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Top 5 Pierce The Veil Merch Store Items

Updated on January 10, 2012

What if I can't forget you?

So I figured I'd make an article with my roundup of the five best things on the Pierce The Veil merch store, since the merch stores themselves are pretty bland and never seem to offer much guidance for what you indecisive folk should choose! Whether you end up favouring a super colourful tee or a more rustic American Apparel-kinda tee, there'll hopefully be something you'll like.

I'm not saying my opinion is gonna be the same as yours, and you'll no doubt have completely different favourite Pierce The Veil shirts to me, but so long as we're both reppin' the band, there's no harm done, am I right? :)

So let's get reppin'.

Despite being quite a colourful number, this Pierce The Veil shirt probably marks the middle ground between the most obscene colour explosions and the more refined shirts on the band's merch store.

I'd recommend this shirt if you don't wanna look like too much of a scene kid, but you secretly really dig all that crazy colourful stuff.

As you can see, on a girl these shirts look badass when you buy them in a size that'll be baggy on you so you can rock a pair of skinny jeans or leggings to go underneath! On a dude, if you're particularly skinny a la Vic Fuentes, all you're gonna need to do is roll the sleeves a tiny fraction and boom, instantly the shirt will be a kickass fit.

Tony Perry building a fort

tony perry pierce the veil
tony perry pierce the veil

This is an awesome shirt for any of you crazy boyfriends or girlfriends out there with a tendency to get a little too attached to your other half... But obviously, this shirt is awesome for any Pierce The Veil fan that is more into their blacks and reds rather than the happier colours on the colour wheel. Y'know, with all the knives and blood, and junk?

If you're trying to rock the hardcore goth look, but you secretly enjoy a little Mexicore, this is the shirt for you!

If you like to throw a little classic rock into your musical salad every now and then, this old school inspired Pierce The Veil shirt is gonna be right up your street!

It features some pretty gnarly detailing in general, and artwork that just screams whiskey and fishnets, so be sure to cap them sleeves and wear it under your leather jacket with black skinnies!

Vic Fuentes gets a cramp

This is a shirt that is clearly inspired by the MTV logo, but this time it's mexicore!

Pretty much ideal for both MTV lovers and haters, as you can either point out how cool it is that Pierce The Veil's acronym resembles your favourite channel, or laugh at how lame MTV has gotten and unite with a team of fellow MTV haters!

Vic Fuentes, doing his thang.

Vic fuentes pierce the veil
Vic fuentes pierce the veil

Now, in my opinion, the Pierce the Veil baseball shirts are the sweetest tees they sell with that two-tone awesome colour scheme. And if you do indeed play baseball, what could be better than listening to Pierce The Veil while you bat?

Decorated gloriously with zombie Mike, zombie Jaime, zombie Vic and zombie Tony, this is even an ideal halloween costume. A multi-purpose treat that you just gotta' have!

Tony Perry

pierce the veil tony perry
pierce the veil tony perry

Pierce The Veil Merch!

If you want to take your support for the band to a whole new level, hit up Amazon for some kickass dealios on their tunes.

Get Down to some Pierce The Veil while you shop!

Vic Fuentes, part time cop

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