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Electric Trouser Presser - Heated Men's Pants Pressers

Updated on February 24, 2012

When you need to dress to impress, whether it is as a part of your daily business activities, or whether a sharp suit is just your personal style, an electric trouser press can be an invaluable part of your arsenal. A trouser presser is easy to use and will have your pants wrinkle free in 15 - 45 minutes with virtually no effort on your part. It beats ironing any day.

Pant pressers come in two main formats, which you choose for yourself is a matter of how much available space you have and the general usage requirements. There are free standing trouser presses which are aimed mainly at the home market and sometimes come as part of a wooden valet stand. These are popular amongst businessmen to keep suit pants neatly ironed ready for the new day and are found in executive bedrooms across the nation.

There are also wall mounted trouser presses, which are equally good for the home, but are also often found in hotel rooms as well. These folding models pull down out of the wall and fold up when not in use. These can be used to save space in the home environment. Most of the pants presses found on this page can be both free standing or wall mountable with a few minor adjustments and by using the hardware included.

When buying a pants presser, you want to make sure it has certain features in order to get the most out of the machine. They all remove trouser wrinkles and iron the wrinkles out of pants, but there are some extra features not all suit trousers pressing machines have.

You want to look for an automatic shut off for starters. This is a safety feature which should not be ignored and most, if not all pants presses have it as standard. Of course, if you happen to see one which does not, it’s best avoided.

Most electric heated trouser presses may be both free standing, that is they stand upright on the floor, or may be mounted on the wall using supplied hardware. If you specifically require a space saving wall mountable trouser press then be sure to check the model carefully to ensure this is part of its specifications as not all do offer this feature.

You might want to opt for the model which gives you the most additional extras too while you are in the market shopping around. Some pants ironers give you the ability to press pants fast and nothing more. Others come with a tie rail, suit jacket hanger and organizer valet for coins, keys and other items which you find in your pants pockets before you drop them in to be pressed. Keeping them with the device means they're ready to slip back in your pockets when you're done and not put off to one side where they might get lost. Modern presses for trousers may also come with a built in charging station for cell phones and other small portable devices so you can charge and press at the same time.

Why would you use an electric trouser press when you could just iron a pair yourself instead? Well, the answer to that is simply convenience. For those of us who either have to, or choose to, dress well for business or pleasure, constantly ironing pants can become a real timewaster. There are times when you just don’t want to do it and that’s where a heated trouser press is awesome. Think how long you (or your spouse) spends removing creases and wrinkles from your work clothes. Even if it’s only ten minutes a day, that’s almost an hour in a typical work week, or around 50 hours in a year…that’s more than 2 whole days wasted spent doing ironing! In 40 years of work, that’s almost 3 months spent ironing your pants! A trouser ironing press takes that time down to, oh say, one minute perhaps or basically the amount of time it takes to open it, drop your pants in and push a button.

Not only are pant pressers a massive time saver but they also iron out creases more evenly and all with vastly less effort. Set it to iron in the morning before you jump in the shower and you’ve got a nice toasty pair of pants to jump into which is just heaven on those cold winter mornings as well...from a personal perspective, that’s something I will never cease to appreciate.

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