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Top 10 Backpack Reviews 2013

Updated on August 13, 2013

The Perfect Backpack for School or Hiking

Carrying a backpack makes bringing essential belongings with you more convenient. You just sling the straps on your shoulders and you have both hands free to do other stuff. It is probably the most common form of bag seen in many people and sold by many brands. Backpacks ensure that your belongings are securely placed on your back with two straps hanging from both of your shoulders.

Aside from being convenient, backpacks also have health benefits since the weight of your things are evenly distributed in your back. Shoulder bags put weight on one shoulder which can result in levoscoliosis, uneven angle of shoulder blades, in the long run. Such condition can be harmful to your internal organs as it hinders them from functioning properly. Whereas, if you wear a backpack, you know that the weight is evenly distributed across your back which not only prevents such condition but also makes carrying a heavy load easier.

Tips on How to Choose a Backpack

Nowadays, there are a lot of backpacks that you can choose from. Colors, designs, materials, size - there is a variety to overwhelm your senses. Because of the many options, it makes it hard for some people to choose the perfect one for them. So, before making a splurge on a backpack, here are some tips to remember when shopping for backpacks.


It is important to choose the right size of backpack so it doesn't overwhelm your figure yet be able to hold most of your belongings. If you need a good size that you take hiking and camping with you, it is advisable that you get a backpack that is about 55-70 liters (backpacks are measured in liters). This size will be able to hold enough stuff such as clothing items, hygiene stuff and some food that you will need when on a hiking trip. But if you need a backpack for school or for work probably, you might want to measure your torso. Start by locating your c7 vertebra which is the most prominent bone of your spine when you tilt your head down and the end of your spine near your hips.

Ask a friend to take a measuring tape and measure the length from your c7 vertebra to the end of your size. The measurement you got will determine the size of the backpack you might want to get. If you measured about 15 inches, an extra small size will do. From 16-17 inches a small size will do. From 18-19 inches a medium size will do. And, 20 inches above a large size will do.

  1. Accessibility

    How accessible your belongings are in your backpack is also an important consideration. Most of the time, when you go camping or hiking most especially, you tend to jam all your things on top of each other for all of it to fit inside your back. But when the time comes that you need something inside your pack and remember that you placed it beneath every other stuff you brought, you need to unload everything inside your pack. There is nothing more frustrating that having to load and unload your stuff all the time just to have access to little things that you need. This is why a side access backpack is more convenient. You don't have to unload your pack constantly to find important stuff that you placed underneath because the side access provides you access to things sideways. Now you can see even stuff you hid below all your stuff.

  2. Adjustable Straps

    Looking for a backpack with adjustable straps is important especially when the wearer is still in his growth period (your child, perhaps). The adjustable straps make the backpack a great investment piece since it can accommodate different lengths of the torso. Once your child grows to a certain length, he may not be able to wear anymore the backpack you once bought for him since it will hardly fit anymore. This is why having an adjustable strap is better than a fixed one.

  3. Cost

    It is important to consider the cost so you prevent yourself from buying one that is out of your rice range. Most good quality backpacks range from $50 to hundreds of dollars even thousands for designer brands. Don’t go for super inexpensive backpacks unless you intend in using it for a short period of time only. Look for brands that are known to produce great quality bags with prices that are within your budget.

  4. Hydration Reservoir or Water Bottle Holster

    This is an important feature to look in backpacks especially if you intend to use the bag for hiking and camping purposes. This feature will help keep you hydrated by offering a place for you water bottle or water jug to stay secured. Such features should also be placed in an accessible place so you can easily get your water bottle when you need to.

  5. Daypack Conversion

    This may not be an important feature to look for in backpacks as the other mentioned above but it is helpful if your backpack has this. The front pocket of your backpack should be turned into a small daypack or fanny pack you can tie securely around your waist. This is helpful when you are settled in a base camp and you don’t have to bring your entire belongings during the day when you go hiking. This can easily hold all your essentials for the short trip such as water and a few snacks and some towel too or tissue.

The Top 10 Backpacks Reviewed

This backpack is known for its modern and sporty features that are perfect for students and athletes who love to work out after. It has a large compartment inside to perfectly fit your gym clothes and other essential items. There are also a handful of other smaller compartments inside to sung-fit your MP3 player with a headphone port, mesh pocket which serves as an interior organizer, pockets to hold your pens as well as a key fob that is removable. These features are just some of the many reasons why people were very happy to purchase this bag.

Durability is no question in this bag. It is made form 600-denier duralite material which makes it a durable backpack. The straps are also perfectly cushioned so it doesn't hurt and rub frequently across your shoulder blades especially on long hikes. If there is one thing that people don't like about this product it is the padding on the back. One customer testified that it feels wrapped with cheap plastic material. Nevertheless, the High Sierra Loop Backpack is one of the best backpacks to take to the gym or even hiking with its large compartment and durable material.

Jansport is a world-renowned brand of backpacks. Hearing the brand alone, you know you're getting a good backpack. This backpack has a classic design and color that will perfectly match any occasion and purpose. It has a single large main compartment where you can stack up most of your belongings in. It also has a small front pocket which also serves as an organizer. Not only is this backpack large enough to fit most of your things but it is also very durable and comfortable to carry around with you. It is made of 600-denier polyester material which makes it water-proof and durable. The straps are well padded and cushioned as well as the back with 2/3 padding for extra comfort when wearing it.

One of the main reasons why many people loved this backpack so much is because it stands the test of time. One customer attests to its durability owning the backpack for more than ten years and still very usable and in good condition. The only problem customers have with this bag is the lining beneath since it can easily get stained especially if you like placing your bag on the ground.

It has a 2100 cubic inch capacity that can definitely hold all of your school essentials including a laptop. The large compartment can easily hold your large textbooks, binders and other big school stuff. There are also two front pockets which serves as you organizer for storing smaller school stuff such as pens, calculator and sticky notes or your gadgets such as an MP3 player and an external hard drive. The straps are curved in an ergonomic S-shape to relieve the shoulder blades of stress. The shape is designed to contour the upper part of your torso to evenly disperse the weight across and improve air circulation to let your skin breath.

One of the reasons why people like this backpack is because of the smaller compartments. A Jansport bag can be a bottomless pit and finding small objects such as a loose change or pens can be hard. This is the purpose of the smaller compartments - to help you find small items amidst the large items you have inside. But some people were disappointed with buying online as the colors of the bag differ in person. Other than that, the bag was a great purchase for most people.

This is the backpack you will want to have when you need to carry with you your laptop all the time. It has a distinctive swerve back design perfectly contouring the shape of your back so you stay with the correct posture even when carrying a heavy object inside. It has a padded computer sleeve that protects and secures your laptop all the time no matter the impact or force your backpack is subjected to. It also contains multiple compartments for storage and an easy access media pouch for storing your cellphones or even a PDA and an MP3 player. The shoulder strap is also in S-shape for better ventilation and distribution of weight. The straps are made from Vapel mesh to keep you feeling cool despite the intense heat.

Customers were glad to have found this bag as it easily carries all their essentials inside. It has too many to mention small compartments inside for storing all your knickknacks and other small items. If there is one thing that people dislike about this backpack is the Vapel mesh added on the back. As testified by one customer, polo's and other fabrics twill badly after rubbing against the mesh.

The large 1800 cubic inches capacity of this bag makes it the perfect school bag for students and the best companion of employees commuting. It was designed to provide comfort for users even when they are constantly in motion. The entire back part of this bag is fully padded to prevent your belongings inside from pinching our bag while you're moving. The shoulder straps are designed with an ergonomic AirCore technology that allows you to keep your skin well ventilated and evenly distributes weight across your shoulder blades. The large main compartment can carry all your bulky items including textbooks, a laptop and can even fit some gym clothes inside. It is made with 600 denier polyester with 420 denier velocity nylon for superb durability.

Many people say this is the best backpack they have ever had yet as it can perfectly fit everything that they need. From a laptop to ipad with binders, notebooks and textbooks - everything fits perfectly. But some customers feel the laptop padding feature a bit inadequate - not providing enough cushioning for the laptop to be protected.

It is described by the company as the best backpack for people who are always on the move. With the many compartments this backpack holds, it is indeed the perfect companion for people on the move. The compartments can carry your bigger stuff such as a laptop, textbooks and gym clothes while the smaller compartments can carry smaller stuff such as pens, socks, MP3 player and many others. The padded Cushion Zone protects and secures your laptop with a size of up to 17 inches. It also has S-shaped straps for even distribution of weight with Vapel mesh for better ventilation. It also has added features such as the tuck-away waist belt and the tuck-away rain cover.

People were happy with purchasing this as it has enough room for all their belongings to fit and be secured. Despite the material not being waterproof, it has the tuck-away rain cover which makes up for it in protecting the bag from precipitation. If there is one thing that people would like to add, it is a waterproof bottom so when you accidentally put your bag in a wet ground, it won't soak and wet your stuff inside.

Many students say that this backpack is the best laptop they can ever bring to school. There are a bunch of compartments they were able to sue to store most of their essential items in school. It has one large compartment for storing laptop and textbooks with a bunch of smaller compartments to put your pens, loose change, cellphone and MP3 player and a whole lot more. The main compartment even has vertical dividers to ensure everything you stash inside is well-organized. Comfort is also not an issue since the back and the straps are well padded to make carrying heavy objects easier. And the best thing that they loved about this product is the price. For only $50, they were able to afford a great backpack that is not only of good quality but very comfortable as well.

If there is one they would appreciate be improved in this bag is the padding of the laptop sleeve. The padding is a bit too thin to protect the laptop from hard falls. But, this bag still has a ton of features that thin laptop padding can be overlooked.

If you haven't noticed yet, Sierra is one of the best companies to create durable, convenient and comfortable backpacks there is. This other model of backpack combines functionality with style. The smooth and sweeping lines create a sleek effect for people with contemporary style. The large main compartment can easily fit most of your bigger stuff and the smaller zipper compartment in the front organizes all your smaller stuff. There is also a mesh compartment organizer inside which can perfectly hold your pens and make them stay there. The back panel is well padded to provide utmost comfort. The straps are also in S-shape perfectly padded to make carrying heavy objects comfortable.

People were happy to find this backpack as it is the epitome of style and functionality. Customers were happy to find a variety of colors that they can choose from. But durability and functionality were never sacrificed as it can hold a lot of items inside without ripping. But some customers feel the size of this backpack too small for most laptops and textbooks. Nonetheless, it was still a good deal with an inexpensive price and durability.

The perfect bag designed for school wear. It has a decent enough size to fit most school items including textbooks, notebooks, binders and other small items. This multi-compartment backpack has an organizer to keep smaller things organized and safe as well as compression straps that can hold heavy loads. There is also a zipper compartment in front for things that you need easy access of all the time such as keys and you cellphone. It also has the popular S-shape straps of many High Sierra backpacks for better weight distribution across your shoulder blades. It also has the Vapel mesh material for better ventilation when wearing your backpack.

Customers were happy with this backpack because it has room enough to fit school essentials. But despite the roomy feature, it is not too bulky for people to carry in their backs. But some people who have far too many to carry to school find the size a bit small which makes it hard to zip up when overstuffed.

If you find the other backpacks mentioned too big for you, this is the perfect backpack to get. But it can accommodate up to 15.4 inches of laptop or notebook inside it along with other smaller school essentials. It is made from durable polyester material for better protection of your belongings. It also has a soft touch lining to provide better protection and support for your items. It comes in five different color combinations that will surely illuminate from the sea of backpacks. There is also a headphone grommet in the backpack so you have easy access to your MP3 player whenever you want to listen to some of your tunes.

It may be a slim and smaller backpack compared to many other mentioned but people were still drawn to this bag because of that feature. Plus, the fact that the bag alone does not weigh too much makes this a great backpack as it doesn't add weight on your shoulders. It is also well padded on the back panel as well as the straps. If there is one thing that people dislike about this backpack it is the fact that there are too many unnecessary compartments inside.

Parting Words

Finding the perfect backpack for your needs that will match your size and style should not be hard anymore. The backpacks listed above can already give you an insight as to which backpacks might be able to deliver to what you need. No matter how small or large the size of the backpack that you want, there is one that you will be able to get. Just remember the tips for choosing the perfect backpack so you get the one that you will be happy about.

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      Nice lens. Informative and focused on topic. Thumbs up!

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      Useful information. Thanks for posting!

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      Hi Halim, I also from Malaysia. Your lens is really great.

      Selamat Hari Raya!!!


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