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Treatment For Gray Hair Using Natural Remedies

Updated on May 10, 2013
John Stewart with gray hair.
John Stewart with gray hair.

For many people gray hair may sound worrying around the world but to some they may enjoy them due to the status associated with them. This condition has always been termed normal by health care experts around the world however, there have been several causes. Before treatment for gray hair it is necessary to understand these causes so as to prevent any of them recurring in future periods.

This condition in early days used to signify attainment of some certain age sets and groups for many people around the world. It did not become a problem at all but nowadays even young people get such type of colors easily. Due to this however, the treatment has become necessary so that the rightful features are retained by any individual within a given set up.

What Causes Gray Hair?

It is important to be aware of the main causes of such an occurrence and preventative measures that can assist to avoid that. Many men want to know how to stop their premature grey hair, and it is possible! But each one of them must understand the main causes and take the required actions to prevent or reduce that. There are various suggestions that can be helpful and bring positive results. It is needed to determine the best one.

One major cause of this condition around the world is lower levels of melanin so that the follicle no longer adds color to hair. During the growth of the hair it usually a common to have that normal black color in it. But with the absence of melanin it is difficult to match the needs now that the pace of growth does not match melanin manufacture.

Some causes however, may include stress and tension which comes up due to interacting in the wrong manner within the society. Others may develop due to uses of some drugs which may have some strong effects that will affect their hair and growth. Additionally some people at times may be affected by smoking of cigars; presence of given illnesses also could be another cause.

Thus the right lifestyle plays an essential role in such a process. If you change it, you are able to change the way you look. Therefore, you need to reduce stress and stop smoking.

Ways to Treat Gray Hair

Treatment for gray hair can be done by using a number of ways and products proven by the past patients. Temporary cases may be assisted by using cosmetic method such as dyeing and coloring even though they will not last long in use. If any wet material comes into contact with dye and colors, then their functioning ability are surely disrupted totally leading to poor results.

Artificial procedures of getting desired colors have proved to be difficult to work with and natural methods are becoming desirable. This type may take long to respond and show results but users need to follow procedures in using them. It may take even up to months before they show desired results, and patience is needed into meeting overall objectives.

Anti Grey Hair Products

Anti-Gray Hair 7050 60 Capsules Per Bottle (1 Bottle)
Anti-Gray Hair 7050 60 Capsules Per Bottle (1 Bottle)

Contains enzyme Catalase, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, Biotin, and Horsetail.


Home Remedies: Curd

Use of curd has been tried in the world 100 grams together with one gram of black pepper is added to it. The two are mixed well then applied well to the part of the hair including the scalp since it treats them both. After about one hour the applied area is cleaned using warm water and applying some shampoo to it; the procedure is repeated every week.

Some benefits of above method include making the hair very soft and black apart from removing all dandruff. However, those people who keep the procedure once a week will always delay any form of grayness to other days of their lives. One caution with mentioned method is that people who are affected by frequent colds and coughs should avoid them because it makes the situation worse.

Home Remedies: Sesame Oil

Sesame oil and olive can also be used in this process but their mixture should not be very extreme. A fair normal application will be made in intervals during the period specified so that it brings about desired results. Benefits such as avoiding gray color and preventing them from falling are the major ones.

Home Remedies: Mango Seeds and Gooseberries

Some other people may prefer to use mango seeds and gooseberries; a paste of the two is made and then applied gently. Regular intervals will bring about good results until the condition turns to a normal one. Tea leaves are another method; they should be boiled in water then strained after which it is mixed with some salt when cold then applied.

Home Remedies: Henna

Additionally, paste of henna can be used however its preparation should be done on an iron vessel then left for at least twelve hours. Some amount of walnut pulp should be added after twelve hours; this mixture is better left out during the night and used in the morning. After application it is left to dry out them water is used to wash them off.

People with fear of getting this condition should be able to finds ways of preventing them around the world. This will assist them as costs associated with treatment for gray hair at times may become so huge especially if the wrong methods are used. Taking good care of the body, improving eating habits and also sleeping habits are just some of the controls needed.

Recommended Book on Reversing Gray Hair Naturally

You can learn here to understand how to reverse grey hair naturally using an easy fool-proof technique. This is really important for you who do not want to look much older than you really are. Getting back your original hair color back is not that difficult. All the information you need is contained in the book “Gray Hair No More“.

Recommended Book for You Who Want to Live with Your Gray Hair

Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Really Matters
Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Really Matters

Going Gray is Kreamer's exploration of that experience, and a frank, warm and funny investigation of aging as a female obsession. Through interviews, field experiments, and her own everywoman's chronicle, Kreamer probes the issues behind two of the biggest fears aging women face: Can I be sexually attractive as a gray-haired, middle-aged woman? and Will I be discriminated against in the work world? Her answers will surprise you.


Top 5 Handsome Men with Cool Gray Hair

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper
Eric Dane
Eric Dane
George Clooney
George Clooney
Matt Leblanc
Matt Leblanc
Robin van Persie
Robin van Persie


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