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Traditional Indian Silver Gemstone Jewellery

Updated on April 26, 2014

Handmade Indian Silver Gemstone Jewellery

Ankle Jewelry Sterling Silver Anklets from India

The ankles and feet. Like all other parts of the body are extensively decorated. A large variety of rings, usually known as angushtha are worn on the feet. One type, especially popular in Rajasthan, is made of hemispherical forms joined with globular bells.

Woman foot jewelry is a great fashion statement. Read about jewelry for your feet and anklets and toe ring for women. Paradoxically, the feet are considered to be the most polluted part of the human body and at the same time, the object of highest admiration and veneration.

Armlet Silver Handcrafted Upper Arm Jewelry

Armlet is an ornament that is usually worn around the arm, especially the upper arm. In India, armlets are popularly known as `Baju Bandh`. In Rajasthan, the upper arm jewellery is an essential part of the marriage jewellery..

Back Belly Chain, Waist Jewelry in Sterling Silver

A belly chain or waist chain is a type of body jewelry worn around the waist. Some belly chains attach to a navel piercing; these are also called "pierced belly chains". They are often made of silver or gold. Sometimes a thread is used around waist instead of a chain.....

Cubic Zircon Costume Jewelry, Artificial Jewelry Online

Costume jewelry is essentially a 20th-century term for jewelry made form non-precious materials, such as imitation gemstones and faux pearls, set in silver or inexpensive base metals. In fact, however, early costume jewelry dates back thousands of years and many pieces incorporate semi-precious stones.....

Earrings, Dangle Earrings and Studs in Sterling Silver

Earrings and Ear Ornaments are worn through holes pierced in any of the external parts of the ear. Piercing is the only indigenous Indian system to hold ear ornaments. Studs can be attached to any part of the year, but especially the helix, tragus and lobe; the shank passes through the ear and...

Handmade Indian Fashion Jewelry
Handmade Indian Fashion Jewelry

Handmade Indian Fashion Jewelry

Designer Indian Silver Jewelry Online

Pure Silver is too soft to withstand hammering. To provide it with more strength, it is generally alloyed with copper. The proportion differs according to the requirements of the objects that are to be made. Silversmiths have been important members of village communities form time immemorial. Besides silver, they make jewelry or ornaments....

Sterling Silver Rings, Finger Jewelry

There are hardly any people in the world who do not wear finger rings. In India, besides finger rings, there has been custom of wearing thumb rings too. Mudra and angushthi, the two Sanskrit words for ring stand for seal and thumb ring respectively. Today, the Hindi word anguthi is commonly used for finger ring but originally it stood for thumb ring. Mudra or mudrika is...

Designer Gemstone Jewelry, Gem Beads, Semi Precious Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry pieces have a classic look that adds something extra to your unique fashion. It can change an entire outfit by transforming something dull into something noticeable and vibrant. Gem stone pieces are worn by both women and men. Anything from stud earrings to an engagement ring or...

Enamel Bangle Bracelet, Sterling Silver Bangle Set

Besides being the mark of a married woman, bangles in India have a tremendous amorous and romantic connotation. In classical Indian poetry, a woman's pining for union with her husband or lover, is indicated by the bangles slipping from her wrist due to her becoming thin in the agony of separation from him. This Indian style bangle jewelry...

Gemstones, Gem Set, Healing Beads

Gemstones are used with exceptional beauty in Indian jewelry. The very concept of a 'maharaja' conjures up images of a rotund royal, adorned in silk and decorated with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other glittering gems. Indeed, India has always been obsessed with the beauty of gemstones.....

Handmade Wooden Jewelry Box, Keepsake Boxes or Storage Boxes

A jewelry armoire or Jewelry Box is the perfect companion for your beautiful jewelry. It's the perfect home for storing those heirlooms and priceless pieces as well as your favorite fashion and costume jewelry. You can even tuck a few small trinkets in there for safe keeping. If you are really yearning to stand out of the crowd and present a memorable gift.

Ethnic Indian Silver Jewelry for Fashion

Ethnic Indian Silver Jewelry for Fashion
Ethnic Indian Silver Jewelry for Fashion

Silver Bangle Charm Bracelet, Bangle Bracelet Set

Bangle bracelets come in different styles and designs. There are designs that have clasps and there are designs that allow you to simply and easily slip your wrist through. There are wide silver bangles, and there are also thin bangles. Sterling silver bangle bracelets are..

Silver Gemstone Bracelets in Different Styles

Wrist ornaments or bracelets exist in enormous variety all over India. Rigid penannular bracelets of circular or ovoid form, which are cast or forged with animal-head terminals, are an extremely archaic type. Unlike bangles, they have an opening to facilitate putting them on and taking them off. Bracelets made of a flat metal band...

Silver Gemstone Pendant, Locket and Amulets from India

An Amulet/Good Luck Charm meaning "an object that protects a person from trouble", is a close cousin of the Talisman, from the Greek, which means "To initiate into the mysteries", consists of any object intended to bring Good Luck and/or protection to its owner. Amulet has a huge range of silver jewellery, both contemporary and classic. Birthstones and many semiprecious stones are...

Sterling Silver Charm Necklace with Gemstone and Beads

Necklace is the very important part of Women's Jewelry. Necklaces have always been especially popular because they are worn as an adjunct to the face and contribute much to concepts of facial beauty. They are found in a staggering assortment of forms, styles and materials. The most ephemeral, and arguably the earliest to be devised by man, is the ubiquitous Indian garland..

Designer Gem Beads, Semi Precious Stones Jewelry
Designer Gem Beads, Semi Precious Stones Jewelry

Designer Gem Beads, Semi Precious Stones Jewelry

Designer Gem Beads, Semi Precious stones and gems of great beauty are used in the crowns of kings, queens, and religious leaders for the same purpose of charging them as a battery. These leaders were believed to be symbols of divinity on earth. The Tibetan Buddhist believes in five sacred stones: the crystal for light; the turquoise for infinity of sea and sky; the coral for life and form; gold for the golden ray of the sun; and silver for the light of the moon. Amber and the carnelian are often used in their jewelry or charm boxes. The American Indian also has great reverence for these stones. The turquoise is worn for protection and is believed to hold the atmosphere of the world. The coral is worn for life and blood force. It is amazing to me that these two cultures (the Tibetan and the American Indian), which are located so far from each other, have so many of the same customs. They both respect and love the earth. They are connected to the magic and power of everything that is alive, knowing that everything has a soul and a vibration. They believe and trust that the elements in nature are our ancestors, and that they should be consulted for advice.

Indian Silver Bangle Bracelets
Indian Silver Bangle Bracelets

Indian Fashion Jewellery Bangle Bracelets

India has the longest continuous legacy of fashion and costume jewellery making anywhere since Ramayana and Mahabharata times. One of the first to start jewellery making were the peoples of the Indus Valley Civilization (encompassing present-day Pakistan and northwest India). Before 2100 BC, prior to the period when metals were widely used, the largest jewellery trade in the Indus Valley region was the bead trade. Beads in the Indus Valley were made using simple techniques. First, a bead maker would need a rough stone, which would be bought from an eastern stone trader. The stone would then be placed into a hot oven where it would be heated until it turned deep red, a colour highly prized by people of the Indus Valley. The red stone would then be chipped to the right size and a hole bored through it with primitive drills. The beads were then polished. Some beads were also painted with designs. This art form was often passed down through family. Children of bead makers often learned how to work beads from a young age.

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