and black with olive green highlights.

4. Kate Moss's transparent in the wrong place bridal gown

By far one of the most beautiful women in the world, Kate Moss's wedding dress was almost perfect. If you look at photos, you soon notice that the dress is transparent from the middle of her thighs and down. This creates an unattractive line that, in my opinion, ruins the overall look.

5. Paris Hilton's hideous on-screen bridal costume

When you need a reference for a wedding dress that looks like a little girl's idea of a cool bridal gown, look no further than Paris Hilton. In a movie she did called the "Hottie and the Nottie," she dons a dress that looks like it is an overly-decorated wedding cake.

6. Pamela Anderson's bikini wedding dress

Some brides like a simple dress, but Pamela Anderson went to far when she married Kid Rock. In her eyes, you can get married on the beach with only a white bikini. Although many brides have followed a minimalist approach, I am sure few find a bikini to be the best option for wedding clothes.

7. Elizabeth Taylor's hideous yellow poof bridal gown

Whoever allowed Liz Taylor to get married to Richard Burton in this malaise-based wedding gown should be gossiped about more often. Surely one of the worst criminals in fashion history, the person that told Taylor she looked great in this mustard-colored chiffon gown with no shape should be exposed.

8. Mia Farrow's business suit wedding gown

She was already revered as being feminine, but Mia Farrow went too far with the pill-box hat Jackie O style with her wedding dress. Far from the quaint look that was perfected by Coco Chanel in the 1960's, Farrow's wedding dress looked like a man's business suit in white.

9. Alyssa Milano's almost perfect wedding dress

This actress is always stunning, but the top of her wedding dress is a serious lapse in judgment. To me, it appears that they took a few sheets of paper towels, cinched them, and then called that the top of her wedding dress. No offense, but if I paid good money for that dress and they handed it to me looking like that, I would be demanding a discount.

10. Gwen Stefani's pink dipped bridal gown disaster

You will find that Gwen Stefani's choice in clothing sets the standard for many in the fashion world. Recently, her wedding dress for her marriage to John Galliano was on display in a museum in England. Sadly, I do not understand why this dress would have such acclaim. Personally, when I see that dress and that color of pink, it reminds me of two different references from "Steel Magnolias."

The first reference is how the bride Shelby was obsessed with the two pink colors called blush and bashful (just like Stefani seems to be). The second quote relates to the armadillo-shaped groom's cake that is made with red velvet cake. Ouiser screams, "Blood red! People are going to be hacking into this animal that looks like its bleeding to death." In a perfect world, Shelby would have worn Stefani's blush-and-bashful-colored dress in "Steel Magnolias" - and she would have looked like a bleeding armadillo while she was doing it.


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