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Top Rated Self Tanners

Updated on January 26, 2013

The Best Self Tanners

Are you looking for the best self tanners? I have researched the top rated self tanners and you can find them right here! To get the best tan all year around you will need to use a quality self tanner. Finding a good one is the problem.

Find out why customers love these self tanners and why you should use the best self tanners right here.

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How To Apply Self Tanner


Self Tanning Application Steps

Finding a good self tanner that will not turn you orange or streak is hard to find. Using a self tanner is a good alternative to the sun, you get a great tan without the harmful rays of over exposure to the sun. I have done some research and found that these self tanners are the best rated tanners by customers who have tried them, and have rated their performance. A good self tanner

should not leave you with an orange color, and should not streak. Application is the key and of course a good quality product. But, in order to get a great looking tan you will need to take some steps to make sure your tan looks natural. Even the best self tanner needs a little bit of help from you.

What to do to prepare your skin for application of the self tanner:

Step one - Exfoliate! Use a really good exfoliator before you use a self tanner. I recommend using a good body scrub that you rub on your skin dry (preferably in the shower right before you turn on the water) make sure you scrub your elbows and knees because they really accumulate dry dead skin, and a self tanner will look darker on those areas if they are not properly exfoliated. Proceed with showering.

Step two - Apply the self tanner to your body. Use gloves when applying and for the hard to reach areas, use an applicator especially made to get the hard to reach areas. Make sure you rub the product in very well. Now remove your gloves and wash your hands. Yes, even if you wore gloves during application you want to make sure you didn't get any on your hands. That can be really embarrassing if you get it on your hands.

Step three- Make sure the self tanner is dry before you put your clothes on. So, planning ahead would be best. Make sure you have an hour to apply and dry.

Self Tanning Applicator - Self tanning applicators help you reach those hard to reach places.

Best Body Scrubs - These body scrubs should be used before self tanner application

The Best Gradual Tanning Moisturizers

If you don't mind waiting for a tan. And, you don't need it right away. I recommend trying these effective gradual tanning moisturizers. It will take a few weeks to see some color from these gradual self tanners but they moisturize your skin and look a little more natural.


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