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Tummy Cincher Shape Improvement

Updated on August 25, 2011
Bring in that waist to get in that little black dress
Bring in that waist to get in that little black dress

No matter how toned and in shape we are, at times we are faced with that LBD (little black dress), or cute little formfitting outfit that would make even Hollywood's hottest look a bit pudgy.

And then some of us could use a little bit of longer lasting help, as many of us are not nearly as toned or in shape as we would like to be, by some distance. There is a solution that will allow even us mere mortals to wear those cute little dresses or formfitting shirts we've dreamed of, but never thought possible, thanks to the help of a neat little undergarment called a tummy cincher.

Whilst to the untrained eye, a cincher and a corset may look the same, cinchers are designed to be worn under the clothes, whereas a corset is mainly worn as outerwear, being harder to fit under clothing.

Sexy Tummy Cincher for under or outer wear
Sexy Tummy Cincher for under or outer wear

Tummy Cincher Benefits

These great undergarments actually offer a lot of benefits, but the one we women are going to be most interested in is how they seem to magically suck in all that fat, leaving a sexy, smooth silhouette. It means no lines, bulges, or dimples either. If it all sounds too good to be true, it isn't, and thankfully, the days of the tummy cincher that didn't allow for movement or, sometimes, even breathing, are long past. While these are definitely formfitting undergarments (which is the point), they are forgiving enough to allow you to move and breathe with ease. No matter how hot you look, who is going to wear something where they can only move in robotic bursts and struggle for oxygen? If you are not blessed with an heirloom fainting couch, then the modern version of the corset is by far the best choice.

Corsets and Cinchers have come a long way since the 17th century
Corsets and Cinchers have come a long way since the 17th century

The Rago Waist Nipper

Not the corsets of old!

Today’s tummy cincher is a lot more comfortable and comes in a wide variety of strengths, shapes and designs and are made from a host of different materials, depending on what you are wearing it under, and personal preference.

My personal preference is the Rago waist nipper, as it proves that when your loved one wants to have a much closer look at that hourglass figure, they will get a pleasant surprise. These cinching garments do not have to be ugly; they need not just be a cheats way to look good, they can actually be sexy in their own right.

If you don’t fancy cotton, but still want that sexy look, how about choosing a silky soft satin waist cincher? The Leg Avenue Satin lace up design is an ultra sexy choice. Yes, it will hold your waist in and make you look super sexy, but no partner or luck new guy will think that it is for anything other than his pleasure!

Lace and satin makes it look and feel great, whilst the metal boning ensures that you stay upright, look confident with your back straight and shoulders back, and it has that certain bodice uplifting effect, both physically and for your mood. I dare you to wear this and not feel sexier!

Underwear or outerwear?

The question you may have to face, is when your waist cincher looks so good, will you be wearing it on the inside to conceal, or on the outside to celebrate? It’s a matter of personal choice and confidence really, but some of the designs are certainly worth showing off on that special occasion. You need not just wear a waist cincher or corset because you need postural correcting and cinching! You can wear these to accentuate an already svelte figure, and make it a fashion statement!

Who says body shapewear cant be exciting and Sexy?
Who says body shapewear cant be exciting and Sexy?
No Frills tummy cinchers.  They may not be ultra sexy, but they can make you instantly drop two sizes
No Frills tummy cinchers. They may not be ultra sexy, but they can make you instantly drop two sizes

The Health Benefits!

Believe it or not, there are actually some health and wellness benefits that go along with wearing one of these garments that will make you look hot and svelte even in a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

These undergarments start right below the breast line and cover the entire length of your midsection. It pulls in your fat and muscles and causes you to naturally stand with proper posture. In fact, it is not possible to have anything but proper posture when wearing a tummy cincher, as your back will need to be straight and upright.

Improper posture is behind a whole host of health maladies and you just don't look as good hunched over as you do with your shoulders back and belly pulled in. When you wear a tummy cincher, this happens automatically as a result of what the undergarment is designed to do. For people who have back issues, wearing one of these can actually be therapeutic, and it’s not just women who wear them.

Whilst men generally are not after the hourglass figure, many can benefit from a little reshaping of the belly, and it is actually a great choice for men with postural problems. The great thing is that they are unnoticeable, as it is unlikely that people will believe you are wearing them for posture reasons as opposed to just preventing things from flopping around too much!

Wearing a tummy cincher also causes you to engage your stomach muscles more actively while wearing the undergarment. This is simply as a result of the snug nature of the undergarment, as well as the "pulling in" of any excess fat. But what this does, at the same time, is actually work to tone and firm your stomach every time you wear it. That means, when you wear a tummy cincher, you will look better, have better posture, and even be working to tone and tighten those abdominal muscles all the while.

Of course, no waist cincher is going to make up for a lack of exercise, so if you really want to make sure that you get the perfect figure there really is no substitute for exercise and a good healthy diet. But with both of these taking months to have any visible effect, these garments are a great interim measure, and perfect for when you body just refuses to play ball in time for that extra special event!

Best Buys!

Not sure which waist cincher to buy? Here are some of the most popular designs. However don’t just take my word for it, click on the Amazon products to the right and read the full reviews. Women swear by them, men swear about them, and they are guaranteed to give you that sexy, feminine shapely figure that you have always dreamed of!

Waist Cincher Styles

The best corsets and cinchers

The Rago Waist Nipper

High quality, great looks and a construction to last. Not the cheapest, but certainly one of the best. Its sexy, stylish and will give you back that youthful waist. Great undergarment which can give make you lose about 4 inches. Will flatten the stomach and feels soft and comfortable against the skin.

Leg Avenue Satin Waist Cincher

Its sexy, its comfortable, and it doesn't dig in. If you want to improve body shape, smooth out lines and look great its an excellent choice. Comfortable to wear, but not as much of a cinching effect as many. If you want a wasp waist, there are better buys. If you want to look sexy, its one of the best.

Tesa Escante

Its elegant, its sexy, and you have to wear it with pride. Not one for covering up, but a great figure enhancing corset for a party. Bear in mind that this model is ever so slightly see through, so if you have darker skin it may be best choosing the black model, or you may want to wear something underneath. Or not??

Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear

A true tummy cincher designed to fit under everything unnoticeable and smooth out any lines. Perfect for sleeveless tops. Adjustable constriction levels, corrects the posture and stays in place, and what's more its at a fantastic price!

Flexees Instant Slimmer

For a perfect smooth silhouette it's a steal! Its well prices, fits well, is comfortable and doesn't roll up. Sit, stand or do whatever you like with confidence.It can be worn unseen, but it is attractive, and you are sure to feel great when wearing it. Perfect for everyday wear.

Squeem Compression Vest

Within 30 days, you will have compressed by 4 inches, although it will give an immediate drop of one to two dress sizes. Great for firming and flattening the stomach, and it will actually help with weight loss! Your body will actually retain the shape afterwards for around an hour.

Squeem Cotton & Rubber Waist Cincher

Perfect for a form fitting outfit, and comfortable to wear, it is one of the best options for posture correction, whilst also allowing you to drop a couple of sizes. If you get an irritation from rubber, don't buy it, but it is one of he best for shape enhancement.


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