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How to trim eyebrows (male eyebrow grooming tips)

Updated on January 2, 2012

Ever wonder how to trim eyebrows for men? Lots of guys need to do that to make themselves look better. Traditionally, women are the only ones plucking and trimming their eyebrows. However, times are changing allowing men to groom their eyebrows with no fears of getting weird looks. In fact, male eyebrow grooming is different from how women do ours. This hub is all about how to trim male eyebrows to look masculine, clean cut and more appealing to women.

The uni-brow – Lots of hairy guys suffer from uni-brow. Because they have so much hair in the center, the two eyebrows appear as one due to the hair that is not supposed to be there. You can get rid of the uni-brow easily by waxing the unwanted hair. You should select a good brand that is designed for waxing hair. To determine where your eyebrows should start, reference the picture above. Remember, if the waxing stripe is too big, you can always cut it into smaller pieces suitable for your purpose.

Tips on properly grooming the uni-brow: You have to wax the hair right after you shower. When the warm or slightly hot water opens up the pores on your face, it makes waxing a lot less painful. In order for the wax stripe to stick, dry your face with a towel first. Then, cut the waxing stripe into the desired size. Firmly stick the waxing stripe on the skin that you are trying to remove excess hair. Press several times to make sure there is good contact. With one swift motion, remove the waxing stripe against the direction of growth while holding down the skin. Waxing should be limited to correcting the uni-brow problem. Other sensitive areas near the eyes should never be waxed. For example, if you have excess eyebrow hairs on the eyelid, you will have to use trimming to get rid of them instead.

How to trim eyebrows for a clean cut look – Male eyebrows differ from women because it does not need excessive trimming and shaping. The purpose of trimming eyebrow hairs for men is to clear away hair that shouldn't be there. The natural shape of a guy's eyebrow needs to be preserved and only excess hair needs to be removed.

Male eyebrow trimming – Many guys that are very hairy need to shorten some of their eyebrow hairs. Those that have eyebrow hairs that are over ¾ of an inch should cut the eyebrows shorter to give a more clean cut look to their whole face. The best thing is to use a pair of small stainless steel scissors to trim off excess eyebrow hairs. Shorten all the hairs that seems to stick out to give yourself a better look.

Things to keep in mind: Plucking might not be the best thing. Male eyebrow hairs cannot be over plucked because you want to maintain a masculine look through your eyebrows. If you follow the same tips for woman's eyebrows guide, you will look less manly and overdone. When eyebrows are over plucked, it might be permanently lost. Guys have less experience with eyebrow hairs than women, so trimming eyebrows with scissors is a better choice. Obviously, this rule does not apply if you are going for a more feminine look.


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      Raimer Gel 3 years ago

      Trimming male eyebrows is not bad after all. The hair will grow back for sure.