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Top Advices for Caring for Your Damaged and Tired Feet

Updated on March 30, 2015

Caring for Your Feet Is Just as Important as Caring for Your Face

In our everyday care we are usually paying most of our attention to our face and hands, and often forget about the feet. Because they are not always in full view, we believe that they do not need care as frequently and we take care of our feet mainly in the summer, when they are displayed a lot. We need to start understanding, that caring for our feet regularly does not contribute to their appearance, but is especially important for their health and well being.

We are all familiar with the feeling when, after a long day our feet tired, hot, or even swollen. They should indulge in a soothing and refreshing bath, which contains natural ingredients: plant extracts, essential oils, bath salts. If your feet are neglected for a long period of time, skin becomes dry, rough and hard, especially on the heels and foot sole. Not only that cracked heels are unaesthetic, they are also suitable medium for the fungus, and dry skin is prone to various infections. The skin on our feet contains a very large number of sweat glands, and sweat can not be prevented by washing the feet and change socks. If you don't, you can't avoid an unpleasant smell, which is caused as bacteria normally present on the skin, break down fatty components of sweat. Various baths, creams and sprays have a deodorizing effect on your feet.

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Most Common Problems We Have Concerning Our Legs and Feet:

- odor

- sweaty feet

- tired, sore feet

- dry skin

- hard skin and skin cracks

- fungus

- burning feet

- cold feet

- heavy, tired legs

- brittle nails

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Unpleasant Smell

Unpleasant smell of feet is of course highly undesirable. Unpleasant odor is caused by bacteria that decompose sweat. Just washing your feet is often not sufficient. Using deodorising creams may take care of this problem. Changing your socks regularly also helps.

Excessive Perspiration

Feet that sweat excessively, they can be a serious nuisance. The skin has a reduced ability to protect and therefore more susceptible to infection, as well as becoming an unpleasant appearance. Consequently, it appears the smell of feet. Creams for the feet deodorized, regulate perspiration and strengthen skin.

Tired, sore feet

When everyday activities foot high pass, and usually carried a considerable effort. Prolonged standing tired and causes pain in the feet. In this scourge help soothing and invigorating treatment. Foot Cream invigorate and refresh feet significantly.

Burning Feet

Burdens placed on the foot uncomfortable, burning sensation. The problem is most common during the summer months. Foot Cream and long-term preventive effect of refreshing hot feet.

Do You Have Pedicure Done Regularly?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      From time to time :)

    • Rosaquid profile image

      Rosaquid 5 years ago

      I wish I could!

    • profile image

      marketingtoolsguy 5 years ago

      I don't have a pedicure, but I visited a foot doctor for the first time in my life last week. I particularly like the homemade foot soaks you recommend. My 'dogs' had been aching!