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Top 25 Woman's Fashion Necessities Under $50

Updated on February 14, 2013


You can find all of the things I am about to list right in Commerce MI exclusivity at POSH by tori BOUTIQUE. We only sell the most unique items from all around the world, you wont find our items at any other store! You have to stop in and check us out.

Nipple Silicone Pad


These are great to wear underneath sheer bras, bathing suits, and that little black dress. The main purpose of them is to be able to go without a bra (if your luck enough) and not have anything exposed. They are a great alternative to other full silicone bras.

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Bandeau Bra


This bra comes in black and white sequins, black and white zebra with lace cross back, or neon pink; purple; and green cheetah print. These guys are perfect for underneath sheer shirts, so no visable straps can be seen. Maybe you have a plain old tee shirt, with these amazing bandeaus you can spice up your outfit!



These cool shades are blinged out around the top of the frames good for an outing with the boyfriend, friends, or a fun day at the beach! We have all different sizes, shapes, and brands. We here at POSH are positive you will find a style to fit your face frame.

Tattooed by Inky perfume


This perfume is called Tattooed by Inky, based off the Ed Hardy perfume. This scent is good for almost ever occasion, you can use it as a daily perfume or for out on the town. Since this perfume has such a unique smell it would be a great gift for someone!

Kenneth Cole travel bag


These bags come in a set of three, the smallest bag is good for small toiletries on a out of town trip, the medium bag is good for your makeup (use as your regular makeup bag or your out of town makeup bag), the large bag would be great for hair products!

Lace back tank top


This racer back tank top has lace down the entire back of it. Awesome for making a statement and looks cute with just about anything! These are my personal favorite item in the store. They are great to wear in the heat of the summer while still looking sexy! We paired this tank with our zebra lave back bandeau and a cute necklace sold here at POSH.

Tanning Lotion


Our lotions are some of the best, you can use them in or out of a tanning bed. Our 40xxx can get you as dark as you want to go. They use only the highest quality ingredients.

Fake nails


Our nailene french finish nails are perfect for that last minute outing, just glue them on and out the door you go looking stunning with salon inspired nails.

Cocktail ring

$12.00 - $26.00

This oversized ring makes any outfit look that much more amazing with a pop of sparkle or bling. These awesome ADJUSTABLE rings make it so you can wear it on any finger!

Two faced bronzer


Our two faced bronzer has one side of a deep rich bronze, and the other size is illuminating powder thats guaranteed to make your face glow.

Compact hair brush


This compact brush has a mirror and a hair brush all in one. It's the awesome accessory for your purse so that touch up for your hair and makeup are easy and quick!

Body Splash


Scented in vanilla blossom or cherry blossom, this cute little set comes in either cheetah or zebra print containers. They smell amazing and would make a great gift.

Three peice bath sponge set


This amazing set comes with a luffah, regular sponge, and an exfoliating sponge, great for everyday exfoliation and pamper.

Bath salts


The bath salts come in XO orange, cinnamon bread, and bavarian cream. They smell exactaly like the real thing, and are great for yourself or as a gift.

Whats your favorite thing at POSH?

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