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Top Ten Reasons to Get Your Hair Relaxer Done at Nina's Hair Care Salon Service Flint Michigan

Updated on February 22, 2015

Relaxers are okay! Call 810-449-2943 for an appointment!

If you are trying to find a hairdresser who can do a relaxer, aka a perm , then you have come to the right place. Properly applied relaxers can provide incredible flexibility in style and manageability. Assuming a competent stylist provides the hair service, relaxed hair can be healthy and vibrant and will grow.

Hair education and maintenance is key in maintaining healthy hair. I will help you keep your hair properly conditioned and styled

Below are my Top Ten Reasons for you to get your relaxer done by me. Call Nina's Hair Care Salon Service in Flint Michigan at 810-449-2943.

Nina's Relaxer Re-touch on Long Hair

Nina's Relaxer-Retouch
Nina's Relaxer-Retouch

Relaxer, Cut, Style

Relaxer, Cut, Style
Relaxer, Cut, Style

Why I like doing Relaxers

Where is Nina located?

Relaxed Hairstyle-Flip - 50% Gray, Salt and Pepper

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Healthy Natural and Permed Hair

Top 10
10Get your relaxer done at Nina's Black Hair Salon Service in Flint, MI because REFERENCES ARE AVAILABLE.
See what these satisfied clients have to say.Give me a call or click to check out my reviews.

Top 10
9Get your relaxer done at Nina's in Flint, MI in a neat clean environment.
You will experience a warm welcome and quality service when you visit. You will be pampered and your hair will be infused with nutrients that strengthen and fortify. Relax knowing that your hair is being serviced by a professional. who is skilled in applying relaxers, styling and more.

Top 10
8Get your relaxer done at Nina's in Flint, MI who is near your neighborhood.
Get an early morning or evening appointment. You will have a short drive and you can avoid the traffic that often accompanies expressway travel on South I-75. I am located at

G-3467 Flushing Rd

Flint MI 48504



Top 10
7Get your relaxer done by Nina in Flint, MI and UNDERSTAND

Easy hair care is good. Easy, healthy hair care is even better. Often a few simple things are needed to maintain hair that has been relaxed. I advise clients to wear satin on the hair when sleeping to avoid breakage. I also highly recommend that anyone who has a relaxer obtain a deep condition at least every two weeks. Relaxed hair needs nutrients replenished regularly . If one is attending an event, I may recommend products to help maintain the style. Other actions might be advised based upon the client's specific situation.

Madam C.J. Walker, one of the first African American millionaires, focused on a healthy scalp.

Madam C.J. Walker: Entrepreneur (Black Americans of Achievement)
Madam C.J. Walker: Entrepreneur (Black Americans of Achievement)

Madam C.J. Walker was inspired to do hair because she wanted to help eradicate scalp disease. In her day, there was no indoor plumbing and people washed their hair about once per month. With Madam C. J. Walker's help, African Americans began to place high priority on personal hygiene, especially healthy hair and scalp.

Cornrows by Nina
Cornrows by Nina

Top 10
6Get your relaxer done at Nina's and
If you are reading this and your child is in need of a relaxer or some other hair service, call 810-449-2943 for an appointment. I have four children including three girls. For many years I combed hair for girls and then I went to school for it. For children, variety is the spice of life. Throughout my experience I have had a number of children as clients. I do styles that children enjoy: braids, twists, ponytails, press and curl, haircuts, etc. If you are making an appointment for yourself, schedule your child on the same day for added convenience.

Learn How To Wrap Your Hair With This Video!

I can't vouch for the products mentioned in the video. Yet, her wrapping technique will work.

Top 10
5Get your relaxer done with Nina and

A relaxer restructures the curl pattern in the hair. Good conditioners are critical to maintaining relaxed hair. I strongly recommend that anyone who has a relaxer obtain a deep conditioner at least every two weeks. Appropriate conditioners will restore nutrients that have been lost and help to keep hair strong and vibrant.

Top 10
4Get your relaxer done at Nina's in Flint, MI and RECEIVE A CONSULTATION.
Each new client who schedules an appointment for a relaxer will receive a personal consultation so that I understand the client's hair history and hair preferences. From there, communication is ongoing so that the client's hair needs are met.

Top 10
3Get your relaxer done at Nina's and STAY ON SCHEDULE.
I understand the busy schedules today and do my best to properly schedule clients. My goal is to get my clients in and out so they can look great and get on with the rest of their day.

Top 10
I service black hair, biracial hair, caucasian hair, or any kind of hair. My passion for hair care motivates me to do my best, creative work. Whether your hair is kinky, curly, straight, oily or dry, I will evaluate your hair and provide the best hair care for you. If you need a relaxer, rest assured that your application will be done by a licensed, experienced, creative professional.

Top 10
1Get your relaxer done at Nina's in Flint, MI and GET YOUR HAIR STRAIGHT!
I have fourteen years experience, with an extensive amount of experience doing black hair in Flint, Michigan. Relaxers are one of the services that I enjoy doing the most. I offer current hair care and the latest styles. I help you learn to PROPERLY care for your relaxed hair. I enjoy seeing the hair transform from tight curls (or coils) to smooth strands that can be styled in many different ways. You will have a number of style choices to align with your lifestyle needs.

Relaxed or Natural?

One major debate in the African American hair community is whether one should get a relaxer or merely wear one's natural hair.

With a relaxer, hair is more manageable and there is high style flexibility. If the hair gets wet it remains straight and will dry relatively straight.

Natural hair is chemical free. In most cases, the hair is naturally kinky/curly. Natural hair tangles faster and dries out quickly.

Is it better for African Americans to get a relaxer or wear their natural hair?

Do you have any funny relaxer stories?

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