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Trendiest items list (summer 2012) for fashion loving ladies

Updated on July 11, 2012

Fashion is a very fun topic for many women. Designers release new items every season to capture the latest trends in their collections. As consumers and women, we are constantly looking for clothing and accessories that we are missing in our closets. In this hub, I have listed some of the hottest trends for summer of 2012. Hope you will enjoy my list!

Cambridge Satchel – This company is famous for their leather handbags. Lots of fashionable women have blogged about this bag. This particular style comes in a variety of colors, from neutral colors like black and tan to neon colors like bright orange and apple green. If you want to add a splash of color to your neutral outfit, a Cambridge satchel is a very good choice.

Modalu Pippa bag – This handbag is named after the popular British socialite Pippa Middleton. The Pippa comes in a variety of colors and sizes to satisfy all fashionable women. It is also very practical because it is a cross body bag.

High low hem items (tops, dresses and skirts) – High low hem items are everywhere in fashion. Lots of different designers have their own versions of high low hem in tops, dresses and skirts. For me personally, this trend is not very appealing. However, you can pair a high low hem chiffon shirt with shorts for a very chic summer causal look.

Neon bright colors – Bright colors scream summer. It adds happiness to the wearer and everyone around those bright colors as well. For this summer season, neon colors are everywhere. T-shirts, blouses, shorts, skirts and handbags are all made in an assortment of neon colors. It is not a good idea to pile on lots of different colors. I would suggest that you wear neutral colors for your outfit and add a neon bright color of your choice in the form of a handbag. You should limit yourself to no more than three neon colors in one outfit.

Nude shoes (pumps, sandals and platforms) – If you still don't have a pair of nude pumps, you are way behind in fashion. Nude pumps, sandals and platforms are very popular and lots of designers have incorporated the nude color in their collections. For petite women with short legs, a pair of nude shoes can visually make your legs look longer. Instead of your basic black pumps, you should lighten up your whole look with a pair of patent nude pumps.

Sleeveless sheer blouse – Chiffon blouses are everywhere in fashion. Most women love this trend because chiffon is very feminine. With summer already here in most places, designers added lots of sheer sleeveless blouses in their collections. This feminine top looks amazing with a pair of shorts and gladiator sandals.

Cut out shoulder shirt of different fabrics – Cut out shoulder shirts are understated sexy because it shows off your shoulder. This particular style comes in a variety of fabrics. Those that love soft feminine tops can choose from chiffon and satin. Denim and chambray fabrics make the cut out shoulder shirt a very relaxed and causal look. Overall, this style is great for teenagers and young women.

Polka dots – Polka dots are still very hot in fashion. This design is very feminine and looks good on most women. When you wear this design, it is important to mix and match with something neutral (one color only). If the polka dot piece is paired with other patterns, you will look too busy.

Pleated skirt – Pleated skirts are very popular in fashion these days. Most designers have pleated chiffon skirts in their most recent collections. This skirt is very feminine and versatile when it comes to mixing and matching. The length that you choose really depends on your height and preference. Pleating details can make you look skinnier so it is flattering for most women.

Blazers of various colors – Blazers are items that you can layer on top in air conditioned rooms. Many fashionable ladies have blazers in a variety of colors. Black is the traditional color that goes well with many outfits and for formal / semi-formal occasions. Other colors such as nude, pink or bright yellow can add a fun touch to your outfit. The blazer is now designed in several styles (cropped, boyfriend, ¾ sleeve, single button and etc) to flatter every woman's figure.


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