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Top Modest Swimsuits

Updated on September 28, 2015

Swimsuits For All

The new trend in swimwear for 2012 is to wear chic one piece bathing suits for many years it was hard to find full coverage swim suit.

Once getting a suit like this was like finding a diamond in a sea of glass, but now many companies are taking notice of what we women want and are making new classic suits for a public that doesn't want to show off all of their assets, but still look awesomely pretty and cool.

There is in most cases a full range of sizes and all kinds of types of bathing suits.

None of us take our modest suits with us everywhere we go like my drawing of this mermaid, but I will do my best to help you find the perfect suit for you. I drew this picture a very long time ago for my sister.

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Seafolly Women's Tea Rose Maillot

This is a wonderfully sweat foral print bathing suit with a zipper down the front. It also has detatchable straps, that can be added if you feel more safe having them. It shows very little clevage and bottom is not cute too high.

Isis Ruched Wire-free Tankini Swimwear Top

This is one of many Tankini tops that can be paired with any number of Tankine tops and bottoms for new and chic looks. You can wear this with a skirt one day and wear in with a normal bottom the next time you go swimming.

Elomi Womens Essentials Ruched Wirefree Tankini Top, 26, Black
Elomi Womens Essentials Ruched Wirefree Tankini Top, 26, Black

I love this top, the way it is cute it has a slimming effect and will look great on most full figure frames.


Magicsuit Magic Solids High Waist Bottom

This is for woman who want the freedom and a two peice, but still want the full coverage of a one peice. This is designed to go with a black tankini, but really you can pare it with any tankini, even wild patterns. You can even buy a few peices and mix and match them so you can have several different looks.

Speedo Womens Solid Piped Swim Dress Swimsuit

This suit that almost looks like a tennis outfit comes in five colors, bright pink, medium blue, navy blue, plum purple and black. This comes in sizes 6-18, but not all colors come in all sizes. Like the purple doesn't come in a 14, so I can't buy this suit.

Kenneth Cole Women's Flor-e-scent One Piece

This is a one shoulder cute bathing suit with flower like pedals along the neck line and one shoulder. This suit also comes in a chic black color.

This last year I was commissioned the task of finding my mother a nice brightly coloured well covered bathing suit. I read dozens of reviews of a half dozen swimsuits and I came across the complaint that the skirt on the suit was way too long, I knew I had found the suit for my mother. It had two black slimming panels and a bright floral design in the middle and was only 29.99 on I also found a rather good selection at The Burlington Coat Factory.

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    • Diva2Mom profile image

      Diva2Mom 5 years ago

      Great selection of one-piece suits! Being an islander who loves to surf and swim, I usually like to wear 2 piece, but there are some days that I find comfort in wearing one-piece, and if I'm up for that, I'll choose you Noeme WomenBlue piece, very flattering to my shape I think, not too sexy, but kinda chic n' trendy and it looks comfy. Great job selecting the top 10...I also love your cover ups. I love to wear Sarongs, very feminine :). Fabulous lens! God bless you sweet Stacy!

    • malena10 profile image

      malena10 5 years ago

      Some really attractive models :)