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Top Stitching Techniques For Clothing | Decorate Clothes With Top Stitch Thread

Updated on August 4, 2012

Transform Garments With Interesting Top Stitching Thread

Top stitching technique is used to decorate garments in dressmaking. This is a more advanced sewing method that is used by professional dressmakers to finish the seams and edges of clothing. Top stitching is mainly done with thread.

Just any thread will do, but to make the embellished thread more visible, choose a contrasting thread color to the garment or any thread that is not the same color as the base fabric.

Many dressmakers use thread that is a bit thicker either of the same color as the apparel or different thread that is thicker. There are some colorful threads that goes with certain fabric colors.

White thread top stitching can be used to stitch an indigo blue fabric. A dressmaker can turn an ordinary clothing into a very beautiful clothe by combining two different threads such as using different threads in the upper needle and bobbin to create emphasis on garment with the stitches.

The dressmaker should first know that the garment she is to make will require topstitching, before the cutting and stitching of the clothing. It is better to plan ahead which top stitching technique that you will be using to sew. There are two main types of top stitching method that anyone can use to create interesting clothes, such as zigzag stitch and straight stitch.

Top Stitching Tips And Tricks

  • Use other ready to wear clothing that has top-stitching on them to boost your inspiration.
  • Keep practicing to improve on your topstitching techniques
  • Fabrics such as most textured fabrics do not top stitch well

Parts Of Clothing That Require Top Stitching

There are some parts of clothing that will really need top stitching on it to look finish. These are some parts of clothes that will look really fabulous with topstitching on them, pockets, seams, clothing collars, belts, sleeves, revers, yokes, tabs plus others.

Garments such as raincoats, tweed coats, or some suits will not look finish without top stitch.Top stitching method can also be used to stitch motifs on a variety of clothing type such as top stitching a black blouse with white thread, black stitching can also be used on a cream color garment. You can use topstitching on virtually any clothe.

The main purpose of using top stitch is to make seams look flat especially on cotton or heavy linens. White thread top stitching also go with black velvet dress. Red thread top stitch on a black and white stripes blouse. You can also stiffen bands on clothing by stitching many rows of threads as top stitch.

Ideas For TopStitching Clothing

  • First, you are going to make out time to practice topstitching
  • Make sure you top stitch the part of the clothes you want first before attaching it to the rest of the garment.
  • If you want to top stitch the seams, make sure that you press them flat, to make it easy to top-stitch.
  • You can use top stitching to hold pleats in clothes

Types Of Top-stitching Methods

Many dressmakers used machine embroidery threads for top-stitching as it gives a more shiny and smooth finish. Pure silk thread is also recommended to use for topstitching garments.

Zigzag Stitch For Top Stitching

You can use zigzag stitch to create your own fashion statement irrespective of the fashion trend. You can use any fabric texture, combination of colorful threads and the thread thickness to create a variety of decorative effects on a particular garment.

Straight Stitch For Top Stitching

Straight stitch is the most used for top-stitching as you can use different colors, stitch lengths and fabric to create a glamorous fashion look.

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