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Top 10 Women's Watches

Updated on February 1, 2015

The Top 10 Ladies Timepieces

Looking for the top 10 women's watches for 2014? You can find them showcased here!

This page can help you find a suitable gift for the women in your life. You can choose from dress, casual or luxury.

Whether you are buying one for yourself or for someone else of these will be well appreciated! The ones chosen will be based on recent Amazon sales. Best sellers represent what ladies everywhere like. The ones featured range in price so that there should be something for all budgets.This should be useful for guys who want to impress the woman in their life.

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In my opinion the best women's watch is a black Guess GC ceramic timepiece with diamonds

It can be very difficult to pick a new timepiece but the one I like the best is the one my boyfriend bought for me, and that is a black Guess GC. It is a ceramic watch with diamonds on the dial. I went for one of the smaller faced watches because my wrists are tiny, but you can also chose ones with very large faces.

I have had this for 18 months now and I still wear it all the time. I am careful though and try and ensure that I do not bang it against anything. Most of my friends have complimented it but ran a mile whenever I told them how much I paid for it. My theory is that you get what you pay for. It was a present for my 30th birthday.

Top 10 Women's Dress Watches 2014

Looking for a new dress watch, then you may be interested in the top ones available right now. Basically these are the top sellers and we know top sellers normally mean quality and which are desired by women.

Below you can find some from all price ranges including Michael Kors watches as well as some more expensive brands likeTag Heuer and finally some of the most expensive ever made from Cartier. The majority of these are in silver or gold plated so whatever you choose depends on what you like.

Michael Kors Gold Watch for Women

Michael Kors Golden Runway Watch with Glitz MK5166
Michael Kors Golden Runway Watch with Glitz MK5166

Beautiful gold plated chronograph which features glitz around the bezel. Perfect for women who want a gold timepiece which has a touch of bling.

Amazon rating is 4.6 stars after over 40 reviews. Many reviews have praised the beauty of this watch and the compliments it receives.

This is an excellent women's dress watch which looks as good in the office as at the bar.

Would make a great gift for a fashion conscious women.


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